If you miss Mick Lovell (tip @ Rob)

Mick Lovell, your favorite American who worked for Belami Online, did gay porn till 2013.

A sign in 2013 that he was out of Belami Online was when he started doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free. It was eventually confirmed by George Duroy in the site’s forum section that Mick’s contract was terminated due to his un-reliability.

Mick is back on Twitter.


14 thoughts on “If you miss Mick Lovell (tip @ Rob)

  1. Apparently he was married now divorced. He was one of the all time beauties and the first American model to work for Bel Ami. Of course it’s been almost decade. He’s around mid thirties now. Still has a killer dick and smile.

    1. Online it says he just turned 31, he was born in August 1990. The hairline makes him look older but I think he did something to it because I saw a picture of him from a couple of years ago. Also, he’s always had that scar above his eyebrow it was just covered by his hair back in the day.

      1. He was born in Utah and I got his birthday wrong it’s late September 1989 so the age is still right but he’s turning 32 soon. I know this info because I was a big fan of his from his webcam days, Bel Ami days and his professional modeling days. He also has a wikipedia page believe it or not.

        As far as I know he was married.

  2. Unreliability? He should have remained on the payroll regardless. During his time with BelAmi, I must have dumped so money waiting for a scene. I would definitely pay again if he were to return.

  3. Glad Mick is back but won’t be paying for his only fans he charging too much. He sadly doesn’t look as good as he did. Looks like he had some hair loss.

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