Today is Bi Visibility Day and Men is celebrating the occasion with their 3rd bisexual scene – a threesome with Finn Harding, Pierce Paris and Mckenzie Lee.

After Pierce Paris tells his best frenemy McKenzie Lee that her boyfriend fucked him, she gives her man Finn Harding the cold shoulder, so Finn goes down the hall to Pierce's room to get some attention. He fucks the bottom spoon and doggystyle, but to the guys' surprise, McKenzie enters wearing a strap! She rims her man as he pounds into Pierce's hole, then pegs the bottom and jacks his big cock while Finn fucks Pierce's mouth. Pierce is the lucky guy in the middle, as Finn fucks him spoon while he fucks McKenzie, and then the two tops put the power bottom on a chair on his hands and knees, taking turns spinning him around and pounding his hole doggystyle! McKenzie fists her friend as Finn fucks her missionary, then Pierce is ready to get double penetrated by McKenzie's strapon and her boyfriend. The two cocks stretch out Pierce's hole until Finn shoots a huge load on Pierce's ass and Pierce cums on McKenzie's tits.

One of the porn stars celebrating the occasion is Steve Rickz.

28 thoughts on “Bi Visibility Day

  1. I’ve nothing against bisexual people, but I don’t understand why GAY porn sites have to feature scenes with women. Leave that for sites like WhyNotBi.

    1. So it was virtue signaling after all…

      Not to sound like a smartass, but it feels so good to be right!

  2. I’m not sure if I would rely on this bunch of performers who are straight one day, bi on the other, pan the next one and straight again a couple of days later to celebrate bi visibility. I’m sure there are better, more genuine and more trustworthy people who deserve to be celebrated today.

  3. Steve Rickz is the only guy in this post that actually identifies as bi (although this is recent for him, he was vocally “straight doing gay” previously in his sex work career).

    Men . com even posted a video from Dante Colle for bi visibility and he identifies as straight in his personal life as well. He’s also been slowly transitioning to starring primarily in straight/trans scenes for quite some time now.

    All of this “bisexual visibility” from these actors is entirely performative and they’re fools if they think people don’t see through it.

    1. At least is being consistent, if we consider their track record, that is.

      Didn’t they feature predominantly g4p performers on their pride specials? They’re just continuing the trend.

      Also most bisexual men are straight-leaning (the I prefer do date women type), so I don’t believe this must be a big deal for them.

      1. Why do sites like this and queermenow ostensibly gay porn sites post more tits and vaginas than fat guys? What do all these sites have against bears?

      2. They have the highest amount of privilege in the community, most of the time hide behind it, then claim they are the biggest victims along with trans.

  4. My own brother is bisexual and I have no hate at all to bisexual people. He’s not wanting to have threesomes with both genders at the same time, he’s not flipping his orientation when the wind blooms. In fact he shakes his head over what bisexual porn depicts. Lets face the fact that these porn stars aren’t necessarily bisexual. They’re “pay”sexual. These men have always preferred the hetero leaning side of their private lives and then start fucking guys in porn for the coins.

    Really in all honesty, bisexual people should be mad as hell towards these guys like gay people. Why?? Just like guys who claim that they’re gay but it’s okay to hook up with a females and perform oral and vaginal penetration (ummm bisexual) these “bisexual” guys will either say that they’re fluid or pansexual or even gay. They’ll use any other label besides bisexual. What a disservice!

    Look at the amount of these porn boys who are in female/male relationships in their private lives and who exclusively show str8 content on their fan pages and social accounts but want to do some of the most explicit things with men for porn and put on a front. They’ll hashtag gay on their post and they know damn well they’re not gay at all. These are also the same guys who will leave the industry, marry a woman, have kids and go on in their journeys.

    On this list of guys maybe Steve Rickz is the exception but even he admits to being hetero leaning till he started porn work. Pierce Paris, bi?! Sure Jan. This man is paysexual. He’ll do anything for clout and cash.

    1. But that is what bisexuality means it is a spectrum. Like the married men who cheat on their wives who go to the bathhouses for sex. They don’t want a romantic relationship with another man but they do enjoy sex with another man. People here are confused about the true meaning of bisexuality. Bisexuality does NOT mean you want to date another man. Does being gay mean a man wants to date another man? Plenty of gay men are extremely promiscuous they sleep around cheat on their boyfriends. Yet I don’t see the gays complain about that. Let bisexual men live our own fucking lives. We are NOT gay like you.

      1. Being gay DOES mean I want to date men as well as be fucked by them and if I were in a relationship it would be 100% monogamous. I treat people who cheat of any orientation with disdain.

        Only dating women and having sex with men sounds more like closeted behaviour to me. Let bisexuality fall in love.

        I would date a bisexuality man and would expect him to only have sex with me as much as he should expect the same from me. It is very easy to not have sex with everyone.

      2. Fair enough.

        I hold the belief that bisexual men have the right to date and have sex with whoever they want, but honesty is king: if you only have public relationships with women, don’t go around lecturing us about how hard your life is or pretending you pass through the same shit as us.

        This is not only tone deaf, but disrespectful as fuck.

      3. So you only see gay men as sex objects? Shame on you, you’re pathetic! This is why many gay men stay away from bisexual men. You only want to fuck men in private while enjoying heterosexual privilege. Fuck you!

      4. You are not only incredibly rude, you also have terrible posture. I am deeply disgusted by your offensive comment. How dare you come to a gay site and say you’re not as gays and still say to our face gays are extremely promiscuous and cheat on their boyfriends? First, gay men are not inferior to bisexual men. Period. Educate yourself first before speaking. Second, promiscuity and boyfriend cheating can occur with people of any type of sexuality, heterosexual, bisexual, gay, etc. Just as the absence of promiscuity and fidelity to boyfriends can occur with people of any sexuality. I am definitely not a promiscuous person, quite the opposite, and I categorically state with absolute certainty I have never been unfaithful to a boyfriend. This has never happened in my entire life. And I’m 100% gay, in fact proudly 100% gay and it’s not a prejudiced person like you that will bring me down. So keep your derogatory comments to yourself, as no one wants and deserves to hear something so grotesque. Frankly, I think if you’re a reasonable person, you should apologize to everyone here for your totally reprehensible and prejudiced comments.

    2. Pierce Paris is not straight yes he has a girlfriend but he definitely loves cock. And again people on here do NOT understand male bisexuality. Some of us don’t want a romantic relationship with another man. It is about being sexually attracted to other men! Pierce Paris is into trannies as well he is close to the trans model Aubery Kate. He definitely likes dick and there is no such thing as pansexual. Since there is only male and female. Aubrey Kate is a biological male she still has a dick that is not female.

    1. Or maybe bisexual men don’t want to be labeled gay. I know some gay men get mad about this though. I am bisexual but lean more to the gay side. I like FTM but I am not going to date one. I prefer men more. Bisexuality is a spectrum People seem to ignore this point.

      1. You can’t overlook the fact though that many now gay identified men came out as “bi” first as I did, because that was more easily dealt with by the str8 people. Several of my friends over the years did the same. I actually had a friend say when I was young that it was “Ok” that I was bi, at least I still liked girls. He has since evolved and has apologized for that many times. And a couple of family members said the same about others that came out before I did. I believe that they also feel differently now. I had zero sexual attraction to girls then and still don’t. So when people say they are bi, I can’t help but be skeptical as I am sure many others are. It’s not that I don’t believe there are truly bi people but my experience as taught me that in many cases it’s simply not the case. I personally feel that “bisexual” has become the soup de jour of sexual identity today. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I feel.

      2. Gay people often don’t want to be labeled ‘Gay’, but we came out anyway despite the trauma and difficulty.

    2. Yup, they love the taste of cock/pussy but don’t want the stigma associated with it. Hell they think being homophobic will make them more accepted amongst straights. News flash straights will never fully accept us.

  5. Being bisexuality does NOT mean a guy wants to date another man. It just means a man is sexually attracted to other men. That’s it. It doesn’t mean someone is 50/50. For some men they are 60/40 or 30/70. Dante Colle likes trannies with dicks by the way I subscribed to his only fans. But if you pay attention to bisexual porn it is the same five or six guys. What does that tell you? Why do so few men participate in bisexual porn? People say it pays more yet you never see the guys from straight side in it. Pierce Paris I think he has a long term girlfriend yet he is getting fucked raw left and right on his only fans. He has videos of August Alexander, William Seed, and Johnny Hill fuckihg him raw. That’s not straight behavior.

  6. Any scene with Pierce Paris is unwatchable. It would have been better with just the vag and Harding.

  7. In the past, I’ve experienced a lot of what they consider to be a stereotype about bisexuals. That is why today, I may have a bisexual friend, but I will never get involved with one.

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