3rd bisexual scene at Men

A number of you have been vocal about your disdain over Men for having women as extras. What more if these women took part of the action.

Next week, Men will release their 3rd bisexual scene.

The 1st one had Connor Maguire fuck a woman, who played as the sister of Jordan Boss, and then fucked Jordan.

It was followed by Arad Winwin who fucked Daxx Carter and Silvia Saige that also had Daxx fuck Silvia in a train fuck.

The 3rd one will have Finn Harding, Pierce Paris and McKenzie Lee that had Pierce pegged.

Happy 10th anniversary from Men!


  1. Guy17

    To this day, I disagreed with those who said they didn’t pay a penny for MEN content. From now on, I completely agree. This studio will never see the color of my money. Instead of watching MEN scenes, I’ll do more important things like cleaning the toilet.

    • McM.

      Pro tip: get the Bissell steam shot deluxe. It’s the best fucking thing for porcelain, shower tiles, what have you. The cleaning heads wear out quick as all get out, but overall a solid little machine.

  2. Andy

    This is the quandary with the gay inclusive ideology which has been forced into gay community by feminists and their gay male friends. Gay men we arw told we MUST be inclusive. And Men.com clearly doesn’t respect the gay male market. At least in these videos there isn’t an obese grandma eating a salad. Men.com also have straight female fans. I don’t know the demographics but unfortunately it is true a percentage of straight women watch gay porn. Men.com seem to be also targeting the closeted bisexual man on download who watch gay porn. I admit I do watch bisexual porn but honestly the women in these videos. I rather watch Men have sex with real women than MTF. Maybe Pierce Paris will actually be hard in the video this time? Unfortunately for gay men who have fantasies about male models a lot of them aren’t gay in real life. Or they are gay men who are still uncomfortable being gay and want bisexual credibility.

  3. Muggy

    Straight people bought up the gay porn studios and are turning them into something else. It’s fucking annoying.

    Go to a bisexual porn website if you want to watch that. Go to a trans porn site if you want to watch that. Stop turning gay porn into something it was never meant to be.

  4. bobby anderson

    What happened to whynot bi?

    • McM.

      It went full eastern euro.

  5. I’m not straight

    Gay men can never have one thing that’s made for us. Even though they sell us unattractive guys with average to borderline small dicks who can’t fuck to save their life. But at least that was actually gay porn. It Just makes me sad that this is the future for us and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better just worse

    • Andy

      Do you think straight men would accept a bisexual scene where the two men have SEX with each other? We already know the answer. Straight men wouldn’t accept MTF on their porn sites. Yet gay men are told we have to accept pussy? Why? Gay men are sexually attracted to other males NOT females.

    • Bull (@wldone)

      hey, I like average to small size cocks. But I do get your point. There are many reasons why I don’t pay for porn anymore. And when I am tempted to waste……er spend my money again, here comes another reason not to waste my money

  6. sammy1023

    My fave part of this is the “not safe for sensitive eyes” warning before the article. Like I’m going to be reading about a graphic mass murder or something really nasty. Paw tings, we need a warning….

    • Muggy

      That’s just Denz being a sarcastic jerk

  7. Phil H

    A quick look at Men.com tells me that there are 3209 films on that site. If 3 of them are bisexual (and the Connor Maguire video barely qualifies) then that’s around 0.01%. I’m going to hazard a guess that more than 0.01% of their viewing audience has an interest in bi related content.

    This holds no interest for me, both because I’m not into women and because I’m not into Pierce Paris, but the pearl clutching and wailing is just stupid. On a site with that much content (3 new videos a week at the moment) there will always be some which does not appeal to eat individual. If this isn’t for you then wait a couple of days and maybe the next one will be.

    • IDK

      In the way you put it you make it sound like that’s a good thing. I personally would prefer 1~2 good scenes rather than 3 mediocre to bad scenes, but what do I know?

      Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but people here are upset about a gay porn studio publishing a bisexual scene, which is totally fair.

      MindGeek already owns several bisexual porn studios, so why post this scene on their gay porn one? It’s almost like they know people aren’t interest in this type of shit, so they have to sneak it into their main, more lucrative sites.

      Just a little theory of mine…

    • Rockyhard288

      It they want no porn they they move to WhyNotBi it’s very simple. But the truth is this WhyNotBi is actually doing terribly which is why it’s in its current dire state. The higher ups still want to see bi porn that is why they are pushing it along with the trans stuff. Why you ask? I have no idea but it’s not in good faith obviously.

      It’s a gay site for gay men period. That’s what it’s historically been since it’s inception. Only from the mid 2010s till now has it gotten excessive with G4P, including women and now trans/bi stuff. They won’t stop even though many have already expressed their dissatisfaction with these scenes. So at this point gay men need to stop purchasing any Mindgeek media and stop going to their streaming sites. But we all know that can’t happen since that’s they are too big. They are everywhere and make money off any porn ad, video or toy.

  8. damn

    people love to complain

    • Max

      I think Men.com trying to put more bisexual porn on this site because Whynotbi doing poorly. My problem with Whynotbi is some of the models especially the women are fat. I will watch a bi video but get BETTER looking women! I remember the Michael Del Ray Trent King video and the fat white chick. She ruined the video. Another problem with bisexual videos is sadly still the gay stigma. It gets boring seeing the SAME guys in bisexual videos. I think that turns people off seeing Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Mason Lear, all the time. Why don’t these studios make more FTM porn? I think the then a wider variety of male models will be interested to film.

    • BottomBoyFromBrazil (@bottom_brazil)

      Including yourself, who is also complaining right now. So, your point is?

  9. C. Labeaux

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit with the amount of porn performers either identifying as straight and are Gay-For-Pay, bisexual or pansexual.
    Do I want to see women in my porn? No, but maybe some do. Maybe some of these performers want to be able to have sex with women when the straight Studios won’t hire Gay-For-Pay performers or bisexual men. I’ve heard countless times how difficult it is to cross over from gay porn to straight porn. So what’s the solution? The gay porn Studios having to branch out and include bisexual porn.

    • Aaron

      Male homosexuality is STILL taboo in society. Some gay men will disagree with me. Even male performers so many claim NOT to be gay in real life. Some even claim not being sexually attracted to other men despite doing porn for several years sucking cock getting fucked up the ass. The porn industry is homophobic yes especially gay porn. How many gay men REALLY want to work in gay porn? People ignore the stigma being in porn. You can lose your job! You can lose respect of family and friends if you work in porn. The reason gay porn trying to expand base to include women it is all about MONEY and homophobia.

    • Guy17

      Excuse me? Do gay porn studios have to expand to include bisexual porn? Are you kidding me? Definitely no. They are GAY studios, not bisexual studios. Do straight studios accept gay scenes from their male actors? Never! So, please, don’t say that nonsense. Gay studios exist precisely because gays want and deserve to watch their sexuality represented. Period.

  10. Matty

    MEN is T R A S H. There isn’t a single studio I hate more than MEN. Their scenes are unwatchable and they have so many hot men on their roster whose talents are wasted working for the worst professional studio in the world.

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