1. Muggy

    We’re living in a dystopian hellscape

  2. Guy17

    Zero interest. Pass. Next!

  3. Cal Q. Later

    Not. Sorry, just doesn’t do anything for me, even if I do like Gabriel somewhat.

    • baz

      This actually makes me wish he hadn’t come back to porn. His pre-comeback porn videography was close to perfect.

  4. Pavel Ford

    Oh POOR Gabriel. He is now fallen so far as to have to work with these 2 circus acts?
    Pathetic, un watchable garbage… I think I see a tick falling out of that mop of filthy tangled hair.

  5. IDK

    Well, it’s good that MEN went bareback before they started pumping these FtMs scenes, otherwise they would pull the same shite bisexual studios did in the past: make the PiV penetration bareback and all of the m/m stuff with condoms.

    But then again, considering how tone deaf the ones behind MindGeek are known to be, I would not be surprised in the slightest if they choose to go full condom again just to pull shit like this.

    Between their insulting ads (yes, full-on PiV sex is what every gay men crave for) and their g4p pride specials, this wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  6. none

    why? not knocking it. but why on a site for gay men?

    • IDK

      Virtue signaling.

      A return to the good ol’ days, so to speak: they think if they shove enough pussy on us we’ll start to like it.

      Also, their FtM studio is not pulling the big numbers last time I checked, so they might view putting this shit on their gay site as a better marketing strategy or something.

  7. andrew

    This would be a lot hotter if Gabriel’s scene partners bodies weren’t covered in so much ink.

  8. Andy

    I know I will be criticized for it but I like FTM. I am a gay man but I like FTM. I think FTM is more convincing than MTF. MTF you can usually tell the person is male. With FTM many are so masculine in appearance you don’t know they got a pussy until they are nude. Nothing more nice in this world than seeing a hairy pussy and clit! Trans men are hot!

    • Whatev

      Lmao, sure. You’re not gay, fuck off.

  9. Randy Golfman


  10. Magnus

    Evidently, ugly is the new black.

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