Gloryhole, hairy hole & 2nd hole


Brock Banks has a kink for gloryhole according to The Big C Men while Avery Jones has a gloryhole at his place where he invited Sebastian Green for Cocky Boys.

Hairy Hole

Erik Vejvoda in his spanking scene at Str8 Hell.

I Know It’s Not A 2nd Hole

What is it? Dante Drackis in a toilet jerk off at Peep Show.


  1. Brad

    Aren’t the BigC guys self-hating MAGA Trump lunatics? I will never support anything of that sort and don’t want to see them.

    • baz

      And that’s only the tip of their problematic iceberg.

      There’s a reason why they were banned from so many platforms.

  2. Bull (@wldone)

    Damn, love that hairy ass

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