2011 & 2023: Christian Wilde and Cliff Jensen

In 2011, Christian Wilde and Cliff Jensen had a foursome at Men with Gavin Waters and Philip Aubrey.

The two are the latest update at Kink Men in a threesome with Derek Kage.

10 thoughts on “2011 & 2023: Christian Wilde and Cliff Jensen

    1. If you do gay porn for 10+ years I don’t think you can exactly claim gay4pay anymore. Something must keep you going back for 10 years and it ain’t the pay because that’s declined.

  1. Ummm sometimes it’s good to know when the ship has sailed. IMO, these two don’t spark a single thing. Especially Cliff. On the other hand, he should be feeling okay. His dream from day one is to do str8 porn and he sure in the hell wanted us to know. Anyone remember that from just a week ago?! Further example as to why it’s a no for him in my book.

  2. Wilde and Jensen were never traditionally good looking guys. They had a dirty boy youthfulness that worked. Ten years later, it doesn’t work. They should start the process of removing those tired-ass tattoos.

  3. Easy to see why, after all these years, these two are still so popular. They define masculinity while fucking the hell out of Derek (who also keeps getting better and better).

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