Tweets: David Skylar “Btw if you’re offended by my posts, good! Idgaff I want to be hated.”

12 thoughts on “Tweets: David Skylar “Btw if you’re offended by my posts, good! Idgaff I want to be hated.”

  1. Piece Paris, if filming feels like “a choir” 🙄, I’m surprised that you haven’t been kicked out yet for not being able to “sing” at all. Get some of the training that you desperately need, because everything you’ve done so far has been SERIOUSLY out of tune.

    Tom Faulk clearly needs help. He looks like that insane Pazuzu Algarad guy who went to prison for murdering people so he could contact the devil, and that isn’t good at all… In short, he would enormously benefit from some VERY intensive therapy and full body laser removal treatment – seriously, what was he thinking when he got all those tattoos? Or maybe that’s the problem: he wasn’t thinking at all.

    David Skylar, please stop taking yourself so seriously and admit that everything you do is to get as much attention as possible. It’s the first step in the road to recovery from Attention Whoring Personality Disorder, and we’ll all be much better once you stop making a fool of yourself.

    Dario Dolce must be a magician, because he has achieved the impossible: he’s managed to make an incredibly beautiful man look awful. Congratulations! You get the award for the Worst Self-styling Job in History!

    I didn’t know that Max Konnor was a singer. I’ve tried to find some videos of his musical performances, but I haven’t been able to find any. Nevertheless, I am glad that he’s doing something creative. 🙂

    Oh, and François Sagat isn’t having sex with women while claiming to be 200% gay? That is a surprising change of pace for him! Now he can just devote his entire time to sing badly and be pretentious while whining about how everyone misunderstands his lies… Oh, sorry. I meant to say his “art”. 🤣

    Finally, Henrik Sommer is C-R-A-Z-Y. Seriously, someone should study his case, because I am sure that he lives in an entirely different dimension most of the time, and someone ought to study how he manages to be in two completely different universes at the same time. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. No Elliot but we get Henrik back this week 🤮
    David Skylar your wish is granted.
    Tom Faulk, no. Just…no.
    Cage, Twitter is no place for anyone who feels alone and wants support!
    Jason Collins you are the only one.
    Pierce thinks he can ACT???? Biggest ROFL of the month!!
    I truly feel for Lucy. Transitioning at this time in America has to be a war zone very few of us will ever understand.

    1. Pierce Paris and “acting” should never be used in the same sentence. Shame he can’t act his way to keeping an erection.

      1. This is the reason why he should rename himself Mr. ED (Erectile Dysfunction) He’s already changed his name once if he changes it again it wouldn’t be any different from any other porn actor.

  3. Pierce Paris: We get it. You don’t like sex with men. You have told us that 100 times in stealthy ways. We don’t need to be told yet again.

  4. Pierce Paris … choir ? Really ? It is spelled chore you flappy soft dicked moron.
    Cage Kafig – You left gay porn long ago for girls. Now, after years of money problems you want $ and attention again from gay men, sorry I have none for you. You were not “all that” when you were younger and better looking.
    Francios Sagat – God help us all. Another gay porn “star” turned singer! Has this ever really worked?
    Pierre Fitch – Go ahead, go fuck girls. Nobody has been watching your gay work for a LONG time. You were last in demand what? 2004 ? My God, why have you not landed a real job yet? Soon it will be time for social security….Better Hurry.

  5. I don’t know what better these messy bitches tweets or the razor sharp comments, either way win win 😁

  6. Holy shit….these comments.

    Skylar and Sommer clearly need help. Skylar in particular pinned a tweet about planning and filming his suicide (!). It might be fun to raz them and say they are nuts, but they are truly in crisis…and I hope they get the help they need.

    I’ve talked to Pierce before on social media…I think he is bi, but he’s literally building a brand…it’s just funny that it’s now vogue to rag on him…years ago he was where say Roman Todd is now. And btw…yes, his cock would often only be half hard but he’s found a supplement he touts on his feed that makes his cock rock hard. Or you know…trimix. whatever.

    GOOD for Max Connor. I love theatre and nice to see him “stretching”. lol

    Tom Faulk….man, he used to be such a beauty….all those tats have really ruined it his look in my opinion.

    Collins…..McGregor? Really? ewwww

  7. Pierre Fitch is nothing more than a washed up porn actor who’s past his glory days and is trying anything to get some clout. This whole “I’m a sex addict” response to this I wanna have str8 sex post so cringe at its maximum. It’s almost like these guys feel like telling their gay following that they want pussy is supposed to make us salivate. Incorrect sir.

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