Tweet: Collin Simpson “Happy Father’s Day!”

22 thoughts on “Tweet: Collin Simpson “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Elliott Finn- please crawl back into your cave.
    Jack Mackenroth offering cheap Botox? If his botched face is anything to go by, I would advise against it.

  2. Gosh, Austin Wolf is an utterly nasty SOB, isn’t he? It’s not like he has a shortage of scenes he can use to promote his OF and the person who wrote to him was being both polite and reasonable. What a callous, unpleasant and petty bastard.

    Regarding Chris Damned, celebrities get lots of praise from random people who often don’t, but occasionally want to get something from them by inserting themselves into their lives. He should not take it personally, as some of them don’t know how to properly deal with the public or are too arrogant to learn to do so. Oh well, better luck next time.

    I find it curious that Hector de Silva/Antonio Moreno would have run for the nefariously crypto-fascist, rabidly homophobic, pro-neoliberal and notoriously corrupt PP in Spain. They’re not as bad a VOX, but they’re pretty close. He must be insane in order to join such a political party, or an ignorant fool.

    Sorry Malek Tobias, but that’s not dancing: that’s trying to mimic a dump truck. Only a dump truck has a better sense of rhythm and is more graceful. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Derek Strong and Griffin Barrows aren’t even gay, so while their opinions are quite valid and very well presented, their feelings of outrage are misplaced. One of them raved about fucking a vagina and the other frequently posts about wanting to lose his gold star to a woman… Just shut up and stop pretending bisexual people like you are oppressed, you fools.

    And speaking of bisexuals: Davin, please be quiet. You’ve frequently mentioned how you think that your male partners are undeserving of you and sex with women is superior, not to mention that your “queerness” is just posturing to make yourself look edgy and transgressive. I’ve about had it with this idiot.

    Did Cliff Jensen really need to post THAT? It’s downright horrifying! 😖 Seriously, this man will do ANYTHING for attention.

    James Fox looks spectacular – that is a GREAT before and after comparison. 😍

    Finally, does Jack Mackenroth really think that anyone would be crazy enough to put him/herself in his hands? First of all, he looks like an embalmed Ken doll and second, he is an unstable, violent drug addict… Does he REALLY think that people will look at his Twitter and think ‘yeah, letting this maniac stick a needle in my face sounds like a great idea!’ Somehow, I don’t think that will happen 😂

  3. All the Father’s Day tweets are sweet.

    Seeing Collin Simpson and not one but TWO tweets by Elliot Finn is kinda gross 🤮

    And speaking of gross: could’ve lived without Cliff Jensen tweeting his testicle incision, and as far as having bills, welcome to the club. Adulting is also about working.

    OMG I’m almost afraid to ask who hired Tom Faulk to do two scenes in July. I’m hoping it is some obscure OnlyFans creator so we will never have to see that content!

    So, so great to see Conner Habib again. He was always a favorite actor.

    Not sure what the hell Paul Canon is shipping out next week but it looks like something my two year old nephew did in daycare.

    Nice to see some of the gay performers owning pride, that seems to be the exception not the rule these days in the gay porn industry.

  4. Cliff Jensen that is so horrific what the fuck happened to his balls? He hasn’t explained to fans. That is so sad. Poor guy got to pay 12k out of his pocket. America health care system sucks. The rest of developed world got some form of universal health care.

    1. He tweeted that he had “masses” removed, and is waiting to hear back from the lab whether they are malignant or benign (the vast majority of them are benign, per what his doctor told him).

  5. Why do people post their scars/injuries like anyone wants to see that on an otherwise porn-focused page?

    All these random influencers and social-media types offering medical services is so bizarre; even worse is that some of their followers actually use them.

  6. We now live in a world in which technology enables us to communicate everywhere and to express our free opinion, which we can absolutely be visible or invisible without having to face each other, so to speak an eye for an eye. This makes it incredibly easy for many to say and do things that they would probably never do or say. Of course, this also includes actors or actresses who work in the adult sector. Of course, they too are only human beings who have the right to freedom of expression. It’s only when you read week after week or notice what kind of bullshit these people write or post that I often ask myself whether I should still watch and, above all, pay for these scenes or studios in which these actors perform. You really lose your desire and horniness for these people or scenes. What these people spout in terms of homophobic, conversion therapy-like sessions and whirling shit topics to explain their muddled theories and views of their sexuality or fantasies is partly disgusting and totally inconsistent with what they theoretically explain but practically totally implemented differently. This includes most of the protoganists that we’re seeing here again this week. I think it’s good that these tweets are posted here because it shows us how sick or confusing some of these people are and how far removed from reality they are. So I already know who I don’t give attention or money to this people in porn anymore. Porn actually inspires the imagination and is a service, I know they are not real, but if you read the views, opinions or theories of these “service providers” and notice everything you really lose…..especially the desire and the credibility for porn and special here for gayporn. And this legal twister Elon, who clearly belongs to the Republicans, is currently making sure that all this shit can be said or post on Twitter without consequences or limits. And these people pay him to get a blue tick for Twitter. How has the world degenerated…….

  7. Tom is REALLY playing up the ex-con angle. It’s actually a clever idea, because all the other jailbirds in gay porn pretend like nothing’s ever happened! And yeah, the tattoos are awful and he’s gained weight…there’s nothing wrong with a pair of moobs, but I’m curious to see the scenes.

    Austin…nothing surprises me about him. His penchant is clearly for men who look underage, so that he’d push the wire doesn’t surprise me.

    Papi…you were already a disappointment, refusing to even suck a cock, let alone bottom, so now you want to rub salt in the wound with straight content? Yeesh.

    Chris…so what? You only gave a compliment so that you’d get thanks, praise and adoration? I’m REALLY not sure what Travis is trying to achieve here. Is he returning to porn? Did his marriage end, etc?

    Muggle or muddled, Davin? You’re the one who keeps going on about not actually being bisexual and having an issue with having sex with men! You’re essentially Gay4Pay, because you clearly have problems with what you do with men. You need to get over yourself and get off the attack, which is actually what’s happening. You just said it yourself…you love “railing pussy” and you’ve had 16 cocks in your mouth…but you don’t love sucking cock? Should I comment on the number of G4P’s who’ve sucked far more cocks than just 16? Grow up.

    Cliff…panhandling? Let your straight audience pay for that. JACK MACKENROTH is the face of botox? Of GOOD botox? The man’s face is as messed-up as his personal life with Dolf!

    Collin…you’re not fit to be a father and I do honestly pity your child. I know you’re going to go on to have more and be the epitome of a deadbeat dad and I seriously hope the courts keep you away from the child you already have, because otherwise, you would DESTROY his life. You’ve already given him a terrible start in life and you really should have been sterilized to save the pain you cause to absolutely everyone. #harshbuttrue

    1. Gay4pay doesn’t exist, those are just bunch of butchy looking bisexuals and gays who know self-loathers lust after “straight” guys.
      There is a reason why all those guys labelled as “g4p” are masculine muscular white young men; you won’t see Joey Mills or Liam Riley being called gay4pay. Because they are fem.

  8. Why bisexuals in the industry can’t shut up about their love for vagina? Like if you into women, fine but don’t flood your twitter with tuna and don’t say how closed minded gays are. Some were smart enough- Quentin Gainz was bi but he only talked about love for sucking dick on his twitter instead of doing what all the others bis do.
    Also why Elliott is so full of himself- he is just a hoe with torn hole.

    Happy Father day everyone.

    1. “Also why Elliott is so full of himself- he is just a hoe with torn hole.”

      What? What a stupid comment! If porn stars are so worthless, why are you here at a website about them? They clearly provide some value to you.

  9. Jack Waters : formerly a self proclaimed 100% gay man before he met his husband (LOL) Dillon Diaz and through his relationship with him the man who now pussy fucks on and off either with his husband Dillon or without him plays himself as a gay rights avenger out of? Pure hypocrisy!
    Tom Faulk : hopefully there won’t be any G4P videos again to waste our money or time. Better shoot what or with whom you love or prefer : Pussy!
    Derek Kage : again sending his conversion therapy fantasies to his “gay” community through a “gay” blog promoted bullshit. You too will shoot with women in the future, (as you proudly announced and have already done) and will continue to keep us believing that you used to be married to a man and now you have slept with a woman for the first time in old age from over 40 years that you shoot this and present us gays (conversion therapy? Of course not, LOL)
    Austin Wolf has become incredibly bad, creepy and sad.
    Papi Kocic : if you want to separate your content to further credibly underpin your bisexuality, I think the idea is a good one, so you don’t “force” your gay customers to see pussy, but you would also have to improve your performance with men in gay videos, so far not convincing. I don’t like your videos, it looks like “G4P”.
    Elliot, Devin, Cliff, Griffin, LaHodler, Collin, Justin Jett there’s only one thing to say about you: just shut up please!

    1. Because he’s also a hypocrite like Jake Waters or Derek Kage and fucks vaginas for money. These people are playing as homophobic avengers now in Pride Month but can’t own up to their sexuality by classifying themselves as bi. From next month when it’s all over you’ll see the real faces of these performers and the entire straight porn company that has turned into gay porn! If you followed social media how these performers along with other performers have made disparaging remarks about their own gay community or their fans just because we get upset about they suddenly licking and fucking pussy for money then maybe you would understand. But of course only if you are gay and do not like to be homophobically insulted by these actors or companies….

  10. What’s with so many of you here bashing Elliot Finn? I’ve never seen him badmouth the gays. He got offered to do porn and he’s doing it. And you know many of us clearly love watching him.

    As for Collin, hmmm, I actually love watching this “saga” unfold : I’m leaving, I’m done, it’s no good for me, then I’m back.

  11. Congratulations to Hector de Silva for winning the mayoralty for the Popular Party, the only party that creates wealth and employment in Spain. The socialist party only creates misery, unemployment and poverty, in addition to being the partners of terrorists, coup plotters and communist dictatorships such as Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and other international narco-terrorist tyrannies. In addition, unemployment in Spain is twice the average for the European community, ahead of Greece. Spain hopes that in the next elections in July the right-wing alliance such as PP and Vox will repeal social communist criminal laws with the law releasing rapists and pedophiles and other insane laws. Spain needs the left out of power and the right in power, creating jobs and wealth for the Spanish people. So we all wish, Commies out, Conratulations Hector de Siva and Popular Party and Vox

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