Collaborations: Men At Play with Raging Stallion, Cocky Boys with Randy Blue, and Staxus with Scout Boys

Men At Play and Raging Stallion had Sir Peter and Beau Butler in the first of the six scenes of Strong Suit.

Raging Stallion and MENatPLAY are getting down to business – not to mention, down and dirty – in their brand-new 6-Episode collaboration!

Cocky Boys and Randy Blue had Lane Colten and Derek Kage in the first scene of Boys Will Be Boys.

We are excited to bring you the much anticipated debut episode of BOYS WILL BE BOYS from CockyBoys x RandyBlue.

Staxus and Scout Boys shared models but filmed their own content for International Scout Boys.


  1. logogay

    There used to be “pairings” of two studios like CF or SC with Bel Ami, but not as often and obviously as at the moment. Slightly worse performing studios team up with better performing studios so that they both hope for better “numbers”! So honestly, the owners are so desperate, instead of hiring better actors or especially new fresher ones, they still rely on actors like Derek Kage for example. OK the guy shoots everything what gays want to see for money, but for me he or other such performers is a reason not to subscribe to the studios because they don’t interest me. Studios have to think differently and it’s up to the performers above all what kind of Iage they have. I know most of them don’t care at all they pay and look, what else should they do. But that’s not a good solution for the future. Gay porn keeps crashing down like this!
    A tip: pair MEN/Mindgeek with Gayhoopla/Blurred Media! A homophobic studio together with another homophobic studio! That would fit perfectly. I could imagine that many out there would subscribe and pay immediately because many are also so tuned in and now want to see gay porn that way. That would be a big Jackpot, LOL.

    • hiro_shi

      Don’t give them the idea… lol

  2. Bsg67

    I don’t get those stocking socks they look weird on men

    • Soothsay

      Personally don’t like them either, and am always like…why only take off half the suit or they take off the whole suit and leave the socks (and sometimes the shoes) on? It was strange to me that they just don’t get fully nude from suits (MAP used to!!)

      But then an acquaintance who works parallel with porn filled me in – it is market satisfaction. Apparently “sex in suits” and staying in them (or at least dress socks) is very big in China and Japan, and there’s a desire to appeal to that market.

      Doesn’t do it for me. If they stripped completely down, I’d buy a MAP subscription in a second.

    • logogay

      It’s always interesting that people reject gay porn even though it’s all about gay sex with fetishes, while more and more gay studios that shoot queer content with pussies and other stuff, people tend to accept it and not complain about it. It’s weird, but it doesn’t surprise me anymore these days.

  3. NovaStar

    Honestly none of these scenes look appealing. The same boring performers having boring lackluster sex for the umpteenth time. I wish we had performers who do it all. Performers who are tops who aren’t scared to suck dick and bottoms who make it a point to get their dicks sucked. More guys going outside of their comfort zones. This stuff is not adventurous anymore. I may get lots of downvotes but i don’t care, this is how i feel.

  4. ncbored

    I still don’t understand why Cockyboys (one of the better studios) would collaborate with Randy Blue! There MUST be $$$ involved.

  5. hiro_shi

    Is there any chance my favorite porn studio (BiLatinMen) collabing with Cockyboys? I still have hope…

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