Tweet: Presley Scott “I am not afraid to say that Finn Harding was my favorite scene partner ever.”

At the end of the month, Men will release the scene of Presley Scott as Finn Harding’s bottom.

According to Presley, he is not afraid to admit that Finn is his favorite scene partner [tweet].

This is only the third scene from Finn this year for Men.


  1. NovaStar

    That’s not saying much because Presley is one lame ass bottom. Finn & Presley are both boring as fuck so it fits in a terrible way.

  2. Gazzaq

    Not a fan of Finn and he needs to bottom more on another studio like NDS or Cocky Boys. Presley is easy on the eye but is not the best performer!

    • McM.

      Finn is where he belongs. A mediocre site for medicore performances.

      • Gazzaq

        Fair enough mate that’s true and why inflict him on another site eh lol!

  3. McM.

    Presley Scott recently tweeted about straight men in gay porn. How they’re paid more, how they look down upon gay scene partners, and take more breaks because they’re disgusted by gay sex.

    I think he’s trying to stay in MindGeek’s good graces. Doubt it will work.

    • KillTheKarma

      What about bisexual men? Where do they fit? With straight men and also get paid more and look down upon gays… or with gay guys since they aren’t disgusted by gay sex?

  4. logogay

    The big problem with “the queer studio” MEN/Mindgeek and many of their performers is that they shoot bad queer porn with cunt or heteros, instead of focusing on quality gay porn without absurd homophobia looking down on them with “their” non-comedy view of gay culture. So their and the cast add more drama than meets the eye! Negative word of mouth and internalized homophobia attracts a lot of subscribers, we wouldn’t believe it, but that’s how it is.

  5. Reg

    This does smack of brown nosing and “sucking up to the boss”. For whatever reason and he’s admitted this himself, he’s blacklisted. I still don’t understand why, because gay porn studios and websites today happily work with nightmares…drunks, wife-beaters, drug addicts, the mentally ill and people who only had their figures going for them and have lost them! What could this guy have possibly done that’s worse than any of that?

    Anyway, the essential pleading is a serious turn-off and NOT the way to get into anyone’s good graces, least of all the audience.

    • Gazzaq

      I have commented previously about my experience with Presley on QMN and he is quite manipulative and can turn a minor situation to his advantage so that people feel sorry for him. So maybe he tried this method, with his management company and its back fired, as they are not exactly known for being measure and ration in the over inflated egos working within the Porn Industry are they, plus he is not exactly the best performer is our Presley!

  6. Sauron

    Since Finn Harding is actually straight- always limp cock and can’t cum shooting scene with him would be nightmare

    Filming good porn scene shouldnt take longer than 2 hours.

    • Gazzaq

      its the old saying ‘Straight To Bed’ lol!

  7. E

    Not sure why “straight” men want to film gay porn but I guess as in any other industry discrimination badges on sexual preference is discrimination.

    • Gazzaq

      I dont say this lightly but stoopid gay men have been brained washed by Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher to crave this fantasy nonsense for over 20 years, that why they can do want to film gay porn!

  8. Cherrystick

    At first I was being optimistic about Preston and what he was saying but now I’m sure we all have heard of this but I’m just gonna say it…. I’m getting true “pick-me vibes”. He will literally bend over for anyone just for relativity and acceptance. Boy, bye!

    • Cherrystick

      Oops auto correct, Presley not Preston

  9. Camille

    Finn and Presley, both good looking guys.

  10. Alex W

    What is it with adult performers with the name Finn somewhere in their name? I think there’s at least three of them and they’re all disappointing.

    • KillTheKarma

      Excuse me Scott Finn is actually good performer- almost always rock hard and shooting fountains of c#m and bisexual.

      You are right about Elliot Finn and Finn Harding.

      • Alex W

        Ehh. If you say so. Though I’m not sure why him being bisexual is supposed to be a turn on. At least not for me as a gay man.

    • Ty Huber

      And then there’s Europorn star Finn Harper: many dozens of scenes, gorgeous but dull. He’s worked under other names including [briefly] at BelAmi where they called him Ben Lilly. Corbin Fisher has a new model named Finn [in CF fashion, no last name] and I think he really stands out as a sexy bad boy [caution: ink]. Randy Blue had Ezra Finn, Helix had Finn Carson — neither exactly Hall Of Fame candidates.

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