First time: Davi Neto, Bruce Huxley, and Cam Crawford

The latest top at Tim Tales is the 5’4″ Davi Neto, whose cock was measured at 9 inches, with Peter SinnerPit as his bottom.

Bruce Huxley sucked his first cock via Trans Angels, his upcoming scene with Angellica Good.

The first scene of the 6’4″ Cam Crawford at Sean Cody had him as the top to the 5’9″ Jason Emre.


  1. logogay

    Tim Tales is a guarantor of gay fetishism for big hung performers busting asses.

    Bruce Huxley first sucks trans cock, then (perhaps like many of his Canadian straight Friends) eventually offers his ass, and then fucks many cunts for the “queer studio” MEN/mindgeek! So all things that their “queer subscribers” wants to see.

    Sean Cody : it looks good, they still need to get better and show more new cast members. Maybe someday you’ll overtake your “sister site” MEN with better gay porn, without those annoying bad acting routines.

    • hiro_shi

      I was shocked about Bruce Huxley never suck a cock before this scene on Trans Angels??! Lol.. but yeah, it seems I always skipped his scenes after his solo scene on BroNetwork.

  2. Gazzaq

    None of these 3 scenes appeal to me, but I do like Peter SP.

  3. NovaStar

    I just wish the tops on TimTales would suck the bottom’s dicks in those films. I hate seeing them thrash the bottom and act like he doesn’t have what he has. It’s such a massive turn off to me. And while there’s no thrashing in Sean Cody, the same message applies. Tops ignoring bottoms dicks most of the time. It’s far from hot. In fact, it’s ice cold in a very bad way.

    • Camille

      I think Tim Tales is perfect like this. It is showing the total top total bottom fantasy. There are sites that fit your tastes.

      • NovaStar

        And so think nobody asked for your opinion on what I had to say about this.

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