1. logogay

    What a question.
    Absolutely not for me.
    I ignore his “gay” porn “work” and don’t fund him! I don’t need actors like this who first lie to the gay community and gay people for years about what their “true” sexual preference is (namely vagina!) and then call it “work” or crossover. What should I say about their gay porn “work” then? So isn’t this a lie and invented by such actors? I always feel uncomfortable watching their scenes, so I’d rather not do it! That’s not so bad. But when such actors (Derek, Trevor, Matteo) then make fun of gays and gay sexuality on their social media, provoke them and, together with other actors, humiliate them all, then that goes too far for me. Who do these actors actually think they are? Then it’s better to see a few less studios, actors or scenes. What others do is their problem. But that’s exactly why there are always such “actors” in the gay community and they create a bad and negative atmosphere. And they are also “rewarded” financially and with prizes, even though they don’t deserve it (at least for their behavior towards the community)! But gay porn was and always has been a “hypocritically dishonest industry” that no longer cares about respect or maintaining it when they create these accounts. Namely GAY! But only about profit and self-destruction. Especially since the “queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda” has bought in, she and her heterosexual bosses in the executive suite of the “big” remaining “gay” porn studios, who have no idea what gay actually means and want to wipe it out slowly but surely. Nobody will see or recognize the truth. To the bitter end. It’s always been that way. In all areas of the world. Not just in the “adult entertainment industry”!

  2. Bucko

    Well count me in as a fan of his – not every work of his but the majority is just fine by me!

  3. Miguel

    Does anyone really still believe in this awards? Same ones always win.
    In past years was Dante Colle and now it’s this guy Derek Shit-kage and curiously he has the same profile of “sexual fluidity”
    Malik was given the award for “Best Versatile” when in his entire career he has done 2 boring bottom scenes.
    its feel like they were forced to give him some award for some reason $$$

  4. k

    I don`t know who decides that but not for me, thanks.. and sick and tired of seeing him everywhere

  5. asis

    I dont know anything about derek kage, but I just knew there would be some bitterly negative comments.

  6. Nick

    I don´t know. His beauty is very standard. Fascination with the physical type of heterosexual men? Maybe. He was very prominent because, unless I’m mistaken, he is an exclusive. With the best roles in great films, there’s no way not to stand out. Take any average actor and put him in a sequence of great films: he will inevitably win awards. Films are a showcase.

  7. Cherrystick

    These awards are given to mediocrity and toxicity. Derek has been one of the key men to engage in our realm of sex all the while making a mockery of gay men and taunting us for sticking to our guns. Especially when we call him out for his bullshit. The same man who claims that gays are close minded because we don’t open our realm of homosexuality to include accepting and partaking in occasional sex acts with females.

    This man uses the gay label in order to receive attention like bullshit awards. I’m guessing the panel consisted of Sophia Locke and only her. After all he’s licking and fucking her vagina like crazy. You know, the gayest act any homosexual could ever do in this world. Such a fan favorite.

  8. Loser

    This guy is a loser. I’ve never watched any of his shit.

  9. Nick

    I would like to know who he is a fan favorite of. Because I only see criticism of him, so it’s difficult to understand what criteria was used to give him this award.

    • JR

      The criteria was how many dollars the studios paid to have their “stars” and productions win these sham awards

      • Cherrystick

        Pretty much. The other two losers to win big awards were Malik Delgaty and Dom King. Yuck.

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