Best Newcomer: Dom King

Dom King took home the Newcomer of the Year award in the recent Grabby America awards.

His threesome scene with Joey Mills and Reese Rideout is the latest update at Men.

Good Rubber dealership co-owners Reese Rideout and Dom King gloat over the success of their commercial, boasting about how they’re not even related but people fell for their “brothers” schtick hook, line, and sinker as they rub themselves with fat stacks of cash. But the guys’ good mood quickly sours as they fight over who gets to handle the customer who just walked onto the lot, and Dom goes out to make the sale. Joey isn’t really interested in buying a car; he just heard about the blowout special, and he gets on his knees to blow Dom’s big stick shift. Reese steals the twink away to the office, and Joey gives him the blowout special too, then rides his dick. Dom comes in to steal his commission back, fucking Joey doggystyle against a car. When Reese sees the car rocking, he goes knocking and joins in for a threesome.


  1. logogay

    As long as he doesn’t submit to the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda, fuck vaginas for them, and engage in hate and bad negative comments towards gays, he’s ok. But he should also work more for other studios again and shoot more private videos, because as long as he shoots the “boring standard scenes” for exactly this “agenda” MEN/MG, I don’t see him because I don’t support them financially. So Dom think carefully about what you do in the future. It can be over quickly. Especially in gay porn and the gay community!

    • He's a liar

      This dude pretends to be gay. He was flirting with a bunch of “milfs” on his Twitter account. Why do they feel the need to lie?

    • Bastian

      Well, Dom is known for his interest in women’s body parts, so it’s only a matter of time before he does a porn starring one. His next scene is with a MEN version of a femboy, i.e. one who looks and dresses like a woman, so I guess it’ll happen sooner rather than later

      • Cherrystick

        Oh he’s already gone there. He just recently engaged in a 20+ people orgy with a whole bunch of those douchebag worthy OF guys. The likes of Derek Kage and Sean Costin (GH models) were part of this orgy. Kicker is there was also a few female models that were part of this orgy too. He hardly wanted to advertise this orgy on his social media unlike the others. I wonder why?! Scared of those gay bucks going away, perhaps?!

        He’s the same guy that in a Twitter post refers to himself as a former str8 and like mentioned before he consistently gawks over females and their bodies and sex work on his Twitter. Dom is just like so many of these other guys.

        • Pssuucl

          Lemme get this right…you’re upset an adult actor has orgy sex?

          Do you instead want to think of the people you watch have sex staying home to knit?

          • Cherrystick

            The orgy isn’t the problem at all. No I’m sick of these men saying they’re gay and yet consistently gawking on females and sleeping with them. That’s the complete opposite of homosexuality. I’m tired of them doing it for a specific agenda of just trying to bank on the gay label. You’ve got these dumb asses making a mockery of the label that some are loosing their lives over on a daily basis. Dom likes women still and he needs to stop pretending otherwise.

  2. Bsg67

    Anything with joey mills is a turn off

  3. Ty Huber

    Dom isn’t among my fave models, but I admire his performance skills. He’s a much better actor than most, able to pull off both intense and silly scenarios. Physically gifted on top, as well.

  4. Deepgloat

    Best *newcomer*? His first scene with Matthew Cooper was released almost two years ago in August 2022.

    But then again, this is the same “awards” (I use the term advisedly) that saw fit to give that walking armoire Malik Delgaty a trophy for “most versatile”. I guess words don’t have any meaning anymore.

  5. Nick

    He is very beautiful and charismatic. He deserved the award.

  6. Pssuucl

    I think Dom has little to no agenda.

    He’s in this to live out his dominant fantasies, be watched while fucking (which he’s clearly into), and wait for a sugar daddy to make him a kept housewife.

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