1. logogay

    Another “I’ll fuck everything now” queer/fluid/pan guy, who’s actually straight and wants to appear sexually correct. Totally uninteresting and boring.

    • Mooncake

      So you’d rather these people be homophobic instead?

      • Camille

        I never understand that position. I think it is great when someone is available for sex. But now, or at least with the commenters on this page, it is a terrible thing to have be open and versatile in terms of sex. They are sex workers come on!

        • hiro_shi

          Ofc you won’t understand OP (logogay)’s opinion since you enabled the ‘you do you’ shit ideology from the queers for his opinion.

          ‘It’s a terrible thing to have be open and versatile in terms of sex’. -> it’s a terrible thing if you having sex with a transman and called it ‘gay sex’ just for justifying the ‘versatile in terms of sex’. Lmao

          ‘They are sex workers come on!’ Why is this sounded degrading people for me??!

          • Camille

            I believe the trans men porn being labeled as gay porn belongs to another debate. My disagreement goes for another route: “gay for pay should not work in gay pornography or gay models cannot switch to straight or trans porn (because it will be considered as treason)”
            I respect and dignify sex workers. I try to be cordial with them and I understand this is a job and a fantasy. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that since they harass gay models by invading their privacy, or they are judgemental sometimes. They don’t see this is pure acting and they are normal human beings outside of porn

      • logogay

        No, that’s enough even if there are already people here on the blog together, preferably on a level with actors.
        And by the way, I don’t have to like everyone or think they’re good just because they’re willing to be the bitch for everything. There is enough of that. Tastes are just different. I don’t need to find everyone great

        • Camille

          First of all, I don’t have nothing against you. You have your preferences and it’s ok. This is simple a battle of ideas. Should we diminish a gay model for working in other porn areas? Should we discriminate straight people for being gay for pays? In my concern, that should not be the case because I understand porn is a fantasy as well as a job.

    • Sauron

      If you really think this guy is even CLOSE to straight I have bad news 4 u.


      • Camille

        Yes it exists… Do not deny the obvious

    • K

      Don’t think I care about his sexuality as long as he shoots good scene. That said, since I mostly always pay attention to bottoms in a scene, I’m not gonna watch him unless he bottoms. I didn’t watch him before, but I hope I will get a chance to this time.

  2. Ben

    This boy knows how to fuck. His lust for the other models at BSB was insane!!!

    • Pavel Ford

      I have to agree with you Ben. One of the things that gets me off is the eye contact and kissing between models. I also like it when you can see the fuck energy (Lust) in their eyes as they fuck. Jake was full on LUST MODE in almost every scene. G4P or secretly gay, I didn’t care, this boy brought the RUCKAS in the sheets.

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