14 thoughts on “With face tattoos: Eli Bennet

  1. Are face tattoos starting to become a thing in 2020s? I see more people shamelessly opting for it. Tattoo trend is starting go too far

  2. He looks like a dime store rentboy…and is that what he is?

    Each to their own, but what is this “look” about?

  3. A lot of people don’t seem to realize: His body, his choice.
    Your input is neither desired nor required, so keep your opinions to yourselves.
    Thank you for doing that and making the world a better place. Good day.

    1. Tattoos aren’t for ourselves. They are intended to be seen by others. Sorry if you don’t like the responses when it comes to seriously dirtbag ink.

    2. True, but you may regret that choice later. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you will have to deal with people in this world (who do have the power to control your life) that have conservative views who don’t like tattoos and won’t hire a person with them, especially on one’s face.

  4. I don’t really care about his tattoos as long as his mind, his body and his heart are in a good and healthy condition.. for me, tattoo is not my thing, but I don’t wanna stop someone for getting one or more as long as you won’t be an annoying person because of it.

  5. I always liked Eli at helix. Very dependable sex worker. BUT, WOW – did he mess up a very good looking face or what?!
    Reminds me of Aaron Carter just before the drug drowning….How sad. Ruined a perfect face.

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