25 thoughts on “If you miss him: Ethan of Sean Cody aka Ethan Elliott (tip @ permabone)

  1. I never like him when he was on Sean Cody he had big dick but did nothing for me. Also all of those removed films can be found on the tube sites. Why they removed them in the first place is absolutely ridiculous

  2. Least believable “straight” guy in gay porn along with early Paul Cannon and tons of CF and SC models.

    1. Wanting to make a living is now being a gold digger… on Only Fans… online? Do you even know where gold is dug?

  3. I got a lap dance from Ethan at Silverado’s in Portland. He was pretty personable. He told me where I could reach him on Instagram. I’m more of an assman so I loved when he got fucked….there was this one former gymnast that really opened him up on Sean Cody. I wouldn’t be surprised if he done some escorting in Portland.

    1. I wonder if the decision to have Ethan’s scenes removed was made by SC itself or was it Ethan? 🤔

      1. Nope. It wasn’t just Ethan’s videos. Pretty much all content prior to 2010 was scrubbed.. That’s most of the best content they ever put out. Their new corporate overlords at MindGeek licensed or sold it. You can find much of it on aebn and sites like it. Needless to say – many subscribers revolted. SC’s quality had been on a downward trajectory for years anyway…

      1. No unfortunately, if I remember he was wearing trunk underwear. He let me touch his ass. The lap dance was close to the main stage. I was able to touch his ass, but I ended up meeting a nice blonde boy from Salem… I did more than touch his ass.

  4. If he’s going to be making money off the gays, might I suggest he unfollow Elon Musk and Joe Rogan on his public Twitter account…

    1. Your request si absurd. Following someone is not equivalent of being a fan of him/her. I can follow Trump Biden for several reasons besides liking them.

  5. I liked Ethan but my favorite scene is not of him getting fucked – which were great!, but his scene with Mark where Ethan spends the entire video sucking Mark off, and finishes with Mark shooting his load over Ethan’s naked body. I know I was satisfied.

  6. I think majority of guys at SC were bisexual but they were in denial and self-loathing queens wanted them to be 100% straight- there were actually gay-for-pay guys who completly didn’t enjoy it and had no desire to mess with guys off camera but they were minority.

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