Newbie to watch: Presley Scott

Presley Scott was introduced by Sean Cody last January.

He now has two scenes released at Sean Cody, where he was the bottom to Brogan and Axel Rockman.

At Men, he had a scene as the bottom to Malik Delgaty.

His latest was his scene as the bottom to Mark Blue at Men At Play, shot in a car repair shop. That same car repair shop filmed a scene with Presley as the bottom to Malik Delgaty for Men, which is up next on the site.


  1. logogay

    Presley Scott looks hot. He also has a handsome male face. But he makes two mistakes!
    Firstly : he’s only been bottom so far and hasn’t been able to use his cock properly. I like men in the gay porn industry when they are versatile/flexible and do everything (kissing, rimming, sucking, fucking). (I have nothing against good fisting either).
    And secondly : He works for Mindgeek (SC and MEN) and has only offered his ass for boring Malik which will be a bad choice for his “GAY” porn career.
    The only right choice was Men At Play with the wonderful (also very handsome) Mark Blue!
    I say Mindgeek is destroying the gay porn industry and beautiful performers….maybe he will change and make the leap…..would be a shame about this beautiful man and Talent….

    • OldFatGuy

      He’s probably only bottomed because bottoms get paid more and he needs more money right now. If the time comes when he can afford to get paid less then he may top. Let the guy earn as much as he can while he can.

      • emercycrite

        He also doesn’t have the cock to top.

        • logogay

          Tell that to the countless gayhoopla performers they have or have had, who are now just jerking off on their own. lol

      • logogay

        Okay, I don’t know about the gay porn pay system of actors and I’m not sure if it’s all true.
        But it’s a pity to only be a bottom or a top, in the long run is that boring. Versatility is in demand these days in gay porn! (By that I don’t mean Queer, Trans, FTM, Bi things, they have their own terrain).
        And the actors to stand before all honesty and fun in their sexuality.
        I know, now it’s time to say how naive I am, it’s just porn, a job, gay porn has never been honest, the performers are never honest and so on and on….

  2. Bruiser

    Mindgeek needs to stop the ridiculous pantomime facial expressions. This is porn not Kabuki Theatre.

    • logogay

      Yes exactly, because this “straight agenda” doesn’t know how to use their G4P performers well or shoot qualitative passionate scenes with them!
      With Gayhoopla I could understand because these homophobic, despised, amateur, “straight” people always had no idea what GAY actually means or that they wanted it above all. As a gay consumer, I would only expect more from such a large company where a lot of money is flowing and they have been promoting themselves as the “best adult website on the net” for years. This is also a reason why I will never subscribe to this site. And because they are now using “cunt” scenes to switch from gay to queer!

  3. Bo69

    He looks like loves to eat cum in the MAP and MEN scenes though I’m surprised he didn’t at SC.

  4. Gazzaq

    Preston has been around for while and I am on the fence with him. He is easy on the eye and is one hot pretty man and his performance are ok nothing special, However when he first appeared in Queer Me Now (QMN), I and some of the others commented on his appearance in non bitchy way, and he took umbrage to this, was very defensive and was extremely sensitive about our comments which were measured not nasty or vindictive. He then posted a response to them Instagram both verbally and in writing and they were posted on QMN and he received lots of positive affirmation in defending him. I had a number of commentators being negative toward me which border on the over personal, hence why I I rarely frequent that blog.

    • McM.

      Gotta ask. What was said about his looks?

    • McM.

      Nevermind. Did a quick search and found the post. QMN chose bad pictures of him.

  5. Camille

    Sexy boy 🙂 I like his body and face.

  6. Pssuucl

    Sexy specimen but I don’t detect even a drop of gayness.

    • Camille

      That can be great depending on how you see it. I really love masculinity.

    • Gazzaq

      Mate Presley is gay and talks about it lot on his Instagram page!

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