Overdosed: Cliff Jensen “Ricky Larkin gave Roman Todd pain pills…. One of the pills killed Roman Todd at LAX last night!!!”

Cliff Jensen tweeted hours ago that a close friend of his overdosed on a pill given by an individual who works in the industry. His friend is currently in the hospital.

That friend is Roman Todd, and the pill came from Ricky Larkin.

According to Cliff, Roman died last night.


Roman Todd is still alive. And I got a direct message from Queer Me Now saying that he talked to Roman’s friend, and that friend confirmed that Roman is still alive.


Roman is now on a livestream on Twitter.

He and Cliff blamed Ricky for what happened.

Update #3


60 thoughts on “Overdosed: Cliff Jensen “Ricky Larkin gave Roman Todd pain pills…. One of the pills killed Roman Todd at LAX last night!!!”

  1. He’s not dead. They brought him back. He’s very fortunate that the medical professionals got to him when they did.

  2. Is this for real Denz? As Ricky is calling Cliff a big time liar on Twitter.

    Anyhow when this dropped on my in box, my jaw dropped as why on earth would the man take fentanyl?

    I am not fan of Mr Todd to be fair, so lets all wait to see if this is actually true and if so RIP.

    Or is Cliff after more publicity.

    Either way there’s going to be drama!!!

    1. Cliff’s version of this from his livestreams rings true to me, seems 100% genuine, but Larkin’s reaction to being accused was bizarre.

    2. See I told you’s that is all about bleeding publicity with this desperate lot of vacuous individuals working in Gay Porn, and yous lots are all giving them your time and attention.

      Jeez Good Night!

      1. Watch the video Roman posted on Twitter with Cliff. It’s all there in Roman’s own words.

    3. I’m pretty sure Roman Todd has issues with drugs or has in the past. A lot gay porn stars have drug problems. For instance, how many have admitted to problems with meth? Too many to count.

      Why do you think they whore themselves out? Money for drugs.

  3. I don’t want anything bad to happen to some of these guys (some of them), but fuck, do they need to take better care of themselves. Living like animals

  4. Roman Todd usually seems like he’s on something in his scenes. He needs to go to a drug rehabilitation centre ASAP. If he’s trying to mask emotional pain with drugs then he needs therapy as well. I’m not surprised that piece of garbage Ricky Larkin is in the middle of this. What a sad mess.

  5. I wonder if they can sue Ricky. Probably not because the legality involving the substances traded. But still. Someone needs to knock Ricky down a peg.

    1. I am not a legal expert, but if they are broadcasting the entire thing on Twitter and Roman Todd was in ER, wouldn’t law enforcement be aware of what has happened and possibly be able to investigate on the matter? Since we’re dealing with drug addicts, it’s difficult to know who’s telling the truth, but Ricky Larkin’s attitude seems to be horribly callous. I understand that he wants to defend himself, but the fact that he doesn’t show any concern whatsoever for Roman Todd, who is allegedly his friend, is unsettling.

      However, if this is true I have to wonder how Roman Todd has been able to fly around the US with illegal substances… Don’t they check everything that a person carries in airports? I am sure that he would have been required to produce a doctor’s prescription for whatever pills he was carrying and, if he did so, isn’t it a crime as well to lie about these things? To be honest, the entire thing is so convoluted, strange and melodramatic that it’s difficult to see what is real and what isn’t.

      Regarding Cliff Jensen, he appears to be in shock, but if the situation is so serious, wouldn’t it be logical for him to report Ricky to the police, instead of exchanging texts and posting this whole mess on Twitter? It doesn’t sound like the most sensible thing to do and if they’re all afraid of contacting the authorities, why post it on social media? If the police becomes involved, they are going to be in trouble anyway. Why making all of this fuss over something that is far too serious to be reduced to some Twitter bickering and angry text messages?

      Finally, all I will say is that @ALan is completely right: these guys need to take care of themselves. Maybe, just maybe, having sex with people to whom they’re not attracted and living on the edge all the time is what is leading them to drug addiction, and they ought to re-evaluate where their lives are going if they’re so unhappy.

      1. Good post, but one thing bothers me. Always giving a fucking reason to give adults an excuse or justification for slipping into drug addiction! In the case of having sex with people they don’t want to have sex with and then taking drugs for that reason. What a crap. No one forces or tells these adults when or for what to fuck on camera. Cliff or Ricky in particular are a prime example of this: if they dislike or hate fucking men for money so much, why do you fuck them for over 10 years only to suddenly snap your fingers and make your dream come true of shagging women. These performers do not deserve my respect or attention. I only feel sorry for RT and his wife. Apparently they have the wrong “circle of friends”.

        1. Your argument is more than valid, but we must think that these men don’t just work for studios, but most of them escort and have to face some VERY traumatizing things in their work, so that is what might drive them to drug addiction. Moreover, most of them are neither bright nor educated and have criminal records, which means that their employment options are limited. Moreover, let’s remember that pornography is just advertising for their escorting work, so what they do on camera is probably the lightest, more pleasant work they do.

          All of this would drive anyone slightly insane, don’t you think? I don’t mean to excuse the blatant attention-seeking, barely veiled homophobia and hypocrisy that these men display, which is indeed shameful in the extreme. Still, no matter how much money they can make through OF, TikTok, studio porn and escorting, having sex with people with revolting fetishes, creeps and stalkers must be quite difficult, don’t you agree?

          1. having sex with people with repulsive fetishes, creeps and stalkers must be pretty difficult, don’t you agree?
            So that means that they specifically label the whole gay porn industry as such and actually see sex on film or sex work in general as wrong or how should I interpret it? So there have always been fetishes in sex. Fetishes are also there because some people can or want to live them out, whether in porn or escort. But an adult must clearly set a zero tolerance or a “no limit” from the outset so that things that you don’t want to do don’t happen. This applies to both men and of course (and precisely because women are mostly affected) for women. And as for the creeps and stalkers. These are disturbed, sick people, that also happens in normal life apart from porn, sex trade and escort. But that is just one of the most negative aspects of our society today. Sorry….

            1. Sorry, but you have misinterpreted what I’ve said. I have no idea how these men label the gay porn industry, but it is a fact that they are in porn to advertise their escorting work (and now, OF, social media and whatever they can use to get money). Many gay porn models are homophobic, even the so-called gay ones, and they seem to have an obsession with “reaffirming” their masculinity by promoting heterosexism and conversion therapy, but that is not what I was saying.

              Recently, Diesel Washington wrote a series of tweets in which he explained what he had to do in order to earn money as an escort, and most of the experiences he shared were horrifying. There are people who are SERIOUSLY disturbed and they only dare to live their horrible fantasies with prostitutes, whom I suppose they view as less than themselves. No matter how much money these people are paid, having to do these things is traumatizing and it’s not shocking that some of them turn to drugs or develop psychological problems. Moreover, the fact that these people work in porn tends to elicit rather bizarre reactions on those who have obsessive tendencies, and it must not be easy to deal with that on top of having to face the stigma of sex work.

              Finally, many people who are in the sex industry cannot afford to say ‘no’, and setting limits is difficult when they don’t know the sort of clients they’re going to encounter – sometimes, they will find themselves in a vulnerable position and they cannot refuse what they’re being asked to do lest their physical integrity is compromised, or else they have to find ways to deal with difficult situations. This is all that I meant.

              Regarding Roman Todd, Ricky Larkin and Cliff Jensen, they are just drama queens and attention whores with nasty personalities and a considerable deal of homophobia.

      2. Mate as I stated in my comment all of these guys are “Bloody Vacuous Drama Queen” and they claim to be Heterosexual Males!

        The Irony!

        1. Actually most of them claim to be bisexual which common sense, their dicks and reality suggest and what 99% of people agree with.

          It’s only you that made up nonexistent problem that industry is flooded with straight men while in reality actual straight guys are like 1-5% of GP.

          1. I think Sauron that you find its the a lot of the commentators on here think the same it call discussion pal!

        2. It’s almost like being gay has nothing to do with being dramatic or vacuous. Could stereotypes be prejudiced?

        3. Roman Todd never claimed to be straight. The dude has bottomed and barebacks for years. He clearly loves dick. He is bisexual. Unlike some male porn stars Roman goes all the way. He is an attractive man who unfortunately has some demons. I hope he gets help?

  6. I ALWAYS thought Ricky Larkin was an UGLY human – inside and outside. Look at that face! He looks like a cartoon drawing of a ugly beat up junk yard guard dog AFTER it was hit in the face with a garbage can lid. Look at that nose! How about ya spend less $ on bronzer and get a cheap nose job!

    1. There needs to be a reality TV show on PS lives, on regular cable, block out any nakedness and actual sex work, and highlight the lifestyles of these ppl so we all can see what doing porn does to ur life. This would stop sooooo many ppl from doing porn cuz most, not all, r fkd up ppl to start w. Sure feature a person who does and has good life, w out drugs, sub abuse, then feature others like this shit show. Guaranteed ratings. Bravo? Since theyve already featured PSs on their shows (bruno, David, Jake, etc).

  7. Its shady from all sides. What normal non sub abuse person “snorts” any legal drug? Im certainly not absolving larkin but even one of my fave PSs RT why would he snort anything unless hes used to snorting things already? Theres no fking way im snorting any damn drug

    1. And CJs initial according to him seemed reasonable to let larkin know hey what u got aint legit but he then gets super irrational and doesnt take into account RT and his wifes decision to buy it. I think theres a bigger issue of sub abuse w RT and his wifes acceptance of this

  8. What an absolute mess. Let me first of all say that I’m relieved Roman is alright. But wow these 3 guys are messy AF. Why does porn, and gay porn specifically, attract so many nutcases? That said, I hope Roman has a smooth and full recovery.

  9. Oh Lord why do we always have to have this kind of drama in gay porn? I guess stupidity and low IQ is just in the DNA of these “special” G4P / Bi “Stars”.

    1. Why you put “bi” in quotes?
      Bisexual guys are turned on by men and often look really manly and hot.

        1. Yep that’s Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody’s mantra and it work for them and made them millions of dollars aint it!

          1. Most of those guys at SC and CF were bi definietly- the straight ones were those who are responsible for those ridiculous “30 seconds erection” urban myths.

            I already make a big assumption assuming they enjoyed fucking pussy and eating it as sucking dick and being plowed in the hole.

          2. The emphasis is on “were”. Unfortunately, CF and SC are no longer able to recruit or have the financial means to do so. I think people only pay and subscribe so much to download or watch the old content from before. The current one is dead boring, always the same actors.

      1. Just one example of many: Derek Kage even expresses his bi sexuality in percentages. He claims to be 70% gay (LOL) and 30% YES. (Never heard of it). And he’s been saying that for weeks while he’s in love with his girlfriend Sophia L. (disgusting, I really didn’t want to say the name anymore) and produces straight + bi porn with her and other cunts non-stop, and says in gay blogs, interviews and his gay fans instead of that and not comming out as bi or even straight just doing his job. So I can also put things in signs or questions as I want. That is the right in our gay porn community.

      1. The only thing missing is that he now stands up for the rights and protection of gays, like other “hypocrites” are doing at the moment. “A Gay Avenger” LOL

  10. Oh the self-created drama unfolding on the Twitter cesspool! These people are a circus tent of clowns. I don’t know the real story, and I don’t care. Any interest I ever had in Larkin, Todd or Jensen is history now. They’ll all probably be dead or incarcerated soon anyway.

  11. So ol Cliff turns his “friends” issue into an AD for those dodgy home vitamin IV treatments hmmm wonder if the treating doctor would approve.

  12. I really enjoy Roman,but really most people know you don’t snort pain meds. He could have died, he’s really lucky that he didn’t. And never take anything a. Dr didn’t recommend

  13. It’s an cringe that Cliff talks about Roman as his best friend and that he’s so glad he’s back with his wife and how he was contacting her through this ordeal and literally a few posts ago we saw him bareback fucking Roman with another guy like it’s nothing. These porn guys are so weird and so tacky.

    This was all so dramatic and preventable. Roman’s alive and that’s good but I still can’t stand him and Cliff. Back to avoiding them both for me from now on and BTW Ricky is disgusting.

  14. There needs to be a reality TV show on PS lives, on regular cable, block out any nakedness and actual sex work, and highlight the lifestyles of these ppl so we all can see what doing porn does to ur life. This would stop sooooo many ppl from doing porn cuz most, not all, r fkd up ppl to start w. Sure feature a person who does and has good life, w out drugs, sub abuse, then feature others like this shit show. Guaranteed ratings. Bravo? Since theyve already featured PSs on their shows (bruno, David, Jake, etc).

    1. You get those fan fiction shows about supposed gay-for-payers who say how awful its how much they love their girlfriends how other family members react to it… Paul Cannon in 2014, Vadim Black and Sean Cody in 2015 etc.

      I wonder why nobody will make a doc about bisexual guys in porn industry, it would be far more interesting.

  15. Wait Roman Todd’s real name is Samson?…. Lol

    I wish more behind the scene dramas were spilled 4 us to see- how many guys are actually heterosexual, how common are drugs or set, who have beef with whom.

    Like sometimes you hear “Everyone in Hollywood knows guy X likes guys” so can we here similar things from gay porn industry?

  16. Lol Roman is using the same “Yesh” in private convos as well as he is about to cum on camera.

    Plus Ricky you looks like shit with or without tren and test so get lost.

  17. Almost everything Cliff Jensen is saying this week is to make sure other people don’t take the drugs that Ricky Larkin sells. Sure, Cliff hangs out with people who have drug problems, but even troubled people are worth protecting and I respect what’s doing. He’s a pragmatist. These guys are going to have their issues no matter what, but at the very least, Cliff is taking the personal risk of sounding the alarm about Larkin selling poison. Sure, it’s drama, but it’s drama that’s going after a sleazeball drug dealer.

  18. Roman Toda AKA Samson Bought drugs, white trashed it in the airport bathroom then blames everyone but himself. Fuck him and his pseudo- Alpha friend Cliff Jensen for acting like a thug in that video. Who else believes RT that he’s never done drugs yet knows how to go into a bathroom stall and crush up a pill, he has yet to say what it was (Oxy??) We do know it was Fentanyl. Who buys pills from another porn star without knowing what they are? A drug addict!!

  19. Those disrespectful comment and anti sex worker propagandistic steoreotyping comments are pathetic learn how to respect people having consensual sex and show some empathy if you don’t like porn what are you doing on gay porn site. Also so happy and glad Roman is okay he is gorgeous stud and icon and create hottest erotic art. Sexually liberated man and sex workers are best thing in the world and must stay safe and supported by fans.

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