Newbie to watch: Spikey Dee

Spikey Dee now has 20+ scenes to his credit in straight porn for sites like Brazzers, Devil’s Film, and Reality Kings since he started last year.

It was only this year that he had scenes released in gay porn, also as Spikey Dee.

He first had scenes at Frat X and Boys Halfway House.

He is the latest update at Men, and his first scene on the site had him top Greg Dixxon.

He is up next at Helix Studios with his scene as the bottom to Jacob Hansen.

Besides straight and gay porn, he had a scene released at Trans Angels.

Spikey can suck his own 8.5″ cock.


  1. Jay

    Spikey Dee looks like he just escaped Auschwitz.

    • logogay

      I’m surprised that people are allowed to write something like this here. I find it inappropriate and disgusting to write something like this. If you don’t find him attractive, you can put it differently. You’d better write one of your “long doctoral theses” about Bi/Fluid/Hyper/G4P sexuality, maybe more people will believe you if you write that.

      • Jay

        You’re not upset about this comment. You’re upset about the hard truth I shared with you in the other thread. It’s your choice to misinterpret my argument because you want to live in denial.

        P.S. l’ll make sure to write at a remedial level just for you next time.

        • logogay

          No the truth about you is that you write about things and put them in a context that isn’t true. But now I know how you tick, so this will be my last comment about you. And others may or may not make up their own minds about you. And I’m not upset with you at all, just to compare a person to Auschwitz is perverse because the people who are educated, know exactly what happened there and what happened to these people at that time. That was really inappropriate.

        • Ariel

          You are an idiot. Have a great day. Are those simple enough terms for you to understand?

      • Jktooo

        I agree. Some of these bitches that comment here on MOP r nothing more than miserable POSs Good on u for putting back into perspective.

    • Gazzaq

      Thats a bit harsh mate re your comment and its inappropriate to be fair,

      Spikey Dee has normal body as not everybody who works in Gay Porn, is gym built!

      • logogay

        “As far as his looks are concerned, he’s ok, just very thin with a boy face, but that’s exactly why he fits into MILF/DILFporn with his huge cock.”
        That’s what I wrote of his look and nothing offensive!
        It’s not harsh, unfair, or even offensive to stick to the truth. Spikey Dee is skinny with a boy face and a big cock.
        It is not his fault. Stupid of you to compare what I said about Spikey’s looks to @Jay’s Comment.

        • Gazzaq

          Hey Hey logogay are you calling me Stupid mate?

          As I was responding to Jay’s comment (which he is entitles to, which frankly I dont agree with this ) as being inappropriate!

          Please clarify this for me ta!

          • logogay

            “Stupid OF you to compare what I said about Spikey’s looks to @Jay’s Comment.”
            I didn’t say YOU were stupid, I don`t wrote it like that. And if I see it anyway, that’s how it is and i written. I don’t have to clarify anything.
            Please don’t keep calling me MATE, because I’m not.

  2. McM.

    Newbies don’t have over 20 scenes and 5 sites under their belts.

  3. logogay

    Mindgeek unleashed the next “Straight Porn Star” for their silly porn sites supposedly aimed at gay men. Spikey DEE has already delighted several milfs and other cunts on various straight porn sites with his “huge” cock and probably thinks now because he has such a “huge” cock he could very easily (and above all quickly) skim dollars from us gays !
    Since I don’t subscribe to MEN, I’ll probably only be able to “assess” his scenes on other sites. I’m glad that he apparently doesn’t just work exclusively for this Mindgeek company and apparently tries his luck on other gay sites. He would also go well with Family Dick/BrothersCrush/MissionaryBoys or CarnalMedia in terms of looks and cock size, just like his bros Silas Brooks, Cole Church, Max Carter or Jay Tee (with whom he fucks women on OF) have already done .
    As far as his looks are concerned, he’s ok, just very thin with a boy face, but that’s exactly why he fits into MILF/DILFporn with his huge cock. As far as his sexuality is concerned, I’m assuming that he’s not bi but just wants to try/play with his experiments like his bro’s I mentioned above. He’s just a boy. Nevertheless, I wish him all the best in gay porn and I hope that he shoots on various gay sites, then he could make a name for himself there. Otherwise he’d just be a boring G4P/Bi boy who only occasionally “trips” into the land of the adult gay porn industry.

    • logogay

      I remember a hot latino twink, I think his name was Dante. A tall, skinny guy who was handsome and had a huge cock, just like Spikey. He has shot countless gay scenes for Latinboyz or BiLatinMen. He did everything with Men. He looked like Spikey in his body and dick, but had a more masculine “grown up” face.

    • Gazzaq

      Sorry mate I dont agree with you as this lad just loves performing and to me is not like the others who use their fans assisted by the studios for money and attention. I like the lad and whatever scene he is in he in it 100% so good luck to him.

      • logogay

        I also wished him luck, but I still haven’t seen enough of him because I’m GAY and DON`T watch straight/bi/trans scenes and accordingly don’t subscribe to or pay for such studios! Let’s see how he develops or how his performances come across in gay porn. I can only assess or response that when I’ve seen something.

        • Gazzaq

          Ok mate and we all entitles to our opinions as this is called discussion isnt it?

          • logogay

            Please don’t call me MATE, I’m not.

  4. Gazzaq

    I do like Spikey Dee as he is good performer and I have seen him in all genres of porn and he gives it his all. Yeah he is skinny little sod but I like that about him especially in his hetero scenes, when he plays being totally gormless, yet can fuck well. In BHH again another decent performance and he appears on OF.

    Good luck to the lad in his porn career and he doe not across like he is entitled or arrogant, well not yet anyways like most of these so called Porn Personalities, but he lad that loves to have sex on camera!

    • logogay

      So it’s interesting that you watch straight scenes or straight sex, so I’m assuming you also subscribe and watch straight studios right? And you are gay or what do you classify yourself as? Because you also got terribly upset with your statements against Mindgeek/MEN and in general about G4P or some actors. That’s why I’m confused. What you’re writing now, what you’re looking at, doesn’t fit at all with what you’re supposedly to admit! It’s pretty odd and funny.

      • Gazzaq

        I tell you what mate, what I notice since you started commenting on here is that you just like arguing with other commentators, who dont always agree with your point of view, and I can see it my turn and Jay turn this week to be in your firing line.

        Unfortunately individuals like yourself really spoil these blogs for others, who just want to make comments without having to deal with individual like yourself personalising things, which is really sad to see and is fucking up this site for others.

        Denz when you going to invest in blocking button as your site is being hijacked and spoilt by individuals like this person, who doesn’t appear to want to allow others to make comments if they disagree with him eh?

        • logogay

          I don’t argue with others I only write my opinion about something when it doesn’t agree with mine or I have something to say about it. That’s called freedom of expression. That’s how it is in blogs when you write. I never asked you to agree or disagree with me. That’s your thing. You feel attacked like @Jay because I don’t agree with you and I also find your behavior funny. You hate straight or bi sex in gay porn, but watch it yourself and still pay for such studios. OK it’s your business but it all sounds so hypocritical on you. You can’t even answer me correctly what you are and you’re just distracting. But I don’t even want to know anymore because you’ve said and written enough, that’s enough for me.
          And as far as ruining and spoiling websites like this, I’ve read far worse things people write here. Whether Denz blocks them or not is up to him or the website to decide, not YOU.
          And please don’t ever call me MATE again, I’m not that for YOU.

  5. Bo69

    I want to see him swallow cum, then I’ll make up my mind.

  6. Peo

    Oh look, another bisexual man doing gay porn, exactly what we needed…

  7. NovaStar

    Oh look, there’s yet another non-gay in gay porn. Hell to the no! Where are the gay men at? Where are they cause it’s clear that they’re in short supply.

  8. Magnus

    Just what we all fantasize about, an awkward straight frail boy who likely has no choice other than to soak up the attention given to him by a porn company. How it’ll probably go… he’ll get a big gross drug-induced tattoo on his face, do a few more scenes, then be discarded by Mindgeek.

  9. Jsmithy

    Really interesting that three different websites have all done a piece on Spikey Dee within 24h of each other.
    1. “Spikey Dee’s gay porn take over”.
    2. “Big dicked twink Spike Dee…”

    Is this a paid advertising push?

    • logogay

      That’s normal for all blogs these days. I mean, when is there ever a performer who first fucks pussies on straight porn and then goes to gay porn as a crossover?
      Normally all performers who now work in gay porn (no matter if they straight/bi or gay) run to the Vagina and Gayporn Studios want filming conversion therapy (lol).
      That happens so seldom (inconceivable in straight porn or the porn Industrie by the homophobes) maybe once every century. Hahahaaaa

    • Hal

      I have to wonder if sites like to push certain models. I’d imagine it’s to see what they can do with them.

    • Jake


      I’m glad someone said this finally

    • JR is paid by porn companies to cover their porn actors. That’s why if you post anything that doesn’t agree with what’s written in the post, it’s not published.

  10. Ty Huber

    Wow. Lively discussion. I’ll only add that I love super-hung twinks on top. Spikey is all-ridey by me.

  11. JR

    Legrand wolf should have gotten his hands on. He makes Austin Young look like a pensioner.

  12. Louis Rotegliano

    Spikey Dee is MUTHER fucking HOT
    He eats and fucks pussy he gets sucked by girls. He eats and fucks manhole and gets sucked by guys and can suck his own cock he has a beautiful, thin body with a beautiful cock and thick untrimmed pubic hair and he makes me shoot ropes of cum every time I watch his porn.

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