24 thoughts on “If you miss him: Landon Conrad

  1. LOVE this man. So glad hes cumming back! Fun fact: when Real Housewives of Atlanta did a short music career and she Performed a few times he was one of her stage dancers. My understanding is he is ex mo from SLC, my home town.

  2. OK, I guess I will watch him again. Its kind of like being forced to wait around the house all day for the Cable guy to show up… Didn’t look forward to doing it. I will probably jack off while waiting. Didn’t exactly plan on it but it will just kind of happen. It will not be a great “session” but serviceable. I will not regret doing it but wont brag about it either. In other words… Welcome Back Landon.

  3. LOL His Rentmen profile claims he’s 38, but in this post, he’s 44. When he looks like that, why would he need to lie? SMH

  4. I’m glad Landon is coming back, I just wish he was gonna be on a better website other than that cesspool called Naked Sword. Like yuck to that part. Hopefully the film he does will be worth a damn to watch.

        1. Why are you interested in gay porn if gay porn is trash? Are you only referring to the porn being produced currently?

          1. Yes. Let’s be real, nobody is gonna really “thrive” in this industry, regardless of who we like. There’s too much shit going on.

  5. I don’t know what he’s done to his face, but he looks SO much like another porn star, whose name is on the tip of my tongue :-/

      1. Not a fan of the injected lips or stupid nipple jewelry. But at least he hasn’t gone all faux-macho with the ink. He’s still a fucking hot man.

  6. Landon was one of my favorite actors back then. He’s hot, sexy, a real guy. Gay men can be masculine too. Now he’s daddy stuff. Only his face looks edited. Did he have an operation? Who knows. I just hope he comes back with a good comeback.

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