1. Pavel Ford

    Looks like 2 guys who dropped out of re-hab and hooked up strung out in a seedy motel.

  2. logogay

    Bait Buddies has always been a lie. The guys were all porn actors from the start or not straight at all. It was like that from the very beginning when they started. 👎

    • asis

      youre so clever..are you some kind of detective?

    • Eddie

      you’re right. i used pimeyes on the so called straight guy. he’s definitely gay.

  3. Sauron

    If you can stay hard as a bottom without trimix you ain’t straight honey… embrace your bi-ness and have a MMF with ur gf.

    • asis

      youre the first to ever say that, thanks

  4. JR

    Rico looks like he literally just put down the meth pipe to film this scene. Gross.

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