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6 thoughts on “Unknown top: 5’8″ Luccas Toblerone

  1. I looks like TT has found its way on “power top” vs “power bottom”. I really miss the big versatile guys and I’ll be scared if the future tops shows nothing but their dicks and bellies…

  2. TT is a porn site for men (or not) with a penchant for hung studs who top. Why is this guy just wearing sunglasses and a scarf around his face? It’s a off….

      1. I know why guys like this do it. There’s a few reasons why guys like this do it. You don’t have to explain it to me. But nobody forces him to do these things in front of the camera. If he’s afraid of losing his identity, he should do something else. Guys who pretend like that or where their face is covered by the camera or not recorded are one of the biggest turnoffs you can make.

        1. First, there’s no reason to be rude with me, as you’ve got one obvious answer for your obvious question. Second, this may be a turnoff for you but not for others so you don’t need to be angry with that. And just like you are here, doing comments behind a screen with a nickname, the guy can show his great body and dick on camera, hiding his safe. This is what we call “free will”.

          1. First, I’m not angry. Second, I’m not rude. Third, YOU replied to my comment and this is MY opinion. You also sit behind the computer, just waiting for an answer, turning things around in order to be rude yourself or appear as a “victim”. You’re not a bit better as i’am….that’s “free will” too. Godbye…….

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