Tweet: Hunter Vance “90 days sober. #nodaysoff”

16 thoughts on “Tweet: Hunter Vance “90 days sober. #nodaysoff”

    1. I’m guessing the “I’m straight, I hated having sex with men and I will NEVER do gay porn again” thing didn’t work out for him.

      1. “Think I’m ready to come back and take the industry back … πŸ˜‰
        Who wants to shoot my first scene in 3/12 years in Denver ?? Serious inquiries only (Studios Only )”

  1. Boomer Bangs suddenly realizes how selfish others like him are. I can remember when he in the past also jumped on the vagina bandwagon and then slagged gays along with other colleagues who were just like him. Since then, I never haven’t watched his videos or even paid a dime to these idiots anymore. Now it’s taking revenge and I have no sympathy for it or him at all. These Queer/Bi/Fluid/Pan guys are all the same and deserve nothing else than to fuck each other in the head. Good this way.
    I won’t say anything about the others this time because it’s always the same people (Cliff, Finn, Pierce, Ricky, Devin and others) who posting the same shit (either they shit on gay, show how straight they are by writing about it or post pussy pics that they fuck, or talk about how bad or better they are now after years of alcohol-, drug-, medication-abuse, or depression are).
    Thanks again Denz for your daily posts from that rotten system out there.

  2. Cliff J – this guy just cannot go a few days without attention. Good or bad. Always stirring it up. Sad.
    Presly S. David S. Elliot F. Pierce P. Ricky L. Osiris ? Boomer B. PLEASE just go away.
    Henrik S. – Its sad and predictable that this will not end well.
    These are our Porn “Stars” of today?? I miss the days of – Aiden Shaw, Derek Cameron, Michel D’Amours, Lance, Leo Ford, etc…..

    1. Yes but if there was a form of media where Leo Ford could share how he feels 24 hours a day whenever he gets to notion to share you’d be sick of him Lance and the lot of them too.

      … side note I saw Lance at Roscoe’s in Chicago back when I first started going to bars in the very early 90’s. He was shooting pool, and wasn’t holding up very well.

      1. Yes, you are probably right. They would be about the same with the media.
        I saw an article of a guy who did a lot of photos back then of the “Gay Scene” in N.Y. and Calif.
        He had a lot of interesting info on Lance, never seen pictures too. Lance was A MESS. Always drugged out, always working hard for that next $20.00… I personally knew 2 porn stars who worked for big studios in the late 90’s….Both were a mess but pretty nice guys. Its a shame but I guess it comes with the job.

      1. Quentin Gainz was one of the most underrated and slutty hoes in history of gay porn. In 3 years he probably got screwed by more guys and gals than his entire pedigree.

  3. Hey Cliff-
    Maybe instead of posting about how your depression is kicking in and how much you feel like cutting yourself (purely for attention), step away from the toxicity of social media and get some professional help.

  4. Why don’t these morons ever consider how their posts come across? There isn’t a single tweet here that makes the person more appealing. Oversharing only makes a person look like a pathetic loser. There is an endless list of these guys that I used to lust after, but completely ruined it because of some inane comment or picture. Come up with good content, and not a picture of your blown-out hole. Or just stay off social media. A little mystery never hurt anyone.

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