16 thoughts on “Passed away in 2018: Jason Hillcrest

  1. I included the cause of death in the posts I sent you. He died of suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

  2. Why after 5 years you casually remind some no-name pornstar?
    Maybe we gonna mention Alexander Gustavo,Ty Thomas etc. Next time?

    1. I agree with logogay you have no heart. A person has a right to RIP and not have to have people like you degrade them for any reason. Just because they only had a few scenes made doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to call them what you want. Just let them RIP and forget it. Making comments like this only shows how little you are and how big a hole you have in your chest without any heart at all. At least he was in Porn for a short time what have you done, NOTHING i take it. Just move on and let people be. You have no idea what made him do what he did so no judgements on them for any reason.

    2. I think there’s a way to word things and ways to word things. No matter their time in the industry, Short or long they still had a life and meat something to people. Try having compassion in announcements like this. Thx to whomever let you know the news. RIP Jason Hillcrest.

  3. Once again proof of what kind of person you are. No compassion, no empathy, no humanity. Ok I know you give a shit about gay and the gay community and try to destabilize it, but honestly, being inhuman has no excuse. No matter how long ago it was, no matter who those people were, what they did…..and I’m happy to open my mouth for that, no matter what I said before…..

    1. Just one message I got from you. I am guessing it went to the spam folder that I recently deleted, and I forgot to check if the emails were not spam. Sorry for that.

  4. Here are the sources:


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    The links (unless from a news website) were removed since they contained his real name. I prefer that search engines not link to this blog when one searches for their real name. I hope you understand.

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