Tweet: Rocco Steele “… I personally fuck men. I fuck men w penises and I fuck men w vaginas. I do not fuck women…”

Presley Scott apologized for the now deleted tweet of the name and photo of his ex-boyfriend.

Gauge Alexander

Is the mullet hairstyle making a comeback?

One person donated the $500 needed by Pierce Paris for his Botox injection.



  1. AndThenTheresMaude

    Rocco Steele’s rant reminds me of what Colby Jansen did about a month and a half ago on Twitter.

    Colby basically blasted his gay bear fans because they didn’t like him loosing his muscle mass and getting toned up. He then proceeded to call them “Judgy Bitches” and blamed them also for the failure of his Colby’s Crew site ,cause they weren’t buying enough of his porn, even when he was bigger. He then admitted to taking steroids to maintain his larger figure but had to stop due to health issues.

    This rant started on a Monday and by Friday Colby had taken down his tag of “Your favorite bear” off his twitter, along with any posts he had associated with the bear community.

    So it makes me wonder what Rocco’s next move will be after this… ?

  2. Norm

    Colby Jansen suffers from “whiskey mouth”, especially when he goes on and on about his dog polywobbles( who sadly passed away recently) on twitter. Blaming the bear community because he produced some very crappy porn ( and screwed about with some very shitty people) isn’t cool.

    As for Rocco, he is right. Who he fucks is his business. But trying to use the community as an excuse to basically shag anything that gives off a pulse is kinda tacky.

    • IDK

      He wants to be validated on his kitty chasing, no more and no less.

      He, as a grown ass adult, can already fuck whoever he wants. This is no problem for him, nor ever was.

      The problem is that some evil, while and bigoted gays are pestering him about the cognitive dissonance of going on and on about how he likes vagina while claiming to be gay.

      That’s the point of his little hissy fit.

      • spinner_189

        It really amazes me that these guys can say “I like watching straight porn” & “I like eating vagina” and then say “I’m a gay man”.

        I thought this phenomenon only existed on the straight side where guys will literally be fucking dude, getting fucked by a penis and still say “100% straight”.

        The older I get the more I learn that there really isn’t a big difference between gay and straight male behavior other than our partner selection.

  3. hiro_shi

    Whooop, there it is!! The star of the week, Rocco Steel.
    So, according to Rocco Steel; To be a real gay person, gays should (welcome to) fuck men with vaginas. Lmaooo

    Rocco Steel 🤝 Max Adonis (Lol)

  4. Camille

    Man! I have jerked off too much this weekend that I need to pause porn at least for a couple of days. Meanwhile, I have to say that I agree with Rocco Steele… Sex is diverse and it’s fun and it’s great you have freedom to have sexual intercouse whoever and whenever you want in some places. As for Mr Yum Yum yep… I’d go for a beautiful face, atractive body and ass to kill for… Penis can be beautiful in different sizes and shapes (with some exceptions). I respect the size queens but I am more of beautiful model queen hahaha

  5. Touch Grass

    Trans men are women. Men don’t have vaginas nor give birth.

    This Orwellian crap needs to stop.

    You do fuck women Rocco Steele. In fact, I’m almost positive he’s screwed ‘cis women’ in his personal life.

  6. spinner_189

    The thing people like Rocco don’t get is that no one is saying he can’t or shouldn’t have sex with whom ever he wants. What we’re saying is, if you are having sex with a trans man it’s not gay sex.

    One thing I find just utterly contemptable about these guys is if you watch the scenes they film there’s always a hyper long close up of them eating pussy. They just happen to always want to fuck the pussy and not the ass. It is so freaking clear that they are highlighting the fact that they are having sex with a vagina and not an ass. Like the amount of attention they’ll give to eating guys asses is not remotely on par to the amount of time they’ll eat ftm guys out. Ass eating – 2min, pussy eating – 10min closeup.

    What’s more is the whole conversation around trans people has linguistically turned sexuality on its head. The conversation becomes framed around if you “want” to have sex with trans men, when for decades gay men and women fought to say that we “cannot” have sex with the opposite sex.

    It’s not that we’re making some horrible decision to see them as less than, but that for gay men our junk isn’t responsive to the vagina. We don’t get erect. We don’t get turned on. And it’s a slap in the face to every gay man who wanted to be straight so desperately as a teenager and had to go through the difficult process of learning to accept themselves.

    So Rocco, go ahead and sex with whom ever you want. No one is saying you shouldn’t But please stop saying that it’s gay. It’s insulting to gay men.

    I’ve said this a million times, but these people are just as bad at fitting people into the binary as they claim others are. They assume that when we say “it’s not gay” that we mean “it’s straight”. No I don’t think a man and a trans man having sex is straight. I don’t think trans men are women. But in sex they are also not men. They are trans men. Say you’re pansexual. Say you’re bisexual. But stop shaming gay men because actual gay men can’t have sex with vaginas without thinking or fantasizing about men.

    And if I’m being super honest I think that’s what many men who have sex with trans men do. They actively ignore their vagina and focus as hard as possible on their upper half in order to trick their brain.

    • IDK

      You’re cracking the code, my friend!

      The whole point of FtM scenes is to market the “gay men fucking pussy” angle, which attracts the expected fetishist gay conversion therapy crowd, who loves these scenes.

      You see, it’s perfect: they can appeal to these people while having “plausible” deniability about the whole thing.

      “This is gay sex, you bigot! Stop complaining! You’re going to see the vagina, and you’re going to like it!

      Also, most FtMs hate anal sex because they have no prostate whatsoever (for obvious reasons), so they feel little-to-nothing down there.

      Let’s also be honest: making self-I’d “gay men” fuck them in the vagina is also a big fetish amongst them, and going anal would ruin said fantasy.

      • spinner_189

        Yea at this point I’ve noticed that these scenes all follow the exact same pattern. What’s being marketed is very clear. I follow a lot of pornstars on twitter and when they do one of these scenes they very actively highlight the fact that they’re fucking a vagina. At this point it’s on purpose. These scenes not only feel different than their regular content but are shot differently.

        I would very much love to know what happens behind the scenes of these shoots because I have a sneaking suspicion that more than once a partner has had to take something to keep themselves hard.
        Look at Rocco’s own words. When he published this video he was keeping an eye on the numbers. He wasn’t thinking “damn I’m such a gay guy for having sex with a trans man” he was thinking “Look at all the new followers I’m getting”.

        What’s sad is because they usually only do one or two of these scenes. Some do a few with the same performer, they won’t really face any backlash from it. A month from now Rocco’s rant will be buried down his timeline and every gay man visiting his page will just see that he’s fucking men.

        So what I think bothers a lot of people about these scenes and why they react the way they do is:
        a) gay men don’t like being told we can learn to like vagina
        b) it screams sellout. they’re basically saying I’m gay when it’s convenient.

        • IDK

          You’re on the money on this one: this is nothing more than trend chasing.

          Even though few people are interested in this kind of porn, shooting these scenes still is advantageous for these performers, because they gain social media followers, money and influence within studios by painting themselves as “inclusive” and “open minded”.

          That’s how this works in practice: they post their meaningless virtue signaling on pride month only to immediately shoot straight scenes and go on and on about how good straight sex is.

          Notice how the g4ps and even bisexuals within the industry don’t do the same in regards of gay porn, on the contrary, people like Davin Strong go out of their way to enunciate how much they dislike gay sex.

          This shit is fucking wild.

    • logogay

      Anything just to attract attention or some kind of “marking strategy”. Disgustingly at the expense of gays. And the whole thing is homophobic as well. And that from a man who describes himself as gay. Seems to be trending in gay porn now……sad.

      • IDK

        It’s interesting how hating gay sex and while elevating straight sex on a pedestal seems to be a trend in current gay porn even amongst self-id “gay men”.

        G4Ps hate say sex, writing daily tirades about how much they prefer straight sex.
        Bi men the same.
        Self-id “gay men” hate gay sex and prefer straight sex alike.

        Is there anyone in this industry who truly likes gay sex left?

  7. IDK

    Rocco Steele is a freaking moron, I’m being serious here.

    Even most trans activists aren’t dumb enough to claim that sex is a spectrum, and the reason for that is obvious: there’s no “3rd sex” in the human species nor multiple sexes between male and female.

    This is objectively false.

    Why is that though? The reason is obvious: multiple sexes would make reproduction a complete and total mess, because it would require the existence of multiple gametes that would interact with each other in different ways.

    Just by describing it out loud already proves how impractical it would be.

    And before someone brings this up: no, intersex people do not belong on a “3rd sex”, their condition has to do with sexual development issues, so much so that most of them are sterile.

    Rocco Steele doesn’t fucking know the difference between sex and gender and even then feels the need to lecture people about a subject he knows nothing about just to justify his own sex habits.

    Face the facts: you’re fucking females who artificially modified their bodies to mimic a male appearance, no more and no less. If you feel no problem with that, that’s fine, just do not distort reality in order for it to fit into your deluded mind.

    There’s no such thing as a female penis or a male vagina.

    Deal with it.

  8. Gazzaq

    Jeez Denz Mate why are there so many brain deficient delusional self-centre individuals saturating the industry?

    Rocco yeah, yeah whatever the stereotypical fictional compassionate Gay Man, please do me a favour lol. Mate social media has killed that pal! Plus the spectrum rubbish (extra loud yawn) get off the band wagon yeah. Yet another one desperate for likes more followers and a pure attention whore me thinks!

    Presley enough said the blokes not the full ticket!

    Gauge Xander looks rough as he used to be quite fit.

    Nate words fail me.

    Mr Yum Yum True That!

    Nothing else to add as most of the tweets are pure dross/nonsense!

  9. Andy

    I know some gay men shit on gay men who are sexually attracted to trans men. Most gay Men don’t have vaginas so Rocco Steele got to admit to himself he is sexually attracted to women. Trans men are masculine women they aren’t men. So he is a little bisexual. I like trans men too I like their hairy pussy and big clit. So Rocco just needs to be honest with himself.

  10. Alex W

    I’d love to say something positive regarding these tweets, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I’ll say something positive about a growing number of gay men in general. We are waking up to this not so subtle movement. There are a lot of bad actors posing as gay men and they’re trying to dilute and minimize our existence. Live and let live. Fine! I am with you on that and I encourage everyone to be themselves. However, not at the expense of being inauthentic or kowtowing to what this movement is demanding of us. We are not bigots for not wanting to have sex with someone with a vagina. The more absurd this narrative gets, push back and don’t accept it or give it any validation whatsoever. That’s how we overcome this bullshit. For those “gay” guys that wish to have vaginal sex, go for it! You will lose all credibility as a gay man in my book, however. Simply because you’re not.

  11. logogay

    Dear Roco Steele, we all know that you are a porn performer and that sex is a spectrum perhaps for sex workers like you and others. But fucking and licking vaginas and then saying, “I don’t fuck women, I’m gay” is one of the most absurd things in the queer scene today. Then commenting with spoiler allert and horror why you love watching straightporn is the dumbest attention grabbing strategy I’ve ever seen. Be honest with yourself and please don’t identify as gay but whatever, but stop telling people to love vaginas and be gay at the same time on gay porn, gay blogs, networks or the gay community. This really has to stop. Conversion Therapy was a traumatic and devastating tool used to heal early gays. I don’t need this from performers working in the gay porn industry or from gay porn studios. That too should stop. As I said the biggest homophobia is not only in the real world, but especially in the gay porn industry with performers and owners of gay porn studios!

  12. Jktooo

    Men DONT HAVE vaginas we just dont. Ur fucking a Vag or fucking a woman. If that works for u all power to u. Just dont tell us its a man cuz its not. Science and biology tell us u have chromosomes and ur a dude ur a dude, ur a chick ur a chick. Anything beyond is just lip service (pun not intemded).

  13. Hazim

    Rocco Steele: I personally fuck men. I fuck men w penises and I fuck men w vaginas. I do not fuck women.

    Me: what? I’m confused.

  14. Reg

    Collin, given the amount of drugs and hate coursing through your system, that is literally death-defying.

    Presley, you have got way too much time on your hands. You still haven’t said why you’re blacklisted, I could have sworn you made a whole big deal of not even dating guys, so I don’t know what this is about either. It looks like you’re coming apart at the seams though.

  15. Cherrystick

    What’s super funny in this whole Rocco situation is how he hates the fact that the majority of real gays don’t agree with him. If you look closely at his tweets, even some people who aren’t homosexuals are scratching their head at what the hell he’s saying. The only ones who are celebrating his “newfound/self denial bisexuality” are fans who think they can kiss ass to have a chance to interact with him or fellow “gay” performers who’ve fallen victim to the same hypocrisy in their careers. Specifically Drew Dixon.

    Now if Drew is your main supporter?! You’re in trouble. As a refresher, Drew was mister “I’m gay and will never have sex with a woman”. Then weeks later, two str8 scenes and a female focused orgy for a gay conversion riddled flick. Coinciding with him saying it was his best and favorite project ever. Now he’s like Rocco. He’s calling gays simple minded and basically giving us a big FU because we don’t agree with his claiming to be a homosexual while clearly having a love for pussy. He states that because he’s comfortable with broadening his sexual experiences it makes us mad blah blah blah. As if he’s the top focus in the world.

    My main thing is this, you tell us that it’s none of our business who you fuck and experiment with but actually it’s our business for sure. See if you still want to prosper financially with your fan site collabs, fan bases and porn ventures then our opinions and judgement matters. What we feel dictates your revenue. Our rainbow flavored bucks is what gives you financial stability and freedom. So go ahead, slander gays and slide into vaginas to your hearts desire. In doing so, watch yourself slide right into porn obscurity which leads to financial issues because finally gay men and lesbians women (our fellow homosexuals who are dealing with the same issue) are starting to wake up and realize that we’re being gaslit, ostracized, manipulated and worst of all erased and were fucking sick of it all.

    These men have been comfortable with relying and using homosexual labels for fan fare and if they’ve found a new love for vaginas then they need to accept they’re not homosexuals and that’s okay too. What isn’t okay is spitting in our faces when we open our mouths and have something to say.

  16. NovaStar

    Rocco Steele: I’ve never liked him. I judge porn but what a performer does orally as opposed to what they anally and Rocco is trash. He almost always ignores the bottoms dicks he fucks and that bugs me greatly, so to read that he does transmen too is irritating because i have a feeling he does more with them than he does biological men. That’s total and utter bullshit and it shows that he’s not doing enough when he with a man with a dick. We are getting cheated and I wish more fans of porn saw this.

  17. NovaStar

    Mr Yum Yum: I remember when he was Ace Rockwood and would totally act like he a bottoms dick had Covid-19 the way he would ignore it, especially with the films he did with DawgPoundUSA. Now that he’s sucking dick on the regular, I don’t care what the size of it is, as long as it’s in his mouth, I’m happier than a pig in the mud.

    • Cherrystick

      For a moment there he was doing the whole, I don’t really like dick and gay sex thing. That was in between his studio gay porn work and his pussy pound parade with women. Then he went quiet for a moment till he started posting bisexual stuff with Donte Thicc, Donte’s wife and Wolf Hudson.

      Instead of coming out as a proud bisexual, he went down the whole gay sex is tainted discourse. That’s when he became an instant turn off for me.

      • Alex W

        Yep. I remember when he first started out in gay porn. Even in several interviews he claimed to be gay and gave an elaborate coming out story and discussed how his mother reacted and so on. That’s why I was confounded and perplexed when he dove into straight porn and started talking shit about the gay community. Nah. I’m over it. I’m not too keen on giving second chances in situations like these.

        • NovaStar

          Wow the dude is a fraud & a phony. Jesus Christ man smh

      • NovaStar

        I didn’t realize he did all of that. I know he had a moment when he wasn’t having sex with men at all but I didn’t know he looked down at it. It’s also fascinating that it took him fucking with bitches to start sucking dick. I had thought to myself, why are you doing this now when all those years ago you would willingly go pass it with no care in the world. That pissed me off while making me happy he was finally doing the act and it wasn’t a one-off thing. Now that I know this new info, it has me looking at him with a crooked eye. Total bullshit

  18. Alex

    This update issa lot. It’s giving low self esteem, heavy drugs and mental illness.

  19. Chase Strangio

    Sex isn’t a spectrum. Women have large gametes and men have small gamers. There is no 3rd gamete. Intersex doesn’t mean you’re another sex. All intersex conditions are sex specific, and intersex people are tired of the queer/trans community using them as a shield to justify their existence.

    99.982% of babies biological sex are correctly observed and recorded at birth. Caster Semenya is a biological male that has a DSD that only affects men. Intersex people are not 1.7% of the population and are not as abundant as redheads.

    Just to add trans women of color didn’t start the stonewall riots, Marsha P. Johnson was a gay man and identified as such, there’s no epidemic of tens women being murdered in this county and trans women shouldn’t be competing with biological in sports, oh and autogynophilia is real and shouldn’t be lumped in with gay rights.

  20. KvG

    This week seems to be a bit of a dumpster fire all round. How the hell do you live with constant drama?

  21. Rockhard288

    Sex is a spectrum? There are only two sexes so I guess Rocco meant to say SeXUALITY is a spectrum. Well ok then, but then he goes on to claim that he’s still gay even though he enjoys to partake in penis in vagina sex. No he looks like a fool

    And of course 6.2 thousand other confused gay men agree with him. For some reason anything trans in any form gets such a reaction in our community towards them. Always trans, always do no wrong, always on the right side of history. Yikes.

    • IDK

      Most of the people who liked his tweet aren’t even gay, that’s for sure.

      Many of them are a flavor of some exotic new sexual/gender identity, mainly some flavor of trans, and the few who aren’t are just vomiting his talking points for easy social media points.

      It’s basic clout chasing, nothing more.

    • Cherrystick

      Do you ever notice that when these confused ass male porn guys go through these weird takes, there’s all that defense from others yet you never hear of the trans person they fucked come to their defense?! They celebrate when these “gay” guys dip into their pussies but they don’t back them up when we call out their bullshit. That’s shows you the true support behind these revelations.

      Oh well…..

      • IDK

        Noahway and Trip Richards are way too narcissistic to stand up to anyone but themselves.

        Their hissy fits over people not wanting to fuck them says a lot about them in this regard.

  22. Magnus

    Rocco… give it a fucking rest, old man. You’re jumping on this bandwagon way too late. No one cares what kind of man, surgically altered man you fuck.

    Derek Allen… That sounds hot. Pics, or it didn’t happen! 😉

    Presley Scott… Dude, just don’t attempt to write or speak. You’re hot. That’s enough. You’ll pull a muscle attempting to form words.

    Xander… Loser. You’re an idiot for broadcasting your incarceration.

    Nate Grimes… The last thing anyone needs is to see his blown-out hole. How did this gross wet rat even get into porn?

    Mr. Yum Yum… No idea who this is. But I agree 100%

    Axel Rockham… Will be anxiously waiting for this. Seriously

    Pierce Paris… Oh you are so sad. Publicly begging strangers for money like a homeless person for something you should be able to easily afford after so many years in the industry. Grow up.

    Derek Bolt… I mean, after everything, this is what’s going to be awkward? If they are okay with everything else, they’ll likely be fine learning about your boyfriends. Sexy fucker.

    Colton Ford… I still have a mad crush on you.

    Collin Simpson… The less bloated look works for you.

    Henriks Sommers… Wishing the best for you.

  23. MOP User

    If you are aroused by the sexual anatomy of the opposite sex then you are not homosexual. I’m so, so tired of these idiots trying to promote this nonsensical ideology; not every concept is inclusive of everything and everyone, and male homosexuality does NOT involve vaginas ffs.

  24. Realist Enthusiast

    Can we stop with this newspeak travesty?

    Trans men are women.
    Trans women are men.

    Biology matters.
    Ironic how gays fought decades to love who they want and the new ideology seeks to “Trans the Gay Away”.

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