Always the top: Kyle Wyncrest

Introduced in 2019 by Chaos Men, Kyle Wyncrest only had scenes as the top.

By 2021, Kyle filmed for Next Door Studios, still as the top.

He is up next at Next Door Taboo, again as the top.

+ Next Door Studios, Next Door Taboo, Active Duty, and Pride Studios are now part of ASG Max.


  1. Jktooo

    Hes fkn hot! Love watching him fuck!

    • Pavel Ford

      I agree 100 % Great looking body, cute face, and always seems into the fucking. I only wish he was more verbal in his scenes. Even if he had to “act” it be nice to see him a bit more dominate.

  2. alec

    love his scenes – he’s not everyone’s vibe, but he’s great for me – he gets better and better –

  3. Jmy

    The fact he doesn’t bottom makes him boring. I am genuinely shocked he has had a career for so long. Snooze.

  4. Cherrystick

    What in the damn Diego Sans is going on here?! No Thank you. Next, next.

  5. NovaStar

    He’s not bad but he’s not among the best either. He’s not consistent to me so for what i like, i don’t know if I’ll get it or not but when he’s “on”, he’s great so I’ll give him that.

  6. logogay

    Back then he was described as a guy whos mostly into woman. And to this day it has only remained top. Ok, there could be many reasons why he doesn’t want to be more flexible. There are many that are mainly top. Maybe it’s just a question of money. There are many G4Ps who have sold their asses. Malik Delgaty, William Seed and their Canadian friends at MEN, or Papi Kokic, Bo Sinn, even Matt Hughes aka Danny D before he became a straight porn star got his ass fucked. As long as the money is right, everyone can be bought.

    • Bucko

      Ummm…unless I’ve missed it, when did Papi K give up his ass? Details please…

      • logogay

        With Ryheim on Only Fans……

        • Bucko

          Thanks! Wow, That’s big news yet no one has covered Papi’s deflowering? Guess I’ll have to subscribe to Rhyheims OF.

        • Denz

          Was it a flip fuck? QMN had a post about the scene. Papi was the top.

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