More femboys: Jordan Lake and Shae Reynolds

Last month, I made a post about the latest gay scene released by Adult Time that had Edward Terrant as the “masked goth femboy, who bounced on a huge cock”.

It was part of Adult Time‘s Femboyish series.

It was followed yesterday by Jordan Lake as the “slutty femboy, whose makeup was smeared with cum”.

This coming Wednesday, Twink Pop will release their “Femboy Needs Cock” scene, with Shae Reynolds as the femboy.

25 thoughts on “More femboys: Jordan Lake and Shae Reynolds

      1. Spoiled, privileged gay boys always act like they are being abused when they have to acknowledge that other types of queer people exist. It’s sad.

  1. Somebody Please explain it to me. I just do not get it. I do not know ANYONE who finds “FemBoys” hot or sexy or anything! I have asked around. NOBODY is jacking off to this. When and Why and HOW has this become ” A Thing ” ????????????

    1. There are plenty of bi, bi-curious, etc guys that are into this type of porn. I see them on my grindr grid all the time.

      There are a TON of straight DL guys that watch porn in secret too.

      Not everything is for you. Different strokes for different folks. Just move onto something that brings you happiness. Life is short.

      1. “There are a TON of straight DL guys that watch porn in secret too.”

        You are one of them, am I right? That’s why it always upsets you and you comment when gays complain about such things in gay porn or gay blogs and express their opinions. You don’t want your own space, but rather nestle yourself in other people’s spaces in order to be able to enforce your “ideology”. Not true?

        1. LOL no, i’m as gay as they come. Not a bi bone in my body.

          I have no interest in watching men fuck women. BUT I’m not mad about it either? I just don’t care. I have trouble understanding why so many of you who fester in the comments get so angry.

          1. LOL no, i’m as gay as they come. Not a bi bone in my body.
            LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…………………………………….

  2. Not my cup of tea but to each is their own. This does nothing for me because I find neither of these men attractive. Fem or masc.

  3. I’ll leave this Queer/BI/Pan/Fluid gender thinking to the executives at MEN/Mindgeek and other “gay” studios who want to publish something like this for the masses. I’m not interested in this crap anymore. We all know what gay porn will be on in the future. I’ll leave it to the queer/straight/fluid/pan commenters here on this blog with their condescending comments towards gays. What interests me much more and makes me sad is that Hollywood Beauty Chris Evans married a woman and is therefore off the market. That concerns me more than this messages here. Sorry Denz but you can do better. Anyway, thank you again for every day and every week.

  4. It’s like watching trans porn with a tgirl who couldn’t afford a boob job. Gay sites run by straight owners are increasingly pushing queer porn to us.

    1. Yep, gay porn is becoming ‘queer porn’ and we’re being gaslit about it and told to shut up. The ‘queer community’ doesn’t respect gay men. They think we should become them, which is why even the word ‘gay’ is being ‘queered’ ie. destroyed and turned into an arbitrary label that could describe almost anything.

      Sadly, some gay men are too stupid to read between the lines and see the flat out attack on gay men and our spaces and how it will jeopardize our rights in the future.

    2. You know I mentioned this in another blog. It was about the push of “queerism” and how there’s truly no standard gay and lesbian spaces any longer. Of course porn was a big topic. The gays and lesbians mostly applauded the points. Some did disagree and that’s natural but hunny the bi/pan/trans community lit those damn pitchforks and was hunting my ass. So I was called small minded and that I was a bigot. Of course the whole penis fetish thing came up and so I asked two simple questions that shut the whole damn show down.

      Would you go up to a str8 couple and call them penis or vagina fetishists because they don’t like the other set of genitals/opposite sex?
      Then why do you feel that it’s appropriate to do that to us gay/homosexuals?

      Babes, nothing but crickets.

  5. What the fuck is THAT? If i wanted to see anything feminine, I’d watch straight porn. Stop with the bullshit already.

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