Masked goth femboy: Edward Terrant

The latest scene on the gay side of Adult Time had Edward Terrant as the bottom to Angel Elias.

Beautiful and masked goth femboy Edward Terrant is painting his nails a deep blue to match his long hair and sparkly eyeshadow. As he curls up in bed, he runs his hand slowly over his black tights and takes sultry pictures to send to his lover, Angel Elias. Once Angel shows up, Edward briefly removes his mask to deepthroat Angel’s hot dick, getting it slick and ready for his tight asshole. As he bounces up and down on Angel’s huge cock, Edward’s cute bulge peeks through his ripped pantyhose, looking delicious and tempting. This femboy loves every second of getting his pretty ass stretched, and sighs with pleasure when Angel finally unloads his cum onto his soft cheeks, letting it drip down his crack and unto the bed sheets.

17 thoughts on “Masked goth femboy: Edward Terrant

  1. Adulttime is a hetero-based straight porn company run by straight people that has also been trying gay porn for the past year. They want to cover every form of porn. But unfortunately it’s not for me. I’m gay and I only want to watch gay porn. And since the offer at Adulttime is rather meager, they also don’t interest me.
    For queer/bi/fluid/pan, however, it would have to be a paradise. Or not?

  2. They’re still pushing to ‘queer’ gay porn. Gays are supposed to wanna fuck crossdressers now?

    It’s like these fuckers want people to hate them.

  3. I feel like when it’s just guy on girl (or transwoman or “femboy” like this) it’s just straight porn or much closer to hetero porn than gay porn. Like if this had another masculine presenting guy in it, then I’d be thinking it’s closer and like bi porn, but this just feels like it’s there to appeal to your more hetero side regardless. (I know that might be controversial because I see FtM models in porn with other guys in scenes is or is at least very close to gay porn)

  4. I mean it’s 2 guys so it’s gay, but they 2 guys does not mean it’s watchable. About as good as if they had a hot twink bang Steve Buscemi. No one wants to see that.

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