Filmed (?) a scene with a woman: Grayson (Cole) at Corbin Fisher

Grayson was first introduced by Sean Cody early this year, and he now has 5 scenes released, where he was the top and/or bottom.

On Twitter, he is known as Grayson Cole, whose timeline is all about the guys he filmed for his fan site.

He is now with Corbin Fisher, also as Grayson.

Did he film a straight or bisexual scene for Corbin Fisher?


  1. Gay PR Daddy

    I hope not but Studio’s don’t promote Gay men like before and would rather do hetero and bi crap

  2. logogay

    It’s a shame that CF is no longer able to independently find good new faces/talents that we haven’t already seen screwing somewhere else fucking. And as for the hetero/bi crap on their site: They justify it because CF has always done it and because they have a customer base that wants it. LOL
    But when they publish it, there are only negative reviews and nobody cares. So it’s better to let him mate with tails straight dicks away. I could very well imagine Barron with Grayson……

  3. pornlover

    Might as well re-name this blog “Did he taste tuna?” because thats all you post about. You love to get the commenters riled up on here.

  4. bo69

    He’s tasted a good enough amount of cum for me on SC and OF (where he was fed by Ethan Tate and Noah White on the bed). Short fit guy with a hunger for cock.

  5. ncbored

    I find the headline of this post, with it’s derogatory slang, offensive. You can be pro-gay without being misogynistic.

    • Denz

      Point taken. My apologies to the women, specially to those who read this post.

      I edited the title. Thank you for pointing it out.

      • logogay

        I’m disappointed too Denz. You have now given the homo haters a reason to hate us again. I’m also against this kind of porn in gay porn, but I don’t talk derogatory things about other people in porn. Unless these people insult me. Then I defend myself.

    • CreepySadWeird

      Considering the entire point of this blog is to promote and inspire misogyny, transphobia, and biphobia, the article headline is par for the course. Literally every single article on this blog is posted to get the same 8 or 9 commenters to write hate speech. Creepy, sad, and weird.

      • pornlover

        Yup you nailed it. This site has taken weird turn in the past year or so.

        • IDK

          Look who’s talking.

          Your only stick in this blog is to write extremely passive agressive comments to people who don’t like the current direction the gay porn industry is heading to.

          Also, the relentess white knighting of performers who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you.

          • logogay

            These “people” used every possible opportunity to be homophobic themselves, although they accuse us of phobia and think it’s good when gay porn itself becomes homophobic with such scenes or allusions to our sexuality, changing it over the years, very quietly, slowly, secretly.
            But what is most clear among these homo-haters is when they give us “advice” to look away, not to watch a scene, to ignore comments in blogs, so to speak to hide or keep our mouths shut. This is the easiest, stupidest, most hypocritical solution for such people. Inside and outside of the gay porn industry!

            • pornlover

              Please give me one example of me being homophobic. Just one. All I need is one

              I’ll wait.

          • pornlover

            I think you mean “shtick” lol. Embarrassing

            And I haven’t white-knighted for any pornstar on here. Look through all of my comments. I’ve just told people to concentrate more on porn they do like instead of constantly complaining. It’s toxic on here.

            • IDK

              If the only thing you have to disprove my statement is a spelling mistake, then you have nothing.

              Your pedantism won’t save you from your own lack of arguments and critical thinking skills.

              And if it’s so toxic on here, then why not just leave? You accuse us of being whiny while being the ultimate king of whining yourself.

              Again: I advise you to buy a mirror, you need one.

              Also, complaining about the current direction of the gay porn industry is, by definition, to “concentrate on porn”. Is your mind too small to understand that or is your enormous narcissistic ego clouding your judgement?

      • logogay

        That’s exactly how it is, isn’t it? Again the bad homosexual? But if there are homophobic comments in this blog or gay studios like Men or Gayhoopla shoot homophobic topics or Comedys with women and vaginas, none of you complain and jump to our side. You are interestingly narcissistic and one-dimensional when it comes to expressing a point of view and just shows why many people talk or think so negatively about bi, queer, trans, straight and vaginas in gay porn. First, look for the faults in yourself instead of always pulling out the phobic club! You’re and your (queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid) friends here phobic too!


        • asis

          there must be a lot of younger people here in the comment section to start calling gay porn studios homophobic. karens need everything catered to them at all times

      • IDK

        The misuse of “hate speech” is a very interesting phenomenon indeed.

        Just so you know: not everything that doesn’t validate your own worldviews are “hate speech”, so stop abusing the term. You really need to grow a thicker skin and become an actual adult, like most people in the world do.

        Not wanting women or vaginas in gay porn is not, nor should ever be, considered “hate speech”.

        Now please, go lecture straight people (specifically straight men) about how evil they are for not liking dick to see what real hate speech is.

        • pornlover

          “Not wanting women or vaginas in gay porn is not, nor should ever be, considered “hate speech”.”

          It has gone way beyond that. There is now a purity test here in almost every comment about whether a gay porn star has touched a woman before.

          Why do you care so much what they do consensually? You’re so fucking weird.

          “You really need to grow a thicker skin” Says the toxic man bitching about gay porn everyday.

          • bottomboyfrombrazil

            You really lack self-awareness, don’t you? Aren’t you the one bitching and whining on every single damn post here?

          • Vic fanfatal

            Logogay is a mentally ill person who will end up in a psychiatric hospital hating everyone and himself. Anyone who doesn’t think like him is homophobic. He is a person with many complexes, it must be that when he was little he was hit a lot and no one loved him, he must have some trauma. But don’t worry, karma will do his work for him. So much hatred and living a parallel reality must be treated by a psychiatrist.

          • IDK

            You’re way too much!

            You complain about me complaining about gay porn while dedicating every single hour of your life to whining about people here with passive agressive comments which add nothing to any discussion.

            That’s your entire existence here.

            Also, are you high or something? Are you really complaining about me whining about gay porn on a blog… about gay porn.


            Can we crowfund a mirror for this person already?

          • asis

            its karen culture.. everything has to be catered just for them at all times

  6. asis

    where are all the bitter queens complaining aboutt women and straight men?

    • asis

      thats hilarious tthey all downvoted my comment

  7. asis

    reading comment section yawns

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