10 thoughts on “Fucked more than once: Sir Peter and Allen King

  1. Why is Allen still after all these years continuing to make these “I’m in so much pain because this is the first time I’ve been fucked” faces. At this point, I’m surprised he can feel anything from the waist down.

    1. Haha, that’s funny. I noticed awhile ago that most “stars” today are making the “I am in so much pain” face every time they get fucked. We all know that their hole is more BLOWN OUT than the wooden shacks in Haiti after a Cat. 5 Hurricane.

  2. I love Allen and I will always love him. He is really sweet and he will acknowledge you on X and Instagram. Most other porn stars act like you are a zero.

  3. Sir Peter and Allan King are ok. Shoot good gay porn, both for studios and privately for OF, JFF or others.
    They shouldn’t sell themselves only to MEN/MG or other “queer organizations”. Firstly because I don’t subscribe to this crap and secondly because otherwise at some point they will have to or want to fuck with pussies.

    1. Sir Peter has already done it, and I’m pretty sure he’s already promised to fuck women too. The march to destroy gay porn continues on.

      1. I don’t care if he promised anything. He hasn’t done it yet. And even if he did in the future, I wouldn’t care. He has filmed so many gay scenes for various gay studios. He’s a good hot guy who doesn’t talk shit or disrespect gays like other cast members. If he decides to shoot with women then I’ll only see old footage of him. It’s that simple. I know that’s definitely not a satisfactory answer for you because you expected me to be terribly upset or freaked out by what you wrote, but I have to disappoint you. I knew all of this beforehand. Bye

  4. I had the misfortune of seeing a still from a recent Allen King video. It may have been one of these, but he was blasted and I mean BLASTED open. His guts were basically hanging out of what looked like a swollen and infected Muppet’s mouth.

  5. Fine, you might be in pain with a cock like Sir Peter’s buried up your ass, but seriously, the same facial expression when the tip is barely in your mouth? And honestly, a blowjob pic should never have as much teeth as Allen King routinely shows…

  6. Allen King has filmed with Sir Peter several times. A sign that Allen’s anus is very sensitive to Sir Peter’s thick penis. I think Allen has a pretty intense anal attraction to Sir Peter.

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