Tweet: Sean Weiss “Hey guys! Was fun whilst it lasted, but I think my porn fantasy journey has come to its end.”


  1. Greg

    I see Dolph Dietrich transformation into a Senior level GigaChad is moving forward.. nothing like seeing a gay man in his 50s trying to look like a gay man in his 20s, when in fact he ends up looking like a cum dump Ken doll with anger issues in the end.


    • Magnus

      Washington… we get it. You’ve made your point. Is there a reason you won’t just shut the fuck up? I doesn’t make you look mentally stable to be so fixated on this.

  2. PeterPaulandLarry.

    Hopefully in the end he gets a tramp stamp saying Tupperware for all the synthetic fillers and such he has had put in him by his equally deranged partner Jack.

    Btw does anyone else find it strange that he keeps going through rescue dogs like facial tissues?

    • JR

      Both Dolf and Jack are whack jobs. Between their drug induced fights and accusations, rehab, Jack begging for money for hearing aids (allegedly going deaf), plastic surgery. It’s all just lunacy.

      • Bsg67

        But cosmetic surgery has worked out so well for many just ask Madonna

  3. JB

    Thanks Denz.

    Once again an interesting selection of train wrecks. The future of gay porn as an industry is certainly looking like it’s on its last legs.

    • NovaStar

      I couldn’t have said it any better. You can feel the doom & gloom in these tweets. This sucks.

    • logogay

      The last train in gay porn has long since left the scene and the mood of doom has been this way for years. Spiral ever downwards. No matter whether studios, private accounts, the audience of gay porn or actors who shoot gay porn. Since the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda took control of all this, things have gotten worse and worse. We are at rock bottom. Only reports about women, vaginas, strange fantasy fetish porn that is not for gays, offensive comedy scenes that aim to discriminate against gays and insults on the Internet by actors or other users in blogs or tweets or podcasts. Wait. By the end of this year or next year, gay porn will be dead for good. Then we won’t have to deal with it anymore anyway. And to fight for recognition, respect and dignity.
      Thanks Denz…….

        • logogay

          I don’t cry. I’m just exposing you. With every comment you attach to me or other gays, you show what a fake snake or Judas you are or who you stand for. You still claim to be gay, but we now know what you are. Go away you queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid activist!

          • pornlover

            You’re not exposing anything except your own mental illness.

            I’m only an activist for watching porn that is enjoyable for you! I don’t watch porn with vaginas, but I also don’t have a problem with it either! I just keep moving to find something that does get me off 🙂

            • logogay

              I’m only an activist for watching porn that is enjoyable for you!

              So all PORN is not explicitly GAYPORN!

              That says it all.
              Like I said . Thank you for your revelations. Now we know what and who they are. And since you think I’m mentally ill anyway (even though I’m gay LOL) I won’t write to you anymore, since we now know why you’re hanging around here on this blog anyway. Lost time and attention for your Anti-Gay Advertising!


              • pornlover

                Being gay doesn’t preclude you from being mentally ill.

                You just happen to be both

                • IDK

                  That’s a nice projection coming from you there.

                  • logogay

                    From a queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid guy who celebrates everything that has to do nothing with gay and with things that have no place in gay porn. He is a disgusting person.

                    • pornlover

                      You’re just making shit up now. I haven’t celebrated “everything that has to do nothing with gay”

                      All i’ve said is you should concentrate on porn you DO like to watch instead of freaking out and spreading negativity and hate.

                      And I’m not bi or straight or pan or whatever the fuck lol

                      I’m a gay man that watches men have sex with other men.

        • Ray

          She can’t decide whether she wants to cry bitter tears or clutch her pearls harder. We should all chip in & get her a t-shirt that says “They’re trying to erase us!!” Jesus. Porn hysteria is not a good look.

      • Ray

        I will never understand gay men who complain about sexual categories and genders that aren’t binary. Who gives a fuck?! How are these people being who they are ruining gay porn for you? There is more gay porn now than there ever has been. You have a gazilliion cis gay male optuons. How does the fact that there’s a porn market for queer people who aren’t cis gay men fuck up your life? Quit being so fucking shattered, for christ’s sake! It’s porn!

  4. JR

    Hatler- hey if you are not making enough money with your porn gig, do what anyone else who doesn’t make enough money does. Get another job.
    Daddy Diesel- my god your posts are exhausting and rambling to read.
    Drew Dixon aka Stefan Bert Peat-Portage- what a short six years, countless dicks and fists in you, now pretending you are bisexual so you can justify being in a pretentious bi-film passing itself off as “art” (Sean Ford is in it too, and he thinks he is some art house savior of porn) and numerous wigs and hair systems. Congrats!

    • Ray

      Re Diesel. all this guy seems to do is complain about all the kinds of porn that isn’t specifically cis-male gay. I mean, talk about creating a problem that doesn’t exist. Only thing I can think of is if he’s losing work to all these.other types and resents it.

  5. NovaStar

    Adrian Hart – very hot & miss but what he said in that Tweet was spot on. He reminds me that a lot of the performers are better outside of porn than in porn.

    Pierce Paris – that’s someone who needs to go away already. Why is he still a thing? Yuck

    Max Konnor – the only thing that needs to change is that Max needs to start sucking dick in his movies. That’s needed like yesterday and the day before.

    Diesel Washington – I love him so much. He has the guts and the balls to speak the truth about all this Queerness that’s invading gay porn and how it’s destroying it before our eyes. I hope he doesn’t stop and i pray the nightmare that gay porn has become comes to an end soon.

    Tex – I hope he keeps on making a full mental recovery

    Dolf Dietrich – That dude is something weird to me and this adds on to the weirdness. There’s too much going on in this case for me.

    Rodrigo – Really? Mailing out cum? I……….I can’t

    Drew Dixon – 6 years and he’s actually gotten WORSE not better. The amount of head swapping in has films has gone down tremendously (no pun intended) and now he’s doing bi films. Terrible as fuck and it sucks to say that cause i liked him when he first started out.

    Nate Grimes – Homie is gonna be wearing Depends before he’s 50.

    Sean Weiss – Goodbye and good riddance. He was awful as a bottom and the one film i saw of him topping he was just as bad. One less bad performer in gay porn. Thank you Lord

    Strange but interesting Week In Review

  6. logogay

    Drew Dixon : he looks back on years of creating in gay porn and only tweets pictures of gay porn and talks about gay porn. What about your hypocritical pride in fucking vaginas when you first started? Since you reported it so proudly and radically lost affection and recognition in the gay scene and community, you have been rowing back and acting as if nothing had ever happened. You fake, sneaky bi-snake!

    Hatler: You were never someone big in gay porn. You probably haven’t even shot a handful of gay scenes for studios. Otherwise it’s all about pussy for you. Maybe that’s the problem that you earn so little money. Nobody in the gay community cares about you or knows you. Have you ever thought about it? Although thinking isn’t that important for people like you. LOL

    What’s with sending filled condoms? I know there are things like sending worn underwear or other things but sperm? What do people do with it? Filling yourself in vaginas or asses to get pregnant? To drink it or to throw it as a replacement for filled water condoms? LOL
    This is disgusting and disease-carrying.

    As for the rest: nothing new, as always. We notice the deep valley in gay porn that continues to expand. Sad. But fact.

    Thank you again Denz.

  7. Rockhard288

    Stent already for Baxx? Might want to lay off those roids and heavy heart destructive diets that bodybuilders love to load up on.

    • logogay

      I think he is very sick. Too many steroids or meds for bodybuilding and I don’t know what else he’s taking? Maybe psychotropic drugs or drugs, alcohol, or what ever? It’s sad to conjecture or speculate, but facts! We know what the porn business can do to you when you’re not stable and have trouble admitting your sexuality! It’s a shame because he’s a very attractive man.

    • Scott

      It’s unlikely that he had a cardiac stent placed and removed after a month. It’s more likely to be a ureteral stent for ureteral stones. Ureteral stents are temporary and are used to help passage of stones from the kidney to the bladder.

    • a b

      Cardiac stents don’t bleed and can’t be removed, he had something else

  8. Fathom

    I don’t know who Baxxx is, but he has a beautiful physique.

  9. Bsg67

    What a depresing week when I agree with pierce Paris on the reach of mainstream porn studios with regard to marketing and production and Rocky…. Agree trans men are men and some look amazing but they lack some equipment I call essential for enjoyment in my gay porn. Yep I’m shocked

  10. Soothsay

    Oh…for God’s sake. Diesel Washington…..just….stop, please. I am in no way denigrating his position on the shifts in gay porn, and frankly agree that there is this push to synthesize parts of trans porn into gay porn (which seems ridiculously odd, instead of just…making it as its own subgenre) which is disturbing.


    Diesel Washington has become a one-note Charley. This isn’t even “doubling down”. It’s become the entirety of his being. He now posts way more than he did, and this is ALL he posts about. It’s like he’s fixated on this. Once upon a time he talked about past hookups (a lot), or; tell stories about the past, or rail on how content creators were destabilizing what “porn” was. Not really any of that anymore; just nonstop vitriol on his take on the “queer agenda”.

    I know he’s had struggles in the past, and if this fixation is a sign of that, I hope he gets help. But I’m overcome with the irony of his past assailing of people like Jake Porter (who I agree, needed to be called out for his right wing bullshit nonsense) for nonstop dragging of things, and here he is…doing it.

    There are plenty of other issues in porn.

    • logogay

      But these QUEER/BI/STRAIGHT/PAN/FLUID AGENDA ACTIVISTS are exactly the biggest and worst problem in GAYPORN!
      And this has been happening continuously for years!
      It’s still called GAY everywhere. Studios, blogs, podcasts, magazines, people and and and! Nobody has changed their name or Title to QUEER yet! Then why talk like that?

      • Ray

        I’ve self-identified as queer for a while now. and I’m not in porn, but a lit of people consider themselves queer. How exactly is this shift affecting you? I don’t get it. Whenever I’m on one of those aggregate porn sites and I see a trans girl or fem boy thumbnail I just keep going past it til I find something I like. It’s not a big deal.

    • IDK

      When few people are touching on this specific issue, the need for a “one note Charley” is due.

  11. MOP User

    It’s very strange to see people continue to use the phrase “transmen are men” even when it doesn’t reflect in the rest of their opinions. It’s very reminiscent of some kind of religious mantra, like saying “God is good” after your house has been destroyed by a tornado.

    I think people need to consider what they’re saying and if they truly believe it. Do you really consider the completely pre-transition, day 1 transman to be a man? Do you really consider someone with female anatomy to be ‘manly’? Is their vagina a variation of manhood like different sizes and shapes of penises?

    No, virtually everyone’s concept of a ‘man’ is synonymous with ‘male’, and there is nothing wrong with this. Transmen are transmen: they may approximate men to varying degrees and some of them may be situationally treated like a man depending on their proximity to maleness, but they are not fundamentally the same thing like the phrase implies. I really don’t see the value of continuing to make such a conceptually nonsensical and absolute claim that is so clearly at odds with society’s understanding of the concept.

    • IDK

      It’s simple: they want clout and social capital.

      They do not really believe on what they spew and once this topic goes out of fashion or opinions about it flip, they’ll flip as well.

    • Ray

      This is bullshit. Men are not necessarily inherently manly or masculine. Trans men are men they’re just a different kind of men. There’s room for more than one type of man in this world.

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