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ICYMI: Brady Corbin and James Manziel

The latest update at Gay Hoopla is the scene of Brady Corbin and James Manziel – a scene first released in 2020 under the Secret Menu.

Brady Corbin, introduced in 2016 by Gay Hoopla, first appeared at Corbin Fisher in 2015 as Caden. In 2017, he had a two-part solo scene released by Club Amateur USA as Fisher.

James Manziel only had scenes released till 2020 at Gay Hoopla and their sister sites. He returned to X (Twitter) last year to promote his fan site.

18 thoughts on “ICYMI: Brady Corbin and James Manziel

  1. Who cares? For example, I don’t know these 3 studios because I’ve never subscribed to them. Gayhoopla was terribly amateurish and G4P filmed (when they were still filming) for me to care.
    I also didn’t like the homophobic mood that existed in the entire management or in actors and in everyone’s style, which was confirmed after actors and team members reported about it.
    They also had a team consisting of leading straight people who then founded the “pussy sites” and only took care of these two sites. That was all confirmed until this year. Then the poor customers (I really wonder who subscribed to something like that?) lost their fat and were simply left in the lurch. It’s a sad existence that this website still exists, but people can be funny when it comes to their consumer behavior. The only thing in the few years that I consuming gay porn was that they had some talent who had made the jump and worked for better gay porn studios.
    Jayden Marcos or Caleb Mills aka Danny Parker. They are/were really talented and bi and could at least get along well with men.
    Everyone else can be kicked into the trash (Collin Simpson is an example) because they never came back for g4p sex in front of the camera anyway and wouldn’t have been able to have right gaysex with a man anyway. So what the heck…

      1. Awww poor dumb as mud Colin at least his dramas were more interesting than desperate weekly drama king Cliff Jensen. Hey look at that its about time Colin does another poorly conceived comeback, bless.

      2. Steroids or other substances may also destroy the brains of consumers or people who believe in what he supposedly is, what he says and are like him. It is just a consideration not a fact or statement. Think about it? I feel sorry for all the sugar daddies or people who are now taking advantage of him and paying him because they want sex or love from him. I’ll wait until the whole drama starts again. That or the poor children he fathers who will never have a good life…

  2. They just now release it on their site from their secret menu? Lol that scene been easily accessible on streaming sites for years. Silly company.

    1. Sorry for thinking and saying it, but it’s also the silly consumers who keep these stupid sites alive because they subscribe and pay them too. I’m going to offend a lot of people again, but it’s a fact.

      1. It is a fact that different people have different tastes and different priorities. Why are you so judgmental about what others choose to watch? (And before you attack – I’m not a Gay Hoopla subscriber.)

        1. Like I said, I’m also going to offend people with my comment. But I would also like people to think about this “fact” that I wrote. Of course everyone can consume whatever they want, but it’s shocking and sad that a studio is being supported that doesn’t give a shit (and that’s really true) about the people who built it up financially, abandons them and also behaves homophobically. None of this is normal.
          And as for “judging” and “attacking”: What are you doing to me right now? Think about it.

          1. “And as for “judging” and “attacking”: What are you doing to me right now? Think about it.”

            They asked you a question. Now someone is attacking you for just replying to your comment with a different point of view?

            Think about it.

          2. “silly” and “stupid” are personal, judgmental terms, not “facts”. There is a difference between voicing your own opinion of sites and belittling people with different tastes/opinions.

  3. I’m glad I find all of these meatheads dull and boring. It makes it less bad considering most of these guys are mostly straight and uninterested. Then again, Dmitry Dickov is behind GH isn’t he? A bit of his apathy is infused with each performer that works for him. I do however have a question for all of the self-proclaimed gay men here that ooh and aah over this shit. Why do you enjoy watching “straight” men have sex for our viewership? I mean, take uber straighties like Johnny Sins or James Deen for example. If ever the day came that they made their big gay porn debut, I probably couldn’t be bothered to watch it. Too cringy. Not much different with the guys of Gay Hoopla.

    1. They had just recently announced this “Dmitry Dickov Guy” in a “big Comback” on their cunt page BGF (By the way, the owners now see BGF as a “replacement GH” because the men there now have sex with each other and no longer on GH) LOL. Then the scene came out and it was just a normal threesome in which the 2 guys (one of them was Dickov) were just making out with each other a little while they were mostly just “serving” the woman. We can read and see everything on other gay blogs. It was a total failure. But like I said, I don’t expect any more from people who give a damn not about gays. It’s just a confirmation again and again to see how embarrassing they are there.

      1. It is what it is. Dmitry was lackluster and boring even in his chaturbate days. Starting his own company did nothing to change his rigidity. He saw $$$’s and mustered up the courage to fake it as well as he did. It was never convincing though. At least not for me. Gay Hoopla was even more cringy and homophobic than NextDoor studios. If that’s even possible.

        1. And now people should tell me again that they would be intelligent if they were gay and pay for things like that because it’s worth watching. Just like it is already at the core of such people’s sentences: “DIFFERENT TASTES” for “DIFFERENT PRIORITIES”. Not for only GAYS! LOL

  4. I can just recall how much I like James Manziel and how he enjoys getting fucked back then. One of his scenes with Derek Jones was so authentic, so natural, that I feel like they let the sex happens spontaneously and James can’t help but let Derek fuck his ass just because it feels so good.

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