Just launched: Hung Fuckers

The latest channel added to the Bareback Plus network is Hung Fuckers.

We find the hottest big dick tops in the world and pair them with eager, horny bottoms that can take dick and a good deep breeding.

Hung Fuckers is the latest channel and vision of gay porn-star-turned-producer Jason Sparks.

The channels under Bareback Plus (not all are releasing new content).


  1. CreepWolf

    more nonsense and crap filmed 5+ years ago for other studios, from LeCreep Wolf

  2. logogay

    Tim Tales and Fucker Mate have been doing this for years. But they also have really well-hung men. And not always the same ones either. It is doubtful whether this website can achieve this. Where are they going to get the well-hung guys? From the straight industry?

  3. IDK

    Legit question: what isthe point of this?

    I can understand the creation or segmenting of sites into certain niches, like the ones focused on amateur or group sex content, but this? This sounds like “we will open another site to do more of what we already do on our other sites”.

  4. NovaStar

    This doesn’t sound appealing at all. It sounds like another site of the “same old same old”. I just wonder if both top & bottom will be sucking dick, considering it’s about “hung” guys. My hopes aren’t high at all with this one.

  5. sammy1023

    “Deep breeding” is usually code for “fake cumshots that you don’t see and we don’t have to prove.”

  6. Magnus

    Just more “channels” of low-quality, forgettable videos that are indistinguishable from one another.

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