For the third time: Clayton Foster and LeGrand Wolf

Clayton Foster of Boy For Sale and Masonic Boys won as your favorite model of 2022.

Clayton has an upcoming scene (filmed last year?) at Boy For Sale, his third time as the bottom with the site owner.


  1. Bruiser

    Are they an off screen couple?

  2. Brad

    Lucky LeGrand, very lucky. Nobody would say no to fucking Clayton Foster.

  3. Pavel Ford

    Damn. I wish this guy would go work with other cute guys elsewhere…

  4. Yesh

    Those two are gays yet looks like those “straight” jocks at CF… why cant gay porn be made only with gay men.

    • asis

      this comment is ridiculous. now youre complaining someone “looks straight”

  5. Alex

    I’mma say this again, Legrand is a creep. Mofo is giving sex addicted vibes.

    • Cal Q. Later

      Whatever gave you that idea? He’s fucked plenty of men his ag… oh, I see.

  6. JB

    I’m just thrilled that the big dicked LeGrand is finally filming with grown men! 99% of his work so far have been with tiny twinks on creepy sites like “Half Size Boys” and such. I know they are all over 18 but the 14-ish vibe that they try to give off is so molest-y and nauseating.

  7. sammy1023

    Will LeGrand shoot another fake cumshot to add to his many others? Unfortunate that it appears that Clayton Foster is “hooked” with this guy and site, he could go anywhere else and look glorious getting railed by a number of different big dicked guys. Can you imagine him taking cock at Tim Tales or over at Fuckermate???

    • Mark B

      Legrand’s sites sign lots of exclusives… covering almost all of their models. I have always wondered why models would limit themselves that way. I guess he must pay well, or something.


    Clayton Foster would do well at Sean Cody with all the other college jock types

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