Tweet: Jason Vario “If someone ever tells you “you’re too much,” kindly hand them a mirror and tell them to look for less.”


  1. Meh

    Reese it’s time after 16 YEARS to move your gay-for-pay saggy ass and find a real job… and no I don’t believe you are straight… straight guy would blew out his brain after so much gay sex.

    Landon you looked so great in 2011… you made Rod Daily cum to powerfully with that great dick.

    David Skylar delusional as always…
    Malik Delgaty is still a thing after almost 3 years… Its sad- MEN could at least hire some bi hunk not asexual one

  2. McM.

    Lionel Lilac – Reads like you found your airpods in some random guy’s pocket in the darkroom. lol. Thanks for the laugh today. 🙂

    Diesel Washington – Str8 men would firebomb the headquarters of any company that put trans individuals in their porn. They have ZERO tolerance for anything non-heteronormative and it’s simply not challenged.

    Roxas Caelum – Wondering how someone would get unbanned in that situation. Maybe send an image of yourself holding a dated sign with “fuck you grindr for banning me” on it for verification?

    • Sauron

      Actually Xander Corvus was fucking MTF at Brazzers and Dante Colle (Yes that ugly one) was sucking off also some MTF at Brazzers.
      In the comment section straight white men were whining that LGBT agenda is everywhere and that we are living in End Days (Bible BS) etc.

      • Touch Grass

        One scene out of how many? Don’t fucking try it, idiot. Gay men are expected to put up with way more. There’s no respect for the gay audience at all.

      • McM.

        Knew of the first, but not the second. Wouldn’t have expected the second considering the huge backlash MG received because of the Daisy Taylor & Zander Corvus scene.

      • IDK

        This just proves the point of OP: straight men simply don’t tolerate this shite.

        No amount of guilt tripping is going to change this fact.

  3. Alex W

    David Skylar is just trolling at this point. Nobody’s that separated from reality. Not even him. Nice try David, but you’re not getting under my skin anymore. I’ve figured you out.

    I still think there should be a gay porn parody of “The Terminator”. Malik reeks of emotionless machinery and he’d be perfect for it. Not that I need to give these people any ideas. The Viking comedy ahem, I mean porn parody he did awhile back was bad enough.

    I agree with what an earlier poster said. Reese Rideout is NOT straight. I don’t know what kind of idiots he takes us for, but he’s not very convincing. Not even when he goes on a certain straight porn star’s cooking channel and dogs us out and pathetically attempts to prove his alleged heterosexuality to a real heterosexual. Smh

  4. logogay

    A week without homophobic posts or arias from so-called “gay” porn stars! Only narcissistic posts from people who overrate themselves and think they are “kings” of porn (David, Malik, Reese, Rocky). LOL It’s limited. Is that also possible? Thank you Denz for your reporting from the world of gay porn.

  5. tig68

    David Skylar is very delusional and he may have a worked out body but that is on the outside and what is on the inside is really fucked up and he’s really mentally messed up. He was probably dropped on his head when he was a baby one too many times. Someone out there really needs to put him in his place. He probably doesn’t have a psychiatrist anymore because they have all put restraining orders against him and will not allow him within 100 feet of them.

    Reese Rideout you say your straight and that your “wife” allows you to do what you do as long as it is not with women, but you really need to admit to yourself that you are not the “hetero” you say you are. People are catching on to you and your idea of being a “hetero” it’s all a folly.

    • Reg

      He’s just started performing with FTM…so I wonder how his wife feels about that.

      • KillTheKarma

        But didn’t Reese performed some bi threesomes with SC’s Blake wife?
        I mean Blake is openly bisexual and I am sure he would also love to be fucked but isn’t Becky mad?

        • Reg

          Well, after 20 years of your husband doing gay porn, I suppose she’s just resigned to the fact.

          And maybe she thought she’d got a reprieve when he retired, but then he came back and not just gay porn anymore, but bareback gay porn.

        • C.A.

          Reese hasndone plenty of str8 orn and has a str8 OF.

  6. Ted

    Austin is really wildin’ on that statement! BaboomTiss!

    Anyway, I have no idea what Jason Vario is talking about, but with no context it does sound “too much” lol

  7. Bsg67

    Well that’s upsetting most of this week’s tweets are relatively sane, how disappointing I expect more from the adult industry get it together.

  8. asis

    I understand the sexuality police care if reese ride out is _______. but hes ok to me still handsome at his age

    • IDK

      The supposed “sexuality police” you speak of sure does life rent free on your head, so much so, that you can’t refrain from citing them on every single one of your comments!

      How curious!

      • logogay

        He and the other “queer commentators” feel attacked in their sexuality and discriminated against because they can’t just be “GAY”. lol

        • asis

          I dont care whos gay. these guys live rent free in your head. I guess.. is that the saying?

    • Fathom

      Ordinarily, I try not to comment on something a model can’t help, like their looks or the size of their cock (their performance, attitude, etc seems is fair game), but because Reese Rideout is so obnoxious in declaring his straightness, I’m make an exception: I have never thought he’s handsome; he’s rabbity-looking to me.

  9. KillTheKarma

    David Skylar claims he is bi polar but why cant he be at least bisexual?

  10. Sauron

    For me personally Reese Rideout scene with Ashton Summers disprove his heterosexuality- he is rock hard without the use of trimix and he cums after right after pulling out.
    I think Rideout who dreamed about actual acting career (porn is not acting) deluded himself into thinking that because he fucks guys so passionately but also because he believes he is straight he concluded that he must be excellent actor…

    • Cherrystick

      The sad thing is that the term that you’ve summarized here is BISEXUAL and this guy can’t seem to get those words out of his mouth despite having vaginas and dicks inside of them for 20 damn long years. So strange.

  11. NovaStar

    I thought i read that Reese was getting a divorce or in the process of getting one. If that’s true, then good for his wife cause i don’t understand being married and letting your spouse do all of that no matter the gender. And Reese is lame, he needs to go somewhere. And he can take David Skylar & Malik Delgaty with him.

  12. TimBo

    Reese Rideout interests me claiming he is gay for pay. If that is the case why did he do so many collaborations with out & openly gay guys. Not only that in a few he is bottoming and very hard, he really seemed to be into it.

    Personally I think he is deluding himself about not being into gay sex, I have been with a few bi guys and he certainly carries on like he is bi, just wont admit to it. Kind of sad when you cannot accept your true nature.

    • Beyonce

      Exacly- I know several bi guys far hotter and more manly than him ( which is not hard) who at least admit despite being pussyhounders they enjoy sex with guys too.

      And that i diot insist after… wait 16-17 years of fucking guys non-stop that he is straight.

  13. JR

    Hey Reese- time to get a real job now. Or are you still on the “sex work is real work” thing. Clue: it’s not

    Landon Conrad is looking like a science experiment gone wrong. Eyes that look Asian, lips that are filled with cement and a face that looks so bloated. You make Marc MacNamara look natural.

    David Skylar is still talking?

    Jason Vario, are you talking about “too much”Human Growth Hormone and steroids? Or are you trying to say “my body is from diet and exercise”. Girl, please.

  14. Andy

    Reese Rideout I know he is married to a woman but has made conflicting statements. He said in interviews that any man doing gay porn has some sexual attraction to other men. People say these guys do use stuff to keep hard. But they are getting their dick sucked by other men for hours. They are having sex with other men for hours. The guys who work in gay porn for years are getting something out of it beyond money. The money in gay porn isn’t good anymore. You are lucky to get $1000 a scene usually it is less than that.

  15. Andy

    Jason Vario is on steroids and he looks ridiculous. In the long run his health will be affected from steroid use. His body looks weird.

  16. Fathom

    I believe Rocky Vallarta is Canadian, so he’s technically not a MAGAt, but he may as well be. I can’t imagine who might be missing this idiotic A-hole.

  17. Cherrystick

    Am I the only one not excited about the return of Landon Conrad? It reminds me of the Andrew Stark return. There’s nothing thrilling to me.

    Rocky Vallarta is as appealing as water boiled chicken with no seasonings and flavor. Speaking of appeal, Malik still does absolutely nothing for me as well. He’s a handsome man but he just seems basic in his performances.

    The biggest dumbass for me in this round up is Reese Ride”need to get the fuck”out in two words…. Let’s sum him up in two words.


    He has notoriously done things to try to garner attention. From his failed acting career to his porn career. His Bill Cunningham fiasco of alienating his wife on national television and then rubbing salt in the wound by having that POS VH1 reality show. He didn’t give a flying fuck about how she felt and that woman sat on that sofa and looked as if she was going to have a mental breakdown.

    He then shot str8 porn for a scene despite saying he wouldn’t out of respect for her. He then left the industry, came back and now has tried his best to do anything to stay relevant. He started trans porn and despite fucking every single category out there, he goes on that shitty cooking show and cries out heterosexuality to the max. Man sit your retirement qualifying, attention seeking, bi denial ass down somewhere. These type of guys are so full of themselves. Ugh.

    • C.A.

      What about going live after his brother killed himself. I mean right after. That’s another level of craving attention.

      • Cherrystick

        Goodness I forgot all about that. He’s so damn narcissistic and cringy.

  18. tig68

    Reese Rideout did a straight video “Call to Booty” where he was with 5 women one at a time. This was done back in 2009

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