1. spinner_189

    So sad that studios have so little to actually offer that they literally reuse like this. Imagine thinking your customers are this brainless.
    I expect nothing less from MG and MEN though because there’s no bottom they won’t stoop to.

    • IDK

      What to expect from the gay porn studio equivalent of a cheap fast food chain?

      But then again: there are many cheap fast food chains that offer a way better product than MG and MEN, so the comparison is a little offensive to be honest.

  2. NovaStar

    The amount of lameness is on overload right here. It’s quite pitiful.

  3. logogay

    Interesting that the “biggest” and “best” “gay” porn studio currently available on the net (LOL) outperforms itself in terms of unimaginativeness and stupidity.
    But what else did people expect from these homophobes.

  4. mic

    Straight men I would guess, producing product they think gay men would like. This includes those odious scenes, of women walking in on gay men having sex, and being faked shocked and outraged.

  5. Alex

    The budget difference is jumping out here. MEN really is lacking everything these days, creativity, models, and now even the production money, like holy shit they’re so ghetto lmao.

  6. Andy

    I don’t want to see MTF in gay porn that’s just a man wearing a wig. He has a dick that isn’t a woman. It just looks silly and weird. It is obvious men.com don’t care about gay male audience. They want to expand their audience.

  7. Magnus

    I suppose if you have a motorhome at your disposal, then make the most of it and crank-out as many halfassed content you can. But all the trans shit can fuck right off.

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