With a trans man: Johnny Donovan

In the past, Men has labelled a scene if it’s from Why Not Bi (WNB) or Trans Angels.

Not anymore.

All scenes are now labelled as Men, including the upcoming scene of Johnny Donovan with Nicky Zeal.

If you love or hate their content, let them know in their latest survey for non-members.


  1. IDK

    Why I’m not surprised?

    Now MG is not only selling FtMs scenes as gay porn, but also bi and MtF content as well.

    At this poimt, their next step is to tag straight content as gay porn.

    Just you all wait.

    • NovaStar

      MEN is about to stop making Gay Porn & start making Queer Porn. They’re gonna be the leader of this new genre and this is gonna be the beginning of the official end of gay porn as we know it.

      • IDK

        I think is kind of counterintuitive to market “queer porn” on site known as MEN, but it’s not like this was their first stupid move on the matter or anything.

  2. Jktooo

    I posted before and I stand by my previous statement: ur not fucking a man, ur fucking a women who is pretending to be a man. Theres not a penis theres a vagina. U like to fuck any hole i get it but dont force the rest of us to believe ur fucking a man. Its so fkn stupid. Same w a man pretending to be a woman. Its not a woman, its a man w a penis pretending ro be a woman. I have nothing against this….I DO HAVE a problem w the pushers of this trans ideology trying to force us to believe what we know NOT TO BE. TRUE!

  3. Rockhard288

    Johnny Donovan (Deacon) also admitted to being bi. And even gave warning that he was going to be on camera messing with trans people and women. That being said majority of his fans don’t want to see that.

    The only win in this whole thing is that he is in a relationship for years and is happily married to a homosexual male

    • Rockhard288

      Mean to say always admitted to being bisexual since the beginning

    • KillTheKarma

      I thought he identified as gay since his Sean Cody days.

  4. logogay

    What else is there to say about that? As everyone knows what kind of organization MEN/MG are and what they stand for. Not for GAY!
    That’s why I don’t pay them and don’t see any content from them. I don’t care about that either. As for Johnny, I don’t care what he calls himself, nor do I care about him, even though he was a much better performer on SC than he was on MEN. And the fact that he is supposedly privately married to a man doesn’t make him any more interesting to me or anything else. Next…….

    • logogay

      The fact that MEN/MG ignore the wishes and needs of their gay customers and now throw everything into one pot and continue to call themselves GAY adult content is hard to beat in terms of narcissism and indifference. And starting a survey on your own site that is supposedly about liking or disliking a piece of content shows that you have lost a lot of reputation. Such surveys are manipulated and are wrong anyway in order to justify the content and so on. This just shows that MEN/MG continue to ignore their customers and just do their “thing”. But they have already lost enough reputation and customers.

    • IDK

      They want to virtue signal for the queer crowd with minimal risk, that’s exacly what’s going on here.

      Unfortunately, many gay men are conditioned to accept this shite quietly, which is due to years and years of mind poisioning with historical revisionism (“trans people gave your rights to you”) which is the main pillar which sustains bogus accusations of systemic privilege (followed by guilt) which must be atoned for.

      He straights, on the other hand, want nothing to do with this.

      Case in point: if you want a laugh, go to any of the few MtF videos posted on Brazzers and see how subscribers react. I swear, it’s priceless!

  5. NovaStar

    This right here is why MEN needs to go the way of the Dinosaurs. Gay porn is fading right before our eyes and it’s turning into Queer Porn and it’s insulting. Many people here will say that if you don’t like a scene, just don’t look at it but it shouldn’t be on a site like MEN or any other gay porn site in the first place. Trans porn is its own genre, it should be there, I don’t understand why that’s a hard concept to grasp. This wouldn’t fly in straight porn with trans women so why is this happening with gay porn? It’s not right one bit.

    • logogay

      The only reason they ignore it is because they want to continue their “agenda”. I mean, MEN’s entire customer base is definitely over 50% non-gay customer. But they don’t want to give up or change the title GAY. It would be ok for me if they called themselves a “queer studio” and owned up to it. But as long as they continue to claim to be the best adult gay studio on the internet, while they continue to publish offensive anti -gay comedy scenes, scenes with women and vaginas, I won’t accept it. No gay accepts it.

      • pornlover

        “I won’t accept it. No gay accepts it.”

        This right here is mental illness. Inflated sense of self, narcissism, personality disorder etc. You think you’re the spokesperson for gay men. You’re not.

        • IDK

          Again you projecting your own idiocy on others.

          How riveting!

          • logogay

            It just proves his own mental illness again.

            • pornlover

              I’m not obsessed with some purity test for gay men like you are.

              YOU are the one obsessed with vagina and trans people. Grow the fuck up.

              • IDK

                It’s pretty easy to become “obsessed” with both of those things when they are being plastered all around gay porn all the time these days.

                Well, “these days” is kind of an euphemism: MEN.com has been doing this for over a decade by now, with things ranging from unnecessary women cameos to actual straight sex on their scenes.

                I don’t think there’s any problem with not approving this visible shift and overglorification of straight sex in a product that is targeted towards gay men.

                Quit projecting.

                Of all people here, your’re the one who needs to grow up the most.

                All discussions you insert yourself into is to derail, not to add anything of value with your incessant white knighting and passive agressive comments.

                Do you want me to buy you a mirror? Because you sure need one.

    • Touch Grass

      Straight porn will be the only thing survives the ‘Queer Movement’.

      Gay and Lesbians will be the casualties of this movement.

  6. spinner_189

    I’ve been saying it for years.
    All the people who say:
    “it’s only a few videos” or “it’s only a few studios” will effortlessly switch to
    “people like the videos that why there’s more of them” to
    “it’s just the what people are into so get over it”
    as this keeps going.

    The truth is the “it’s only a few videos” thing is a misleading statement. What they really mean is they don’t care and never intend to care no matter if it’s 10% of the videos or 90% of the videos. Some of them are actively hoping it becomes 90% of the videos and this is just the start.

    • logogay

      That’s exactly how it is and that’s what lies behind it. Let’s wait until 2024.

    • IDK

      It’s the old boiling frog theorem: “it’s just a few of them” until studio’s start to push this garbage in masse ongay sites after years and years of manufactured consent.

      First was the introusion of bi content on gay sites, which opened the way for FtM scenes, which are now giving way to MtG content.

      And the worst of all is that this shite isn’t even tagged properly anymore, so there’s no escape from it: you’re going to see it and you’re going to like it.

      You bigot!

  7. Touch Grass

    Get deranged straight women out of gay porn.

  8. Touch Grass

    I predict that in 10 years scenes with completely untransitioned females, no surgery or hormones, will be presented to us as ‘gay porn’ because the female in question uses ‘he/his’ pronouns on her social media page.

    Certain performers have already started doing this on their social pages. The only requirement will be a pixie cut and ‘he/his’ pronouns in the bio.

    Screw everyone who let this happen.

    • IDK

      You’re way too optimistic: this is already a thing on OF.

      There are female “enby” creators who sell the exact same old straight content they have filmed for years as “m/m”.

      Yeah, the stupid has reached this level.

  9. Jess

    I love ftm porn but this model is gross so i give a thumb down

  10. Magnus

    This kind of bullshit is the reason that I came out in my late 20s. I hesitated for so long because I couldn’t relate to what I saw. The trans topic is taking up too much airtime right now, and it makes our community look like a bunch of mentally unstable clowns. For those who are intersex, I’m in full solidarity. For everything jumping on the bandwagon, I want nothing to do with it. For me, it stops with LGB.

  11. Alex W

    When MEN.com loses their gay viewership, maybe then they’ll figure it out. I am 100% out. I have no use for this setup and I clearly see what they’re doing. It started out subtle and stealthy, but if you can’t see what’s happening at this juncture, there’s really no hope for you.

  12. Cherrystick

    Mmmhmm but you’ll never see a scene in Brazzers where Johnny Sins is in the midst of butt fucking a guy and then switches out to fuck the female co-star. You’ll never see a scene where gay sex or trans sex takes up a majority of the roster. No way in hell. They respect their str8 subscribers and their sexuality and wishes.

    Unlike us! We can’t go to a tube site or a gay porn site without having to see a vagina squirting or getting plowed right above an advertisement or a banner. Or even more actual vaginas in the scene. It’s enough at this point and these stupid ass models/performers and OF lab rats need to stop telling us that we’re wrong for feeling that way. Just because you get to finally be free a fuck some poon on cam like you’ve always wanted, it doesn’t mean that us gays aka homosexuals have to sit there, shut up and beat off.

    Any one of these men like Johnny can take several fucking seats and their female scene counterparts can kick rocks with that shit. Justify the same actions to the str8 men and women and then your arguments can be valid. Tell them they’re close minded and that they’re fetishes to specific genitals. You’ll get shut down faster than you think.

  13. NovaStar

    I’m so glad to so many of us gay men can see through the smoke & mirrors that gay porn sites like MEN are trying to give us. They’re think we’re all stupid & gonna fall for the okie doke because there are naked bodies involved but we all don’t roll like that. We simply want to see men having sex with MEN. PERIOD. We want to see dick swinging, getting sucked and using them to fuck and for them to go into a man’s ass, not a pussy. I’m tired of these porn sites playing Inclusion Games with all of us regarding porn and then setting it up so that there is a “bad guy” if someone says “I don’t want to see this”. The “allies” of this Queer shit are just as annoying, frustrating & annoying because they will work harder to force this agenda on us than to fight for their fellow gay man. They got us all fucked up but what we need to do is not support them. Money talks and we need to tell them that you ain’t getting none of my coins with this queer inclusive shit. We want to see men suck each others dicks and fuck each other in the ass and that ONLY. If others want to see more, then take their happy asses to trans sites or queer sites and see all of that stuff there. Don’t put that mess here and don’t support those who keep putting it there either. It’s time to fight the bullshit y’all.

  14. EJ

    In non-porn situations you would recognize a FTM as a guy so you should do the same in porn. These “guys” would be highly insulted if you would consider them as female in the real world.

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