Misc: Bi Latin Men, Kian O’Connor, and the F word

Bi Latin Men was hacked. Members can’t still log in to the site.

Kian O’Connor is not yet done with Belami Online, but he is more focused on his fan site “Even though Kian has started his own creator’s path, we are still in close touch with him in case some of the new boys want to be challenged by his rock-hard tool.

Beefcake Hunter released last October via Sunday Funday a compilation of scenes of guys who called the owner of the site the F word “… I personally don’t see anything wrong with using the F word if it is in the heat of the intimacy, which does not intend to be derogatory but suits a dominant-sub encounter fantasy well…

46 thoughts on “Misc: Bi Latin Men, Kian O’Connor, and the F word

  1. Please stop trying to make the word FAG controversial….πŸ˜’

    Jonny McGovern already took the word back from the straights in the early 2000’s and then gave us the term “FAGGITY”….

    That man’s a queer national Treasure 🌈

    1. I like Johnny but he’s also an entertainer and he’s intentional about things like that. This isn’t that at all. That wasn’t degrading and this literally is.

    2. Riiiight. And that’s why rednecks wearing red hats yell FAG… out of reverence, because McGovern took it back. Just like they yell the N-word… out of reverence, because rappers took it back. Seriously, fuck right off.

    3. A lot of dumbass faggola’s on a gay porn blog. The worshipping of these self proclaimed whores is troubling. I’ve met several and some were nice and some thought they were the biggest thing since pineapple on pizza…with ham and jalapeno’s – YUM!
      I had the unfortunate advantage several times, in my 20’s, to have had sex with some of them – for free!….guess what? Porn is NOT REAL. They all pretty much sucked because someone wasn’t there to tell them where to place their arm, or leg, or asshole….

      1. “I had sex with some of them for free”

        Yeah, and I’m Hannah Montana.

        If I got a nickel for every randy who shows up here and says this, I would be rich by now.

      2. “The f-word is not supposed to offend people”

        proceeds to use said word to offend people

        What a nice way to undermine your own point. Yeah, right.

        1. Then OPs entire post is pointless, as are your contributions to this topic.

          Funny how these “as a x person” posts always serve as a defense of bullshit. Without fail. Every time.

          I don’t think you know this, but the entire point of these kinds of posts is to project a certain opinion or political stance to a specific demographic, nothing more.

          If this is just OPs opinion, then there’s no need to use the “as a x person” bullshit.

    1. I’m not OK with a straight man using it to demean/degrade a gay man. That is quite literally what this is. That is homophobia and it’s not OK.

  2. Trivializing the F… word and using or abuse it to describe gays or gay porn is specious and homophobic! Cut. No discussion!
    Are women in straight porn also insulted and described as whores or bitches? I do not think so.
    But as I’ve said for a long time, internalized homophobia has long been a part of gay porn and nothing is done about it and even trivialized. Whether among actors and directors, studios, employees and owners of studios or people on the internet in blogs or podcasts from gay porn sites. I mean MEN/MG or CF continue to strictly publish their pussy scenes every month even though the gay customers don’t want it and they claim to make over 90% only gay content and to be able to call themselves Gayporn Studio. This is also internalized homophobia. And if the studios or people claim they’re only doing this because of their bi clients, then that’s a flimsy, flimsy excuse. Because there are extra bi pages for that or you can publish the things externally on extra sites and could thereby create more bi content, but of course they don’t want to do that because then they won’t be able to show or enforce their internalized homophobia. Instead, you can even subscribe to CF cheaper if you buy all the scenes (including pussy) and sell the pure use of gay porn and solos to gays at a higher price precisely so that they are forced to watch these scenes. And then they claim bi customers want to see everything.
    Exactly the same with MEN/MG. They used to separate it, the site didn’t work and now they force their gay customers to subscribe to their “Gayporn” site every month and say succinctly: Then don’t look at it! It couldn’t be more homophobic.
    This coercion and this insult and disregard for gay customers should finally stop. In every gay porn studio! The year is 2024. There are fights over women’s rights, trans rights and queerness in gay porn, but when it comes to the mother GAY, people are still consciously discriminated against.
    I’m waiting for all the other trivializing and homophobic comments here.
    Then we see the truth….in 3, 2, 1……go

    1. I love how even in the brave, stunning and sexual fluid queer circles that exist today actual homosexuality is still portrayed as inferior to heterosexuality.

      In this very blog alone we have several instances of this, and even then, some seem to be completely blind to it.

      Self-id gay pornstars love to enunciate how much straight sex they do have all the time, with pride, detail and no hesitation. They even go all in on their first shoot with no reservations at all.

      In contrast, self-id straight and even bi men do the exact opposite and reiterate time and time again how disgusted they are by even being near another men, with many of them taking forever to do the basic expected of anyone willing to do gay porn.

      Do I even need to touch on the gay-baiters? No…? Good!

      Why the double standard in a industry supposedly geared towards gay men? An interesting question indeed.

      And the worst thing of all is that all of these fools have the nerve to engage in pride grifting when the time comes. How ironic.

    2. The King of all gay laws has spoken!! Pay no attention to the faggot behind the curtain. Pffft. My friends and I call each other faggot all the time and no one ever gets upset. Simma down now, Simma down.
      From Stanford University – A homophobic Slur used by non homosexuals is derogatory, again, Like the “N” word. But Homosexuals can use that word as a fight back to all those in the past who used it as a hate word. You believe what you want. That’s YOUR opinion. Not everyone’s. – Here’s some info for you. https://web.stanford.edu/~zwicky/the-other-f-word.pdf

      1. Except there’s a huge difference between said word being used in the context of interpersonal relationships between gay men (specifically gay men who are close friends with each other), and it being uttered by a straight men in reference of a gay men.

        The article you cited points this out itself.

        I hope this isn’t the classic case of a person citing something before reading it first, but I’m going to be charitable here.

        In the context of this post, the word was used in a derogatory manner. The guy wanted to be humiliated by a straight guy and the use of the slur was part of said humiliation. It was meant to be derrogatory.

        There’s no way around it.

        If this was purely an intimate thing I would not care, but this is a public porn video, so this excuse goes out the window.

        The ones who are upset by this have all the right to feel that way, and rightfully so. This is the fetishization of homophobia, plain and simple. This is coming from an industry in which several of its members have shown disgust for their gay male audience multiple times, without many regard for the fact they have gay sex almost every week.

        This is wild.

        1. It is what it is. Even the largest universities on the world couldn’t sugarcoat this insult. Just like other words cannot be said beautifully or purely.
          This guy who write here, is extremely homophobic and inhumane. That’s why I’m not answering anymore. I no longer get involved with people who have no place in this blog anymore.
          Nobody needs people like that in society. Instead of engaging with him, I would ignore him.
          No matter how often he contemptuously provokes.
          If the owner of this blog doesn’t do anything about it, there’s nothing also we can do.
          Except pointing it out or ignoring it!

          1. Shhhh… Come here. I’ve already been in contact with Dez.
            This is a blog, not a website.
            For all your love of your over opinionated self you’d think you were smart. πŸ«πŸ’©πŸ‘€

          2. “I’ve already been in contact with Dez”(Denz / LOL).
            If that is “really” the case then it is as I said.
            Homophobia prevails in all positions and classes and is trivialized and downplayed.
            No matter whether it is a blog or a website.
            The future will show how homophobic here continues…

      2. That you and your friends use the term doesn’t support your point. Language means something. You use certain terms for a reason, and you use the word FAG because it’s punchy. Just like the N word is thrown around by friends. Any way you look at it, these terms are trashy. And if you use them, you are slightly less evolved than someone who might find other ways of bonding.

  3. Fag? It ‘s like with the n-word. Don’t say this to anyone unless you are one yourself, otherwise it will be an insult.

    1. Logogay believes a gay person using the word faggot is derogatory. My friends and I use it as a joke. Now if we were str8 and used that word that’s completely different. He/She/It doesn’t see it that way. But, hey, that’s their issue. (I really did try to use the right fuckin’ pronouns) haha.

  4. In the context of sexual role-play, where one person expects and even demands to be abused, use of the F word is hardly controversial. Those who rush to judgment may call that internalized homophobia, but in getting your rocks off almost anything is fair game. Of course outside that context, it’s unlikely to be acceptable. I’m reminded of the time a sweet young man demanded I beat him with a leather belt as soon as we got to the bedroom. Now that’s not normally my thing, but under the circumstances he got a damn good thrashing.

    1. This isn’t a case of personal sexual role-play though, so if we judge this situation by your lens, it would still be problematic.

      What this is is is porn scene, a public porn scene, in which the use of a homophobic slur is made with the intent of degrading the subject targeted by it – a gay men. This isn’t a matter of personal intimacy anymore.

      This is literal homophobia being fetishized, there’s no way around it.

      1. We’ve gotten so used to—and I am the further thing from biphobic. Truly. I’m all about bi people having representation but it should be something specific to them. Instead we have scene after scene after scene with even gay men presented as straight, dating/fucking a woman, sometimes with the G4P/bi guys literally fucking women, and then the gay man homewrecking and hooking up with the straight married man.

        It’s so horrific. Homophobia is fetishized, heterosexuality is treated as king and fetishized. It is sickening stuff and it isn’t acceptable. And the reason it continues to happen is because a) not enough talent are willing to call it out and b) a huge part of the audience are self-loathing. It is a deep, deep problem, and to enable it the way some on here do is really sending the message of how little some seem to value the gay community/gayness in general.

        1. This problem will never solve or go away in gay porn. As a gay man, it would be best to stop consuming gay porn. All this inhumane petty talk and behavior is getting on my nerves. You can see again how certain people here are downplaying and glossing over things. I have never used or heard this derogatory word in my gay environment or general environment, whether from gays or other people. Even the gay porn I watch doesn’t use that word. I don’t know what kind of environment or world such people live in who trivialize something like that, talk about it or even laugh about it. And now these are all gay porn customers.
          Or sit behind the scenes as an owner, director or employee of this Gayporn Studios! Now you know why gay porn is so full of homophobic content with women, cunt scenes or homophobic gay stories staged as a comedy. It’s a homophobic internal vicious circle. And then there’s this whole queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda! Yes, it’s easier these days to be gay in 2023/24 than it used to be and just enjoy porn….LOL

          1. And I quote “All this inhumane petty talk and behavior is getting on my nerves.” – To use the cliche (Since you made the comment that I was going to come on here and use the “I’m Gay etc cliche’s) Stop reading this blog and stop writing novellas and calling strangers Homophobic, and Racist, etc…that will solve your nerves getting whatever they are getting…(What’s the name for spending all day on comment sections writing your opinions as facts??) It’s as easy as clicking that X at the top right of your screen.

  5. I am a gay man and I study about gayness and the psychological effects of the abuse suffered by the gay population. If a person uses the N-word, everything becomes an uproar and the person is canceled and singled out as a racist, horrible human being and everyone despises him. So, I don’t accept this nonsense of trivializing the F-word. First of all, gays need to be RESPECTED. If black people cannot be called the N-word because it is considered racist, derogatory and socially reprehensible, why do gay people have to accept being called the F-word? It’s just as insulting as the N-word, the only difference is that one refers to skin tone and the other refers to sexual orientation. I don’t accept it and I don’t buy the idea. No F-word for gays. Period. Gays work and pay taxes like all other citizens, so they don’t deserve to be treated as second-class citizens. RESPECT TO GAYS!

    1. So Faggot was used originally exactly how the “N” word was used. It’s ok for people of color to use the “N” word but if your gay you can’t use the word Faggot? That’s ridiculous. Oh no I used the word Faggot as a Gay person and I insulted Gay people? Get back up on that Meth float playing horrendous dance music while wearing a jock strap and simulating sex while you pass by families with children. Oh wait that’s also how gays are portrayed by the right wing….hmmm…Stereotypes stem from facts.

        1. This guy gets more and more entangled in homophobic statements or topics that supposedly others say or use, defends it internally and just doesn’t want to admit that he is exactly one of those right-wingers who registered on a gay porn blog to spread these terrible things instead of just to talk or discuss about gay porn or the situation in gay porn. Now this guy will probably scream again: “I’m GAY, or bi or whatever, for 100 years, I’ve only had gay friends and I’ve been supporting gays for decades”! Yes, of course…
          And I am The person writing here isn’t gay either, just a crazy person who no longer has a life, just sits behind the keyboard and is mentally ill.
          Just like many people here write again and again because they can’t or don’t want to react any differently to a normal discussion or answer…..LOL

          1. From one Fag to…. Your hateful words thrown at someone who you do not know at all screams insecurity of the highest level. Then to tell people not to engage, but to ignore, defeats the whole reason of a blog.
            I have no reason to defend myself. I say what I say. I honestly am living in the greatest “I don’t give a fuck” era.
            You have a great one. πŸ™„

  6. I’m gonna be extremely brutal here, these self-hating middle age/older fa99ots who bow down at the altar of heterosexism, male heterosexism specifically, are embarrassing, they continue to this day to in a big way control the levers of not just porn but how sex/sexuality/masculinity in more is treated and has been viewed and shaped in the gay community, and they really need to be put to pasture. It is inexcusable, especially in this moment we’re in as a community at large with hate crimes on a big rise and anti-LGBT legislation. It is sickening.

    Beefcake Hunter another pathetic website of some old pervert lurching off these desperate/broke and homely straight guys without a single consideration in the world of the message he’s sending, of his own self-respect. Nothing but he wanting a nut from a straight man. Give me a break with these guys. It’s revolting and it’s pathetic and I’m not letting it slide anymore, online or offline.

    1. This isn’t about role playing. This is about heterofetishization. I understand role playing between two non heterosexual men and the use of the f word. I can understand that. I don’t like the word but it doesn’t hurt me because I’ve heard it so often.

      Some people are attracted to that power exchange. So be it. But that is not what this is. He’s another stupid gay with a straight man fetish and it needs to be called out. People need to stop making excuses for this shit. Wanna be so open minded your brain falls out of your head—no.

    2. Community? HAHAHA! There is no Gay Community. Men are Men no matter what their sexuality. If there was a real community we would not be using our sexuality in public to make sure people who are not gay know that you are gay. No one has anyone else’s back. If you aren’t good-looking, a gym rat, take your shirt off in a club(What the fuck is that about? Narcissism!!! Never once in my life have I been in a regular bar where straight people took their shirts off) sleep around like crazy, do meth, you are shunned. I have seen it happen so many times. Its actually sad and pathetic. I got sick of it and stopped going to bars 13 years ago. I am happier in this time period than I ever was when I was trying to have a relationship with a bunch of cheaters and liars. Men are pigs.

      1. I don’t think most gay people go through life giving a damn what straight people think re: they knowing they’re gay. People come out to be able to live their full truth without inhibition and also to signal to other gay people. It’s not about straights.

        That’s the entire point I was making above and you kinda reinforced it….too many gay men center straight men. Too many bisexual men intentionally play the straight lane but wanna have their cookie too and hook up with men on the side. Too many non-hetero men treat “straightness” as superior. I agree that men are pigs, but that has little to do with what I’m discussing. This is an issue specific to gay people. And yes, it is a community since most gay people congregate with other gays.

        The bar scene is often quite awful, but that’s universal and again, has little to do with the topic.

    3. Hahaha. Fa99ots? Is ok but Faggot isn’t? You’re not hiding the word by replacing the letters.
      Amyl is bad mmmkay.

  7. Kian’s upcoming scene (sometime in the new year) on Belami with cutie Mark Laysson looks promising.

    His scene at Freshmen with Bob Coogler, who moaned and gasped his way through Kian’s enthusiastic pounding, was HOT!!

    1. In addition, Bel Ami only shoots high-quality gay porn where the actors do everything, absolutely everything, even imagine, French kissing, rimming, mutual sucking, caressing, jerking, assplay or mutual fucking and never use women or pussy scenes for their gay customers.
      We rarely find something like this in American porn at studios that are run under MG!
      I mean MEN, BN, Reality Dudes, Bromo and and and many others….

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