If you miss him: Junior Fernandez and Adam Wirthmore

Junior Fernandez [movies] first started at Broke Straight Boys, mostly as the bottom, in 2016. By 2017, he had scenes released at Fraternity X, now known as Frat X. He was back on X last month after four years. I am not sure when he renamed his account to Jacob Diaz.

Adam Wirthmore [movies] had scenes released until 2014 for sites like Men and Next Door Studios. He is still active on X to promote his fan site.

11 thoughts on “If you miss him: Junior Fernandez and Adam Wirthmore

  1. Junior Fernandez, at least circa 2016, was a huge Trump supporter and would say some pretty….unhinged…stuff, in general. So…wonder if that is still a reality for him

    1. He had been doing cam work on Chaturbate for some years after his porn stint and he would definitely go there with the Trump rhetoric. Now I haven’t seen him on there in about two years so I’m not for sure if he’s changed his views but I bet it’s a no.

      1. I have watched him clarify that he’s not a republican or a Democrat and that he doesn’t even vote he just talks about topics individually thinks both parties are shit can’t say I don’t agree with him I’m sure alot of us played politics our whole life and got no where so more power to him

  2. So I’m very confused about something. This is a little personal when it comes to Adam and his whole thing. I was following him on Twitter, I would like his posts from time to time and was a supporter of his. Had been a fan for a while even after his retirement I supported him and all. To my surprise, I went on Twitter and tried to access his page just to see how things were going and he has blocked me.

    Now I know some people can be creeps and stalkers for these guys and that wasn’t the case. He blocked me for no damn reason at all. So my opinion of him has soured. You gotta be petty lame to block folks for no damn reason.

  3. As for Junior, he’s already stated on his account…. “This profile is now a fitness and talk profile either get with the new movement or get lost”. So he’s scratching pornographic content and focusing on fitness. He’s also retweeting a certain female a lot and showcasing guns. Needless to say, snooze fest.

    1. Do we as porn fans allow former pornstars to grow out of there roles in porn. Is he being genuine in his pursuit in fitness? Based on the photos his progress speaks for itself. Should we be happy for stars being healthy and happy post career and moving on. Even if he did some things younger haven’t we all said and did fucked up things in our twenties . I’m happy for for him alot of former gay stars end up drugged out in jail or unstable, he looks good and hope he continues to succeed in life .

  4. Fuck Junior then and now. Stupid hairline, midget cock.
    Adam, I did like him back in the day. Now not so much – but good luck hooking up in Atlanta – although nobody needs luck in that city …..

  5. Isn’t Junior the goofy mf that claimed he was forced into gay porn? Like someone held a gun to his head and he didn’t have a choice.

    In case anyone is wondering, yes, Adam and Vander are still together. Hot couple.

  6. I think junior fernandez is in better shape now then his early days in porn.
    I’m sure you don’t look like that long term without doing somthing right so many people just talk alot of shit but it looks like he is the real deal and young people should get politically involved even if there totally wrong should they wait till there in there 50s like me to speak up I think collage age is the right age to be vocal

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