42 thoughts on “Bisexual: Dillon Diaz, Kane Fox, Barron, Chris, Colby Jansen, and Michael DelRay

  1. Colby Jansen’s impression of the Skipper is creepy as fuck..

    Anyways, I bet this will win a ton of awards.

  2. I generally don’t subscribe Men/MG anyway because they’re not a gay porn studio but a queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda for people like that. Which this scenes proves once again.
    And CF has gotten so bad with their “gay” scenes and actors that I don’t feel like watching these bi/G4P guys licking or fucking pussy every month, so they force gay subscribers to pay cheaper if they subscribe to all the scenes, inclusive Pussy, if but if you only want see gay, you have to pay extra Money. Rip off!
    I don’t care about Biphoria either, I ignore them because I’m gay and not bi, and since it’s a separate site that ONLY publishes bi scenes, I have no problem with them and I don’t care who shoots there. Most of the actors there are away from gay porn anyway and were never anything special!
    And I don’t give a shit if MEN/MG choose actors (gay or not gay) for their monthly pussy scenes.
    Since Dillon and Kane have pseudo relationships/marriages with a man and lie to the whole community anyway, that’s ok with me.
    I don’t accept them as gay porn actors or gay or not in real life anyway and I don’t pay them to what they perform scenes like this or watch it. I don’t also really care what all the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid customers from MEN/MG do.
    But It doesn’t surprise me that they waited so long to give Kane his first pussy here. They first has the actors film a few hypocritical “gay scenes” where they have to prove that they are for gays and then they give them pussy to eat. It was clear from the start that he would do it because he hasn`t a connect with gay anyway. So why the hypocritical wait for it? I could imagine that Kane was begging to finally be allowed to eat pussy and fuck and put pressure on her to finally give him a wife. Just like Dillon.
    But the fact that they continue to claim to be a gay porn company and to be the best gay adult site on the internet is getting on my nerves and I will keep emphasizing it as long as they don’t finally turn into a queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid organization rename.
    I can wait. And I will continue my Anti-MEN/MG Program in 2024 until they finally rename themselves and show what they really are. Just like (Gay)hoopla did earlier this year….finally show their true colors!
    And I’m also waiting for all the hypocritical comments here on this blog and fans of this website. In 3, 2, 1…go

    1. I’ve ditched all the gay porn sites which promoting vajayjay on cam! I left my subscription only to Belami now.. lmao

      Kane and Dillon built their persona based on gay image of them for having boyfriend. They marketed themselves as ‘gay’ although their bisexual men because one thing they pursued – money from gay fans (their audience). So having a studio who can ‘swing both ways’, they used the very opportunity to ’embrace’ their starve of pussy.’ 😬

      Lately, I’m glad that the FtMs finally outed all the boys (porn actors and OF content creators) who claimed as gay men turned out to be liars. Clap for those FtMs who worked very hard!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      Don’t worry my friend, this shit (TQ+ ideology) will over. As long as we don’t stop to make the gay porn GAY again! πŸ˜†

      1. Both Dillon and Kane are openly bisexual/pansexual. You just act suprised because absolute majority of bisexual men have relationship with only/mostly women; their same sex attraction is limited to enjoying sex with men and fantasies about mmf threesome. Plus Kane is quite effeminate (all those “slay qween” “rihanna stan” gifs and style of talking on his twitter) contary to what most bisexual men both in real life and gay porn respresent: straight passing, not campy style taken from straight community.
        You may shit talk and think those men are just straight g4p but reality doesn’t care about you.

      2. Maybe yes, but maybe not. Who knows.
        For years now I’ve only seen the downward slide in gay porn. Especially in the American market.
        I have the feeling that the way people behave in public in real life (currently with homophobia, fake news, lying conspiracies, right-wing ideas, the erasure of minorities) is also transferred to gay porn. There are many such β€œthinkers” behind the tables! It’s not just the actors.
        Most actors in gayporn are just afraid of being portrayed as gay or bi in public life.
        They think : God forbid it’s just a job, I fuck pussy too…….maybe just pussy……so I’m straight in real life……

  3. Lord, Colby looks even wore hideous without a beard. Lana Del…I mean Michael Del Ray, looking as much of dipshit as usual.

  4. I’m all about bi porn at these bi sites. Like it less on a gay porn site but CF has their own subdivision for the bi/straight stuff so I don’t care about any of that. Bi guys like porn too and deserve fully to have visibility. That’s where I separate from some of you who whether you think you do or not, come across as outright biphobic and have a very rigid view on sexuality and that more or less anyone not 100% gay is “not part of the team” and you disassociate yourselves with them. Or if they’re not 100% gay, they’re not gay. Those are notions I don’t perscribe to at all.

    There are guys who may be attracted to women sexually but prefer men overall and Diaz/Waters appear to fit that category, so does Kane Fox and someone like Blake Mitchell. Whether they’re gay leaning bisexual guys or gay with an asterisk or whatever people wanna call them, they also don’t really deserve the amount of inflammatory rhetoric they get, basically exclusively because they’re attracted to women. Kane has never claimed to be gay, he was bi from the start, which makes it clear to me for a lot of you guys, it’s not really all about just people claiming gay when they’re not…you just don’t like bisexuals. And I’m never gonna be that person. That’s wretched.

    1. So you are also one of the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid advocates that we should see all of this in gay porn and studios continue to claim to be selling gay porn whether you want it or not as a consumer by simply publishing it on their gay site or who offer a much cheaper subscription that includes everything, while pure gay porn is a rip-off? Or agreed with what Gayhoopla did this year and how they treated their gay customers and fans. They just dropped it while these people built it up financially over 15 years just to make their wish for a pure straight porn studio come true while these people (and I’m sure there are still some who subscribe to this crap) just waste away Getting solos to seen. According to the motto: You can only watch and dream but the women will eat it! So you have now definitely come out on what side you are on. This has nothing to do with neutrality or understanding, while you describe people who complain about this way in gay porn as rabble-rousers! That’s all people like you can do. But I have always found the arias you write here striking. Now I know why it is like that…

      1. Don’t like GayHoopla, I want gay porn to be gay, but I’m not a bigot. I’m not a “cut the TQ” loser. I think bi guys deserve representation, but there are platforms for that. Gay porn should be gay. I think gay porn often is devalued, but that isn’t the fault of bi dudes.

        I’m nuanced and I’m not driven by antipathy for people. You are. You’re biphobic and transphobic. I’m not. It’s really that simple. I’m a better person than you are accordingly. But there are some things we can agree upon within the gay porn industry. But I’m not gonna throw members of my community under the bus unlike you do since you seem to think this is the GGGG community….no wonder the rest of the letters don’t like dudes like you.

        1. There’s no such a thing as a “LGBT community”, so much so, that many of the attempts of queer activists to stablish this as a thing that existed in the past are riddled with historical revisionism and anachronisms (Stonewall being the worst offender).

          You say bi men need representation in gay porn, but at the same time you seem to have forget the fact that the majority of gay porn studios are owned and operated by bi/g4p men, who also make up the majority of performers.

          This was the case in GayHoopla itself and we all know how the environment there was for gay men, don’t we? Do I need to reiterate that?! No? Good!

          I’m going to agree with you on one thing though: the fault of gay porn being in the situation it is today is not only of a certain breed of bi/g4p, but also of their enablers and the ones who continue to support them.

          1. The majority of performers at the largest studios are gay or gay leaning bi men. The days of gay for payers littering the halls of gay porn are over. They exist but they’re not the norm anymore, which is in part because of the explosion of popularity and loss of anonymity but also because the audience demanded that. That’s a good thing. I think men in gay porn should be men who actually enjoy gay sex. Who enjoy sex and enjoy intimacy with men. Guys like Colby Jansen or Roman Todd get shit on here and some trolls online but they enjoy gay sex clearly. Christian Wilde on the other hand doesn’t get much shit on here even though he’s married to a woman, so there’s inconsistency with folks and a lack of principle. If these guys are good at what they do and are providing that positive entertainment for us to enjoy than what they get to in their personal lives shouldn’t be an issue. Their homosexuality isn’t invalidated.

            Studios continue to push very negative, harmful tropes and scenes that most gay men under the age of 40 I’d say disapprove of, and that is a big reason for why online platforms have become the true platform for these performers to take off in their careers. People are speaking with their wallets. Beau Butler for example is a good performer and had a good career but he’s a star because of his OF career, not porn. Rhyheim Shabazz too and look where that has taken him and how far he has leaped over the years.

            It is true the people running these studios tend to either be gay men of a certain age, often predatorial, or women/straights. They don’t have our best interests at heart. That’s all true, it’s a huge problem, and it’s a problem I don’t think that’s gonna be addressed anytime soon, so people have to continue to speak with their wallets. But none of that is an excuse to invalidate trans people’s identity or reject bi people from the community. That’s what too many on here do, and it’s really unacceptable.

            There are no “attempts” necessary to establish what the overwhelming majority of gay people recognize. You guys are sooooooooo out of step with where most gay people are, especially millennials/Gen Z. I’d say younger Gen X too. You guys sound like boomers. Most trans people are LGB as it is. Queer is far from a new concept and term. GGGG gay men who seek assimilation and play the “I’m not one of those kinda gays” card have done nothing but tremendous harm to our community over the decades. I’m not saying you’re that entirely, although Logo definitely is. I do think you sound like so many boomer homos out there who are triggered by something that see as encroaching upon them and something they see as a threat to them as gay men. There are annoying “queer activists” that exist, sure, but this is a classic case of not knowing who one’s enemies truly are.

            LGBTQ community was literally called Gender and Sexual Minorities in the late 80s and 90s. This idea “Queer Theory” is some fringe new concept is beyond comical. Marsha P Johnson didn’t throw the first brick at Stonewall, but it is true that while so many assimilationist gay men were marrying women and worried about their 401 k’s, it was punk and trans and ballroom and self-id’d queer gay people who actually were putting the work in and on the front lines and taking the punches. It’s funny how history repeats itself.

              1. I’m not “gayphobic” lol I am gay myself. Not pansexual, not bisexual, don’t identify as queer. I know who my enemies are, though. While you bitch and moan about bisexuals and trans people, more and more anti-gay legislation is being proposed countrywide with hate crimes on a dramatic rise…coincidentally against trans people more than anyone, the same folks some fa99ot like you throws under the bus.

                Sadly, in this community, some of our worst culprits of harm within the community are gay and you’re a prime culprit. I’d never treat family that way, but then again, you’re really not family anyway. Your kind disassociate yourselves intentionally from the tribe, so I don’t even know why I bother lol, you’re another insignificant fossil wasting years on porn blogs. What a loser.

                1. Yay, more homophobic slurs!

                  It’s pretty ironic to lecture people about losing years on porn blogs when you do the same.

                  That’s a nice projection right there.

                  1. I’ve been here for maybe two weeks lol and the intersectionality of porn to the community at large is very interesting and compelling and important. I’m not even a huge porn watcher but it has an outsized impact on the community, so it’s something that I take a vested interest in. Unlike you all that literally spend your private time and money to talk about and watch two people you’re never going to meet in real life have sex and pretend as if you know them in any way.

                    1. You’re so pretentious.

                      Why would I pay for sites which are going on a direction I don’t approve? Most fan sites are also shit, because the performers are so greedy to the point of charging people twice for mediocre content.

                      These are not practices I do not aprove nor want to encourage with my money.

                      If talking about porn and pornstars is so embarassing and cringe, then what are you doing here?

                      Can we crowfund a mirror for this person already?

                2. And why do such legislations are being proposed? Maybe because trans people and their supporters demand rights with such hate and aggression. It’s a constant festival of demands, no debate, not accepting any arguments, and if you don’t agree it means you are against them, you are transphobic. I would be more worried about losing rights that we have fought for decades, not only for homosexuals but also for trans people, the entire LGBT community, because this may happen if trans people continue to lead their crusade against the entire world under the LGBT banner, as they have been doing for some time… We can all suffer the consequences.

                  1. You’re right about one thing….there is absolutely no debate because equality and equity is not up for grabs. It’s not divisive and it’s not up for discussion. You either support the freedom and equality for all to live as their true and authentic selves or you do not. It is that simple.

                    Trans people are the most harmed of all the letters in the community and so their concerns are taking precedent as they’re the ones being attacked the worst. Naturally. Conservatives attaching their transphobic bile and judgement upon the entire community is something gay people should be rejecting. Instead some of you play right along with it, and we all lose. Now that’s pretty fucking stupid and it really tells you that some gay men hate trans people so much that they’re willing to cut their nose to spite their face just to spite trans people. That’s pretty evil. Stop letting conservatives dictate the narrative and call out bigotry in all forms. It’s easy.

                    Being nice to opponents of our freedom has never how we’ve won battles but it seems like a lot of these decrepit old men on here care more about assimilation and care more about how they’re perceived in the eyes of straights than anything else. I can’t speak for you Bastian, but that’s true of several on here. I have more self-respect than that.

            1. You’re so wrong on so many levels.

              “GSM” wasn’t even a widespread nomenclature at the 80s and 90s. It was at best a niche thing which circled around some academic circles.

              This “big rainbow family” image is just pure anachronism, so much so, that travestites weren’t even allowed to set foot on Stonewall. The place was a majority gay space, as were most of the gay bars at the time.

              Gay and MtFs prostition spaces were also segregated at the time, as the demographics who had interest in such services were pretty distinct.

              We don’t care about Christian Wilde and many of the g4ps of old because they knew to not talk shit about their audience. That’s all many of us ask, nothing more.

              Yeah, “invalidating” trans people and bi men is unacceptable, but throwing gay slurs around is perfectly fine! No, it should be nurtured!

              It’s re-appropriation!

              When Collin Simpson called his audience the f-word, he was re-apropriating the term and not wanting to offend anyone!


              Stop using this “punks and trans gave your rights” bullshit. Most of these people weren’t even interested in gay marriage at the time, as they lumped this specific subject in the “assimilationist” bin. Even Judith Butler, miss Queer Theory herself, did this.

              Many of those you’re refering to didn’t care about institutional politics period.

              Quit using gay marriage to scare monger, the ones you’re crediting to “giving us” this right didn’t give a shit about it.

              1. It was the punks, the goths, the ballroom performers and attendees, that actually were living oestensibly queer, oestensibly gay lives. That’s fact. It wasn’t well to do white guys who prioritized their own status over living authentically. I’m not saying they didn’t exist, but what is true is that these squabbles have always existed within the community. Assimilationist gays like you vs those who actually fought and were willing to put bodies on the line. You’re not doing it. We’d be nowhere with people like you leading the charge.

                It was because of those fighters that we even got to a point where gay marriage was on the table. Because they were the ones that forced our way into the public conscious and they were the ones that forced us into a place in society when it wasn’t ever gonna come from straights at their own accord. We had to fight for it. People like you just took advantage of it.

                I shouldn’t use the f word as a slur, but frankly, I also am gonna treat you with the level of dignification you deserve, which is none. Not making an excuse, but for full clarity, it just is a reflection of how utterly grotesque you genuinely are. You’re wretched and I’m someone who treats people they way they treat others and deserve to be treated. Your gayness isn’t a shield. If you’re an asshole, you’re gonna be treated like one by me.

                You don’t know Storme DeLarverie. If you did you wouldn’t even think to basically gay male wash Stonewall the way you just did. Several of the individuals arrested at Stonewall weren’t even LGBT. It was a safe haven for the “freaks” that even many assimilationist gay men like you rejected. Just a classic GGGG homo who thinks gay men are the only people that exist. It’s so akin to white supremacists in a lot of ways. Frank Kameny was among many gay men who absolutely played a part in our progress and the early days of the movement in the 50’s/60’s/70’s but the truth is it took a village. There was often dissent within the village but all contributed and played a role that was vital and has brought us to where we’re at today. You can’t erase trans people from the very foundation of the gay rights movement in part because there are gay trans people. And tranvestites that otherwise lived and were identified as gay men in the day.

                You don’t care about Christian Wilde because he isn’t someone who engages much in the political aspects of porn. He has before, but he generally doesn’t. The second he ever would/does you’d turn on him because you think you have license to say and do whatever you please because you’re gay and you use that and use your wallet as a baton to beat these guys over the head with. That’s wretched. You seem to think you accountability is beyond you. If you act like a jackass and get called on it, it’s your fault for being a jackass. But it takes a measure of introspection to face that music that you’re incapable of.

                1. You’re just vomiting a pre-made discourse fed to you by social media. It’s embarrassing.

                  As I said before, these “ostensibly queer” people you’re referring to weren’t even interested into institutional politics. Your conflation of poor people who had to prostitute themselves to survive with hippies and punks, bored middle class white kids who just wanted to rebel against their parents, is disrespectful as fuck.

                  “White assimilationist gays” lol

                  Many of the queers you’re fetishizing were very white and affluent themselves, as are many of the college kids throwing tantrums and lecturing people about privilege today. How ironic!

                  They’re hedonists, not “freedom fighters” or anything of the sort.

                  It could be argued that even boring, spice of life sitcoms like Will and Grace had a much more pronounced role leading into gay marriage than a bunch of college kids and hedonists overdoing themselves to death.

                  There’s no “gay washing” of Stonewall, this is just what actual historical record tells us. It was a gay centric space which few people had access to, mainly because it was a bar owned by the mafia. The only way to enter there was by being invited by the ones who were already patrons. No amount of temper tantrums coming from you at going to change that.

                  Lastly, your excuses for using homophobic slurs are embarrassing, cause they’re just that: excuses. If your cared so much about respect and inclusion you would not throw these ideas away in the first opportunity.

                  You’re empty, your words are empty.

                  1. I’ve done more than my fair share of homework on our history. Which makes it all the worse people like you are repeating it.

                    Prostitutes, homeless, runaway youths, femmes and transvestites….they found save haven at Stonewall and save haven in communities that weren’t more traditionalist and assimilationist like the ones people like you long for. They existed but they weren’t the ones on the front lines at the on-the-ground level.

                    I didn’t conflate young gay men forced into the sex industry with hippies and punks. The fact you’d even imply I did is so telling. That really exposes your privilege. I said that it was they who were welcoming of those rejected by the world with open arms. They were the shelter for these vulnerable, often very young, often Black and Brown, individuals. It wasn’t wine and bourbon drinking homosexuals.

                    That’s why I brought up Kameny. He is someone who was absolutely integral in shaping gay rights law in America. He was more Will & Grace but also a staunch activist and someone that often found himself facing some headwinds from those wine and bourbon gays because he was pugnacious in ways that gave those gays pause. He was Will & Grace but he wasn’t an assimilationist and he truly did fight for freedom of homosexuals. And he wasn’t transphobic either like many of those homosexuals.

                    You’re right that the Mafia owned Stonewall. It was a male bar. The customer base was male, but the diversity of that male customer base is the kind of diversity that people like you today reject. It included some businessmen who wanted to blow steam, along with femme gay men and queers. Those businessmen often faced blackmail from both the mafia and police. I know all about the history. They were the ones who had the most to lose and thus the least willing and likely to go to a gay bar. Status was prioritized over authenticity and community support.

                    You call young LGBTQ folks hedonistic because they dare to be unabashedly queer. You literally sound like Matt Walsh. People like you have more affinity for Michael Knowles of the world than anyone that’s a little too gay, a little too queer, a little too idiosyncratic for you to handle. Quite literally goes against the very fabric of what was fought for. Freedom. Freedom to be authentic. Freedom to not feel beholden to any cultural norms. Freedom to be bold without shame. But how some choose to exercise that seems to make you a little too uncomfortable. I wish you cared about these kids as much as you do the sensibilities of breeders. What a sellout.

                    1. You’re using Kameny as an example of a “ostensibly queer” person? Are you seriously?

                      The guy was described to be incredibly professional and work-focused in his life. He was as far to the “sex workers, goths, punks” you fetishize as one can get.

                      The guy worked on actual politics and rejected long-term relationships because he thought they were a distraction from his activist work.

                      Does “queer” mean anything to you beyond “people I do like”? By your own judgement, the guy would be nothing more than “assimilationist white scrum” for not being truly “queer”.

                      Oh wait, it’s perfectly fine to appropriate dead people, even if they don’t fit your point at all! As long as they accomplished anything of value, that is.

                      Also, are you sure he would be fine with the current direction of transactivism? I mean, it’s pretty easy to put words on the mouths of the dead and you yourself demonstrated quite a disdain for “boomer gays” before… I wonder, it’s not like people cancelled Fred Sargeant or anything.

                      And no, as I explained multiple times already, only the ones with the right contacts could even enter Stonewall, which were mainly male and white, the space itself wasn’t a repellent to the ones with power.

                      The brave and stunning “femme trans pansexual queer sex workers” you’re referring to lurked mainly on the street’s around the bar, because it was easier to get prostitution clients there.

                      Stonewall was no “safe queer heaven”. The bar itself, and even it’s surroundings, weren’t the rainbow happy days you think they were.

                      People who work in prostitution don’t share the sense of community you think they do. On the contrary: there are many cases of prostitutes who kill fellow prostitutes due to them invading their “territory”. This is a pretty common thing.

                      But then again, such sugar-coated view of the matter is typical to one who only knows of it by the romanticized view of social media grifters.

        2. You are clearly a queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid activist who wants more pussy scenes to appear in gayporn. You didn’t respond to what I said and wrote and are distorting the facts. You only write about GH but the fact that more and more pussy scenes are appearing in other gay porn studios doesn’t bother you. Besides, I’m neither of those things, either one way or the other “PHOB”. If that’s all you can claim then you either don’t understand my premise or are deliberately ignoring it. But I know what you are: totally GAYPHOB in gay porn!

          1. I mean, you say the same thing over and over and over and over. It’s a broken record. I’m all about representation but there should be subdivisions where people can enjoy whatever that tickles their fancy without having tropes and act shoehorned into gay porn when it shouldn’t be…that includes FTM porn. That’s what I think. Gay porn should be gay porn.

            It’s really not that difficult, but on one side you have people that’ll take that as separate but equal when it doesn’t automatically have to be and on the other side you’ll have people who outright don’t want anyone who isn’t gay in gay porn and disapproves of men who aren’t 100% homosexual and views them as tainted. That’s the truth…can’t win either way. It shouldn’t be that way and doesn’t need to be.

            You claim you’re neither of those things but your comments say otherwise. Your clear disdain, your clear “cut the TQIA” mentality says absolutely otherwise. I don’t think bi/trans/etc. folks would feel very welcome or included by you and your posts and I know you don’t care, which says more than enough.

    2. I’m going to tell you a little secret: many of those “men preferring bi men” you’re referring to go for gay relationships not due to true preference, but because straight/bi women do not want to take any of their shit.

      Let’s take one example you gave: Blake Mitchell. He whines frequently about “the gays” on his social media, but when was the last time he did the same about straight people? Yeah…

      The same is true about many of those bi men who supposedly prefer men.

      1. Cishet women are homophobic? Yeah. I know that. Homophobic double standards are engrained in the minds of women re: sexuality? Yeah. Blake whines about the gays because the gays invalidate his sexuality and complain about his bisexuality constantly even though he pretty clearly prefers me. It’s not enough because he’s not 100% gay.

        It’s biphobia, it’s wrong, and it’s not excusable….that doesn’t mean that there aren’t concerns that do exist re: bi guys who treat gay men as disposable. That happens too, but so many of you on here paint all bi guys basically with the worst possible brushes, you actively disassociate yourselves with them as much as some of them do us…and then you blame them for being critical of gay men, when a fair few gay men have gone out of their way to make it clear they’re not really welcome in your circle, not really welcome in general. I’m not biphobic, so I don’t treat bi guys that way. They don’t wanna take any of the shit gay men throw at them, and I don’t blame them for that when it’s rightful. It goes both ways.

        1. It goes so much both ways that people like Blake Mitchell never even speak a word against straight/bisexual women, even though many of them are way more vitriolic about their distaste of bi men then 90% of #thegays.

          He doesn’t take shit of gay men, but he sure does indeed love to take shit from women (both figuratively, and maybe even literally, who knows?) it seems.

          We treat many of this industry bi men with cynicism because the majority of them act in the way you described: Collin Simpson, Davin Strong, Blake Mitchell, Markus Kage… do I need to continue?

          Is basic respect for their main audience so much to ask?

          Oh wait! Such “respect” only exist then they’re broke from their own bad decisions in life and need money! That’s it!

          “It goes both ways” Ha! What a joke!

          1. The thing is that gay men should be better yet so many of us are not. That’s an added measure of betrayal and cuts deeper, when your own community rejects you. That does include bi women and bi guys are very open about bi women who have/do reject them but it’s something that GGGG gay men wouldn’t know because you all don’t care about anyone but gay men. Let’s not beat around the bush about that.

            I have a big problem with homophobic bi men but plenty of gay men are themselves biphobic then engage in this circular logic…demeaning toward bisexual/pansexual men, they openly criticize it, they openly say they feel alienated by gay men, and you all take that as an attack on you…when their criticism comes from the behavior of gay men. It’s your behavior you feel entitled and justified in engaging in, feel entitled to pick and prod in the personal lives of these men, because they’re not 100% gay and thus you don’t see them as part of the team. That is the truth. Blake is clearly gay leaning but it’ll never be good enough because it’s either Gold Star or nothing with y’all.

            This is gay porn, so naturally the discussion is going to be gay centric. Bi people that are out, male/female both, generally are gonna feel more comfortable in a queer space because that’s what they are, yet many gay/lesbian folks invalidate that. Yes, straight/bi women are full of homophobic inclination as well. That any man who’d sleep with another man is less of one and not fit to be with a woman. You sleep with a man and cross that line, you’re marked for life. It shouldn’t be that way. Bi guys deal with that constantly; it’s not a figment of imagination and it’s not something they just grin and bear. It keeps so many of them closeted because they know they’ll lose access to most women. They shouldn’t have to face scorn from their own community too. People should be intelligent enough to recognize that it all comes from a place and mentality that holds us all down but instead a lot of gay men actively go out of their way to shit on everyone else while whining victim when called on it.

            I’m not gonna let it slide, but that doesn’t mean I let slide toxic traits elsewhere either. Objectivity and nuance is indeed possible. Wouldn’t you know.

            1. In your view gay men should “be better”, but bi men shouldn’t? How about g4ps?

              Why do you refuse so much to accept the fact that many bi/g4ps don’t give a shit about their audience nor ever did? Why do you keep making up excuses for their own homophobia? Why are you so anal about “transphobia” and “biphobia” but throw around gay slurs like candy?

              The questions just keep piling on, don’t they?

              Also, it’s pretty easy to know about straight/bi women disgust for bi men, they reiterate it all the time. But hey! Who cares! Let’s whine about gay men!

              I never picked on the personal lives of any performer. I don’t know where you got it from. But then again, maybe you have some special powers which allow you know about the lives of random nobodies you argue with on the internet… oh wait, that would be ironic, wouldn’t be?

              1. The homophobia and biphobia from straight/bi women does not absolve you from your own homophobia and biphobia. It doesn’t absolve bi men from being homophobic. None of that is absolved. You just refuse to take responsibility for being an insufferable bigot because you feel entitled to be….you’re not and I’m calling it out. As I have with bi guys who need to be called out. You’re not above criticism and above being called out. Be less of a jackass and you wouldn’t be called out.

                Talk about irony, you say I’m taking things a beat too far and personally attacking you about your individual life while you all go out of your way to disassociate yourselves from anyone that isn’t 100% gay as if you know what their personal lives entail based on a porn twitter account. All the twists and turns to defend rank stigma. You should know better. That’s why these guys call it out. Because they’re in this arena of homosexual men and some of those men are treating them as if they’re unwanted interlopers. That’s why.

                But of course, that’s their fault too. You’re spotless.

                Whoever deserves to get called out is gonna get called out by me. Whether that be your average G4P/straight baiting asshole, homophobic bisexuals, and biphobic/transphobic gay men. It really isn’t a challenge for me. It’s not difficult. It’s easy to not be prejudicial. Just raised well, I don’t know….I have too much self-respect to ever be that kind of person. Not everyone can say the same.

                1. The one who used a gay slur several times wasn’t me, which just goes to show how empty your bigotry accusations are.

                  Go buy a mirror, you need one.

                  Your “calling out” is selective, something which one can see by looking into your post history on here.

                  Paragraphs upon paragraphs of whining about “the gays” and not a single one denouncing the usual homophobic bi men who dominate this industry and have leverage within he current big studios.

                  Your words are empty as you are.

                  1. I’m not whining at all, but you and logo and the other idiot who’s name I forgot is about possibly having to witness a trans guy in a porn scene and whining about how terrible and awful it is that a lot of porn actors like hooking up with them. Now talk about an empty existence. Talk about being pathetic and miserable.

                    I have and will continue to condemn homophobic bi men when necessary. Have on here and have and will elsewhere and in everyday life. You’ll never call out gay people for their blindspots and missteps. I’m all for universal accountability of bad behavior, whereas you’re all about using the gay card. It’s really quite lazy. It’s almost 2024. It doesn’t work anymore. Time for a new grift.

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