8 thoughts on “Newbie to watch: Michael Vente

  1. I think he’s good and ok, but since he chooses the wrong studios and scene partners, he’s a no go for me. Kenzo has been on my G4P hit list for a long time…

      1. Yes, of course, like most of you here on this blog….LOL
        But then fuck pussy or accept these scenes and praise these actors and studios to the heavens. This shows how much this entire “agenda” has already taken over gay porn and gay culture.

    1. Don’t confuse me for telling you want to like, but you make it sound like these guys just have their picks of the studios and who they work with so casually. Maybe buy their onlyfans and make that statement, but it’s not like they are their own bosses here.

      I guess what I think is the most stand out about your comment, or what draws my attention the most is that I feel kind of envious, kind of bewildered. (Maybe I should just explore Only Fans more, but I just think that stuff gets offensive) But it’s hard for me to picture that any of us are just drowning in porn to be so picky as to judge models based on what they consent to in their own private or professional life. If a model does a video with something or someone I don’t like, I just don’t watch that video (or pay for the video I want to see and get out). It’s like a perspective of the people that only want to see a certain model top, and they suddenly are “ruined” if they ever bottom or even the idea of them bottoming gets into their heads, but I know there is some degree to that appeal (Of not wanting to F with a guy that ever touches a woman or woman at some time) that’s also political.

      1. Then Andre Stone is exactly the right person for people like you here.
        He is openly hostile to men, uses them and gay porn only for his own purposes, humiliates you and still gives you the feeling that you are gay and that the “new straight” is now gay.
        Best statement I’ve ever read from a G4P guy. This is just for people like you…

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