Movie: Global Entry: Sicily

The first scene of the movie Global Entry: Sicily has been released by Naked Sword. It had Alex Palmieri bottom for Giuspel.

The other four scenes to be released.

Justin Jett (top) and Giuspel

Alex Horney (top) and Alex Palmieri

Scott Carter (top) and Johnny Viper

Davide Bubi (top) and Johnny Viper

7 thoughts on “Movie: Global Entry: Sicily

  1. NS seems to be returning to its “old” form. In addition to CB, Helios and others, they at least try to continue producing good quality and only focus on gay porn instead of giving in to the pattern or hypocrisy like MEN/MG or CF. After those terrible Mr. Pam or Chi Chi almost bankrupted this gay porn company, they are now better than before. Although I’m not sure if this “Anti Gay” Chi Chi is still filming for this company.
    Regardless, as long as they don’t resort to inclusion to accommodate women in gay porn, it’s better than anything else…

  2. All models are beautiful. However I didn´t like the unnecessary excess of tattoos. I don´t understand that tattoo thing. I am not against tattoos, if they are discreet. But everything in excess is bad. Two acquaintances – a woman and a man – are having to remove tattoos. She is being harmed in terms of work because she tattooed too much. Today she says she would have been less impulsive and would have done less and smaller tattoos.The man complains he got one tattoo after another without thinking and he removed several because they lost their meaning. Both complain about the price and the delay in removing the tattoos.

  3. Is it me or does it seem similar. The men are handsome but the sex and the vibe of the shoot seems like it’s all repetitive.

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