Long and short: Hair of Ethan O’Pry

At Belami Online and Fresh Men, we are used to seeing Ethan O’Pry with long hair up until now, even if he cut his hair short in 2021.

His hair was short in his interview at Fresh Men (2021) and Belami Online‘s collaboration with Sean Cody (2021).

With shorter hair, he is this week’s update at Fresh Men – a solo and his threesome scene, in two parts, with Hugo Carter and Steve Collins.

+ He was part of the collaboration between Falcon Studios and Belami Online, but it was suspended due to Covid-19.
+ He was also known as David Taylor.
+ He won as your favorite model in the collaboration between Belami Online and Sean Cody.


  1. Pavel Ford

    Short hair Long hair…who cares? Look at that BODY ! Damn.

  2. Bruiser

    I really loved Ethan’s long hair. Distinguished him from all the clone like Bel Ami white central European twinks. Think it was a mistake for him to cut it. It was his brand. Wish he would grow it back.

  3. Bsg67

    He was stunning with long hair like the ol 90’s Calvin Klein models but handsome either way .

  4. bsg67

    Reminds me of the Calvin Klein models of the late 90’s with the long hair very handsome

  5. Jacky

    With his long hair he was a dead ringer for Jared Padalecki 🤩

  6. Nick

    He’s beautiful anyway, but he should grow his hair. With long hair, he looks like those great Calvin Klein male models from the 90s.

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