Ethan O’Pry, Jesse Stone, Sean Duran, Blake Michael & Chris Damned


Ethan O’Pry won as your favorite model among the 10 guys who took part in the collaboration between Belami Online (2nd place was Yannis Paluan) & Sean Cody (3rd place was Deacon).

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Bart Cuban, Jim Durden, Tom Houston, Ashton Montana, Ethan O'Pry, Yannis Paluan, Asher, Deacon, Justin or Manny?
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Top, Versatile & Bottom

Jesse Stone with 3 scenes released this week – as the top to Zander (aka Pax Perry) at Corbin Fisher a flip fuck with and as the bottom to Benji Hart [gallery] at Stag Collective and Myles London at Say Uncle.

This did not happen in the actual video.

Fake Dick

Jesse Diamond as the bottom to Sean Duran at FTM Men.


Gay Hoopla has been re-releasing scenes from their Secret Menu, which their members has access, as part of their 12 days of Christmas daily updates.


Merry Christmas from Say Uncle, William Higgins & Gay Room.

31 thoughts on “Ethan O’Pry, Jesse Stone, Sean Duran, Blake Michael & Chris Damned

  1. I like to think I’m pretty caught up in understanding trans men(as much as a cis man can) but this one is confusing me…how does Jesse Diamond still have his pussy AND a dick? Normally they make a dick from the vagina(?), so that the nerves are involved, and tissue from the upper leg, but his looks intact and it just looks like a piece of rubber attached to his body. Please educate me.

      1. It’s not. Jesse has had two bottom surgeries. There’s a YT video where he does a Q&A about it.

    1. I was seriously confused. I thought…is that the most flaccid penis to ever appear in gay porn, which would be saying something, but why would there even be such a thing as a flaccid strap-on? Or is it just designed to flap about when bottoming, to make them look biologically male? Couldn’t it at least be a semi and also…have balls? It looks more like an engorged clitoris, which isn’t exactly a turn-on.

    2. Wrong.

      The most common form of FTM SRS (aka phalloplasty) doesn’t involve any use of the vaginal tissue. What the patient can choose is to attach the flesh tube (sorry, that’s what the thing is) into the clitoris for some limited erogenous sensation, that’s it.

      In these kinds of operation, the vagina is usually sealed shut and they re-route the urethra into the flesh tube, so they can “stand to pee”.

      There are cases through where the FTM chooses to keep their vagina intact and the surgeon just places the flesh tube a little higher than it. These procedures are called “futa surgery/non-binary SRS” in some trans circles, and yes, there’s also a MTF equivalent of it.

    3. But initial reaction was that it’s a prosthetic, but you’re absolutely right, toddgriz, it’s both. Jesse has had bottom surgery. In general though, phalloplasties are pretty rare as the surgery is not as advanced and aesthetically pleasing as the gender confirmation surgeries available to trans women. Most trans men and transmasculine people have vaginas. If you see a trans man with a penis, it’s usually a prosthetic or strap-on. In Jesse’s case, it seems he has both.

      In Jesse’s case, he’s had two bottom surgeries. There’s a YT video where he does a Q&A about it.

  2. The FTM shit is just gross and weird. Also, Jesse Stone is so unattractive to me. I don’t get the appeal.

  3. Please, no more FTM (or MTF) coverage. Men attracted to men are attracted to men. All others can have their own porn blogs.

      1. If you’re into female genitalia, you’re not gay. You’re on the bisexual spectrum. Don’t lie about it because you want to boss gay men around.

        1. Once again, your transphobia does not speak for me—and you don’t get to decide how I define my sexuality. I am a gay men who likes other men, whether they are trans or cis. Your prejudice will die out with you, because the younger generations are more and more accepting. In the future, no one will even care. Enjoy your temper tantrums while you can, old queens.

          1. BTW, most young gay men would never touch an FTM. Look it up. Lip service in not genuine acceptance.

          2. Nice copium you got there…

            Another bisexual man trying to redefine what homosexuality means. How interesting…

  4. Anyone have any idea what Jesse Stone’s story is? He was a disaster as a top at CF and became an overnight star as a whimpering, whining, bottom everywhere else with a fondness for eating cum. Is he gay, g4p, bi or what? He’s sensational and ubiquitous.

    1. He’s b4p. Boring for pay. Snooze fest for real. Great body but boring sex. I’m sure there’s some who disagree but at the end of his scenes I find myself waking up more than wanking off.

    2. In the interview at the start of the Stag Collective scene Jesse describes himself as “polyamorous, pansexual, has a boyfriend and a girlfriend” and is more bottom than vers. IRCC in another scene he may have mentioned having SM tendencies which would account for his whimpering while preferring bottoming. He mentions things like being a personal trainer, former MMA, rock climbing, writes daily meditation, so it sounds like he’s a guy searching for something. But the way he strokes his head/hair seems worrisome like it a nervous tick that may indicate something unfulfilled.

      1. I agree..Jesse seems like he is looking for something…I would like to see him in SM scenes like something on

  5. Jesse Stone is the light pink ripped muscular version of the tan ripped muscular Felix Fox. Both of them are smokin hot and cock hungry bottoms. Jesse is a noisy, whimpering, moaning bottom and the Fox is in estrus 365 24/7. Both are awesome bottoms and an inspiration to this equally cock hungry bottom guy.

  6. dunno, I think Jesse is fucking hot, so there you go, shredded, muscular, beautiful body hair. Different strokes

  7. Jesse stone is HOT but if he is not careful he is going to wear out him being used too much by too many companies. Like so many other porn stars have done in the past and have ended up and just leaving porn all together.

  8. When Jesse Stone is being interviewed there’s just something a little weird there…something going on.

    As for all his high pitched whining, super turn-off. It’s so hard these days to just get a NORMAL, every day, average “guy” in gay porn. The guys bottoming are either in super fem mode with their voices up 3 octaves OR they’re doing all this animalistic grunting, growling bs that’s hyper butch, over the top masc. Hello, both are FAKE and annoying!

  9. By the way, I saw elsewhere that Jesse Stone’s scene with Benji Hart is NOT a flip flop! They released promo pics of Jesse’s dick in Benji’s ass except there’s NONE of that in the actual video, reportedly.

  10. It’s a slap in the face of actual gay males these heterosexual scenes being promoted as “gay”, homophobia being repagined as “woke” and “inclusive”. And (actual) gay men already live in a heteronormative society and now even gay porn which is supposed to be a ‘safe space’ for our sexuality is being invaded with heteronormative frankenstein shit, this is just vile and disgusting.

  11. I can already tell this is about to be the beginning of my awakening to stop watching mainstream pornography. It has gone downhill quite a bit but they’re deciding to burn it down at this point. I can’t wait to see some of the porn favs such as William Seed and Malik whats-his-name show up on FTMEN followed by Ashton Summer and all of the MEN exclusive models. Should be an interesting discussion.

  12. As for my personal opinions,

    Once again, gay men are the most disrespected in the porn industry. Brazzers would never allow their male audience to be subjected to MTF porn. That would be shut down immediately and it would go viral and most people would be in defense of straight men. This is what happens when gay men are used a springboard for tolerance. They use us to push agendas and when we do not oblige, we are shamed for it. “Well, aren’t you supposed to be tolerant because gay men are looked down on in our society…?” I’m over it!

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