X: Loc Rios “Hamas are freedom fighters in my book. Point blank, period.” (tip @ pornlover)

aka Loc Rios, with one studio scene released at Kristen Bjorn

aka Liam Skye

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  1. Marc Dylan & Johnny Rapid: No. No. A thousand times NO! Porn actors need to stop asking such loaded questions.

    Markus Kage, Elliot Finn, & Loc: and anybody, anywhere gives a rat’s ass about your opinion because why?

    Tony Genius actually did come up with a genius point there.

    May all the actors who say they’re on the road to recovery REALLY be on the road to recovery.

    I hope Shane Erickson can rest in peace.

    Aspen, honey, you don’t need to die you just need to go to prison.

    And will somebody PLEASE explain to porn stars they are not now, nor ever will be, influencers. Just give it up.

    As always Denz your freak show assembly is both amazing and much appreciated!

  2. Far leftists are all about violence as long as goals are met. Look, I’m far from a defender of what Israel has and is doing in Palestine right now, in Gaza. It is barbaric, their military is largely out of control, Biden has been feckless in holding them to account, and Netanyahu is using war to boost his standing politically.

    That said, what we’re witnessing is many on the far left, who are ill informed on the nature of the Israel-Palestine crisis, are dogmatically applying an Americanized sypnosis on a Middle East issue. They’re anti-White, they’re anti-Jew/Israeli, and they are endorsers of violence as long as it’s on their terms, and their agenda is advanced. Their ideology is inherently violent and inherently caustic. This is who they are, and the cover well and truly has been taken off. I think most Americans see them for what they are at this point, but no doubt within younger populations, we’re seeing youth radicalized into ideologically extreme views. It’s a huge problem that sets our country up in harmful ways going forward.

    Loc Rios not smart as a porn actor to essentially profess his hatred of Israeli/Jews as he has on twitter, he’s unabashed about it. He’s entitled to that, but he better be willing to accept consequences for it.

    1. Men of Porn, unless you are going to give some better links to various articles or become a news site, can you PLEASE leave out the politics, even if they are from porn stars, unless it’s about LGBTQ issues.

      We don’t need to hear global political takes from porn blog viewers.

      I mean case and point this crap! No offense, and I personally don’t like Hamas, but Liking Hamas doesn’t make you Anti-Jewish just like liking the Taliban doesn’t make you automatically Anti-American. It means you have some agenda on the subject, but it doesn’t mean it’s Anti-Jewish. On top of that, calling Hamas “Freedom Fighters” doesn’t mean you support them either. It also doesn’t mean they are good, but it does mean they are fighting for their own self-governance under an oppressive system or regime, which is kind of the case.

      I mean, we don’t need Porn Artist takes on highly sensitive political issues that bring out a lot of passion in everyone, like they are automatically an expert on the subject. However we also don’t need this to be a topic here in general.. I mean, sheesh.. You can’t even get people here to agree on LGBTQ issues, now you want to freakin farm retention with crap like this???

      None of any of us need this kind of content this week!

      1. Liking Hamas absolutely makes you anti-Jewish as Hamas is explicitly antisemitic. There’s no beating around the bush about it. Calling Hamas freedom fighters is quite literally what is says. The idea Hamas seeks Palestinian liberation, while mistreating Palestinian citizens, doesn’t quite jive. They use all of these buzzwords as an excuse for their true goal which is a destruction of Israel, killing of Jews, and creation of an Islamist ethnostate.

        Intersectionality exists. There are Jewish queer people and Palestinian queer people. They deserve to know who actually cares about them as Jewish/Palestinian. That matters. That’s integral in their very identity and place in the world. But I agree that this isn’t a political blog so it shouldn’t always have its own post. But this is a porn tweet round up so it’s relevant here.

          1. brilliant and all the extra exclamation points make it such a great work of literature and the deep thought is equal to its deep prose

        1. Has anyone told this Loc, (which by the way, he had never seen or heard) that the terrorist group Hamas, which is the same as ISIS, beheads homosexuals? You have to have very few neurons or be completely illiterate not to know these things. It also demonstrates a nauseating anti-Semitism that a neo-Nazi would be very proud to hear.

  3. For Daniel Evans; In the past, he made a post about how he hated vagina even if have to smell it! But, last week, he fucked a woman! Lmao. After fucking a botched woman (ftm), he still wanted to claim as a gay man.. Bro, you’re not gay! You’re just a hypocrite bisexual! He’s making the post denied the claim that he’s bisexual while his boyfriend, Evan Knoxx, liked a post indirectly saying his bf is a bisexual man. This is hilarious! 🤡🌎

    Kane Fox, another bisexual hypocrite! Always gaslighting everyone when other gays called him out of his hypocrisy acts.

    Tony Genius, ‘I wish insecure gays would stop telling bisexual men that we are gay 4 pay. I personally am a porn star, I do everything for pay.’ HAHAHAHA. That’s what G4P is, tony! Absolutist gays are not the problem but you’re the main problem who couldn’t take what the basic truth is. I’m sure if I asked ‘what is a woman’ to Tony, I’m sure he couldn’t answer!

    Loc Rios; Hamas will end you at the spot if they knew you are a GAY porn star and content creator!! Another ‘Chicken for KFC’, huh?!!

    Btw, did anyone hear about controversial story last week about how Pornhub promoting ads (TransAngels pornsite) to the straight men, hoping them will convert to gay?!! Mind you that Pornhub owned by MindGeek (Aylo) which also doing the same thing to Men dot com site by introducing vagina to gays.. 🤦‍♂️ what’s more shocking that they’re targeted 12 y.o kids as their ‘customers’!! This is so fcked up!
    So.. it’s not wrong to assume MindGeek (Aylo) really is the mastermind of this TQ+ ideology spreading into straight and gay porn. This is why it’ll come to a consequence – a resistance from both sides.

    1. “TQ ideology” huh? Hahaha. You’re truly an unhinged freak and of course you basically word for word copied everything Michael Knowles said, a crazy homophobia, seems to be potentially a self-hater. Like, that’s who you stand beside and you think you’re in any way some representative or arbiter of good for gay people? Fucking nut.

      PornHub was doing as it should…turning free viewers into paid subscribers and attempting to broaden those paid subscriptions so they can make money. It’s about the cash. You’re insanely transphobic so it’s pointless to open that can of worms with you but they wouldn’t be doing their due diligence as a company if they didn’t seek to make the most money off their product and their creators as they can. That’s capitalism. The minors aspect was totally unreferenced….Michael Knowles is the one that broke that. Michael Knowles. Hahaha. What a loser you are.

      1. If you want to see true “insane transphobia” just go to the comment section of any of the few MtF Brazzers videos MG shoved into the site. You’re going to have a blast.

        Also, I don’t think shoving dick at the face of straight men (or vagina in the face of gay men) is the most profitable strategy in the world, but what do I know?

        The only thing shit like this will help is to promote widespread Ad Block use, which is a win in my book. Let the hacks at MG lose a couple of bucks, maybe then they can learn not to be stupid.

        1. Or maybe people can learn to simply watch what they wanna watch and decline to watch what they don’t wanna watch and keep it moving. That’s not enough though because, whether they be straight or gay TRANSPHOBIC pieces of absolute shit, folks feel the need to go out of their way to vocalize their disdain and disgust of trans people and how awful they are. It’s really pretty odd too…to be so fixated on something, that represents less than 2% of society. Even less with mainstream porn.

          Even if PornHub is looking to increase visibility of these films, it is still something anyone can avoid. If seeing a dick makes you wanna act out violently than you have a lot deeper issues that a shrink could hopefully solve. Nutso. It ain’t that deep. It’s porn.

          1. If “it’s not that deep” then why the strange fixation into promoting this to people who have no interest in it?

            The “don’t watch” excuse kind of goes out the shitter when people go to the front page of MEN.com only to see bi/FtM content thrown on their face.

            The site simply wasn’t designed to promote this kind of content and people who pay for the subscription have little to no interest into financing it either.

            Your argument becomes even worse with this whole “2%” thing, because it makes the incessant promotion of said content even more strange.

            1. Men.com’s audience includes trans people as well as other non-gay queer people. They deserve representation. Not being hidden in the corner representation. Actual representation, equal treatment. It just shouldn’t be in gay porn scenes. That’s not that deep and it’s not inconsistent…it makes complete sense, but the difference between you and I is that I don’t harbor incredibly strange antipathy or negativity toward trans or bi porn. It just isn’t my thing. It is for many many others. Great. Variety is the spice of life. Everyone deserves a piece of the pie.

              You take that as an affront to you as a gay man, affront to straight people, which is a reflection of your bigotry, and no decent or smart company is gonna take notes from a bigot in how to operate. A lot of people like bi/trans porn and by population bisexual men significantly outflank exclusive gay people as it is. There are more bisexuals than gay men so why wouldn’t companies seek to promote product to them? They absolutely should. All of it can co-exist. I think there should be different subdivisions but it absolutely can co-exist. And, ultimately….trans men are men and trans women are women. Bottom line.

              Not everyone is as rigid about sexuality as fossils like you are and you live in an echo chamber if you think otherwise. If there are self-ID gay/lesbian/straight individuals who enjoy this content and there indeed are, you’d be dumb not to seek to amplify that and attract more visitors to the entirety of your selections of content you are providing. That’s all MindGeek is doing and that equals more subscribers and more cash. That’s sexuality. It’s not black and white for everyone. It is not just weird, it’s actually freakish behavior, to be so militantly transphobic when it’s something that literally has zero material impact on your life. If it bothers you that much, speak with your wallet and cancel.

              OMG, a chick with a dick!!!! Dude, you’ll live. Get the fuck over the bullshit stigma already. Waste of time in every single way and you’re hurting people for no reason. Enjoy what you enjoy. That’s not good enough for y’all though. It never has been.

              1. Direct hit!
                And again my opinion and my good knowledge of human nature are confirmed. When I read your “arias” from the beginning here in this blog, it seemed strange to me. But now everything I wrote about you has been confirmed. You are not only a queer activist who wants to make gayporn a “Everything LGBTQ+ is fucked” but you also actively support it! Namely financially, because you are a subscriber to these sites or perhaps work for them or you otherwise have a connection with them. Because after what you have now written about MEN/MG there are no longer any doubts. This praise of this “queer” site that still masquerades as a Gayporn site and the free word of mouth advertising you are spreading here is clear fixed! It’s not about other sexualities SHOULD HIDE IN CORNERS! The point is that you can create extra pages to make it accessible to people and not to invade a space to “change” an already existing sexuality! Because this all sounds more like conversion therapy and not like a unification of different sexualities. I hope that this is exactly what you write and criticize in straight porn blogs! But stop! You are homophobic and only want to express your wisdom and changes in gay porn and gay porn blogs! I am now 100% convinced of this.

                1. Another long screed that displays you have no ability to format paragraphs and that you don’t read anything anyone writes. Like a mentally deficient robot. AI with a malfunction. Not sure if therapy can fix you.

                  I already said that gay porn should be gay and subdivisons should be created for trans/bi porn. I totally agree with that. But that’s not really what you all want. You wanna see trans/bi porn completely wiped off the corner of the map. Gay porn scenes should involve gay activity, but the bottom line is not everyone that watches gay porn is a gay cis man and the audience includes trans/bi/etc. people. They deserve visibility. If you have a problem with that, you’re a bigot.

                  Straight people are horrible on trans/queer issues too for the most part when it comes to porn. I’m not straight. Only so much I can do other than call them out on their prejudice which I do because I’m not letting hate slide and you’re full of it. You’re awful and using your gayness as a cover, and it just ain’t gonna work with me. I’m homophobic because I dare criticize some stupid fool like you who wants to use the victim card because you’re gay….give it a rest.

              2. The name of the site is “MEN.com”, not “Queer.com”. It advertises itself as a gay porn site.

                People go to a gay porn site to watch gay porn. This is not a difficult thing to grasp.

                Your reasoning makes no sense, as specific sites dedicated to bi and trans content do exist, it’s just that… people do not have the overwhelming interest in said content you think they do. If that was the case, then WhyNotBi wouldn’t have bombed to the point MG had to outsource the site’s content for years in the past.

                They are following the “GayHoopla strategy” at this point: piggyback less profitable content on the backs of their paying subscribers, even if they have no interest in said content, even if it goes against the point of the site, even if it actively compromises the quality of the content they do wanna see.

                You’re reasoning only makes sense if you also advocates MG to post gay scenes under the “Brazzers” brand, otherwise you’re bullshiting.

                One last thing: accusations of bigotry coming from you are empty. A person who throw around gay slurs like candy has no right to lecture anyone about bigotry.

                Go buy a mirror.

                1. And some of those men are trans and some of those men are bisexual or pansexual. Newsflash, but cis gay men aren’t the only men that exist in the homosexual world. Hate to break it to ya but it’s not the GGGG community. Men is serving all of their subscribers and would be subscribers as they should….if you don’t wanna watch trans/bi porn, don’t watch it. You’ll live.

                  What you want is it erased entirely and what you’re doing is disassociating yourself entirely from anyone that isn’t 100% gay. That’s your own prejudice talking. Gay porn should be gay. It should remain fully gay. I don’t wanna see straight tropes in gay porn. I don’t wanna see women in gay porn. Trans porn should be in its own individual category. I’m not advocating for any of that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for bi/trans people within the overarching homosexual world…because they are homosexuals. They’re sex who have and enjoy sex with men….and some of them enjoy sex with women too or are transgender. They deserve visibility. End of story.

                  It’s a little nuance that isn’t something those who are driven by toxic ideology are incapable of. You’re a bigot. You’re not just a bigot but a coward hiding behind your gayness to be a bigot. I used the f word maliciously….you’re malicious toward people’s very existence. I didn’t have to do that and you don’t have to be a prejudiced jackass but you choose that route and I choose to view and treat you with the requisite amount of respect you deserve. You deserve absolutely nothing less from me.

                  Trans/bi sites have traiditonally been treated as step brothers at most. If that wasn’t the case and there would be genuine attempts to build up these sites and really fund them and seek more diverse casting rather than the same six actors or shoehorning it into gay porn and alienating people that way in chase for a few more subscribers, that wouldn’t be the case. There are more bisexual men in porn and more bisexual men who identify as such than gay men….the potential consumer base is out there. Wolf Hudson is super popular. Not a big fan of Steve Ricks but he’s definitely popular. OnlyFans bi performers are popular. It can translate to studio porn but companies don’t invest. You should be wanting to see that change because doing that would help in keeping gay porn gay. That’s what should be happening so everyone can be happy within their own subdivisions.

                  Brazzers has inched into different themes that are less-than-traditionally-heterosexual recently. They’re making trans scenes now. They’re hiring crossover performers now. Even things like guys getting rimmed which was something that was pretty rare is becoming more common and femdom scenes. People deserve respresentation in straight porn. The classic penile-vaginal intercourse is always gonna be there. There are consumers who have their kinks. Why shouldn’t they see themselves in the porn they watch? But this is a lot like White Supremacy….this is about control and power and the desire to reject people that people deem inferior/perverted/etc. Because people can choose to simply not watch these scenes if they didn’t want to….that’s not good enough. You all want erasure and it’s because you’re transphobes and biphobes and you’re bigots. It’s genuinely pathetic. You’re pathetic people. You and anyone who thinks like you.

                  1. MEN.com markets itself as a gay porn site. There are bi and trans sites already, if people want to watch and support said content, they canjust go there.

                    There’s no “discrimination” going on here.

                    Your accusations of bigotry hold no meaning because you love to use gay slurs as a way to demean the ones who disagree with you.

                    You’re a hypocrite of the worst caliber.

                    You have no moral or right to point out any supposed prejudice of anyone, because you have no values beyond what is convenient to you.

                    Everyone deserves respect, except gay men.

                    Keep deluding yourself that straight men are going to stand up for MG’s fuckery. Every single non-straight content on Brazzers is followed by low rating and angry comments of people who aren’t afraid of not using kiddy gloves to say what they want to say.

                    Let’s see how it pays out in the future.

                    1. Gay men like you do not deserve respect because you’re lacking in it. You can’t play the victim card anymore, it’s 2024. It doesn’t work. You can use being gay as a trump card to be a noxious jerk anymore.

                      Values “convenient to me” are values convenient to anyone who’s a civilized and empathetic person who actually values and considers and treats all beings as fundamentally equal. You fail the test. Those homophobic, transphobic straight guys you champion because they hate trans people like you do fail the test. Transphobes across the board fail the test. Transphobic people fail at life and fail at humanity and frankly you’re a curse to the world. You actively make our world as worse place, you actively target the most vulnerable people around who’ve done absolutely nothing to materially impact your lives, so I’ll treat you with the amount of respect as you deserve, which is….again, zilch. Lower than dirt. It really comes down to that.

                      Not all who watch straight porn are 100% straight and not all who watch gay porn are 100% gay. If websites are simply marketing other content without putting it directly in gay/straight scenes, there is no issue beyond people like you desperately injecting your ideological hatred into porn. That’s what makes you pathetic. It’s porn, it isn’t that deep, but your hatred of “LGBTQ” and needing to make a statement of rejection is that important to you…talk about being a damaged soul. It’s not about not wanting non-gay activity in gay porn scenes. It’s about rejection.

                      You might find community at a Log Cabin event but you definitely aren’t finding it with anyone with a sliver of self-respect.

        2. This guy is so internally homophobic himself in his hatred of gays who just want to enjoy gay porn and not bi or vagina or straight porn in their own space, that he is constantly accusing other gays of phobias and insulting them. I bet that he, if the Straights, when they show or shoot and publish something “queer”, which has nothing to do with straight (Woman and Vaginas) on their Straightporn, and resulting from this even worse hatred in their comments section towards give free rein, he definitely doesn’t stand up for his “ideologies” and defended
          Queer/Bi/Pan/Fluid/Trans/FTM, like he does here in gayporn Blogs. He can only do that with gay porn or the gay community because it annoys him that not all gays converts to who he is…

          1. You’re not annoying to me lol, you’re pathetic, and I never said anything about trans porn in gay porn at all. I literally said the opposite…it should be in its own category. But you can’t comprehend much, don’t read, don’t listen, just repost the same screed it seems to take you 20 minutes to type out with horrible grammar….you’re obviously not too intelligent either. I’m just not a bigot because I haven’t been conditioned to be and because I’m not a depraved person.

            I can simultaneously believe trans porn for example should have its own category and be separate from traditional gay porn while also not invalidating trans people and their identity but you can’t do that because this isn’t about “defending gay people” for you, it’s about hatred of trans people and that makes you a fucking scumbag. You’re fucking excrement and hiding behind being gay to be excrement isn’t gonna work with all of us. Fuck you.

            I don’t need to defend “TQ” because there’s nothing to defend. Some people are queer, some people are trans, it’s all beautiful, sexuality is fluid for many, and there’s nothing wrong with that in any way. There’s nothing to defend. The question truly is why do you have such a problem with people who ultimately are not the ones causing harm to us as gay men. I know who my enemies are. People like you aren’t making my life any easier; quite the opposite. You’re a real fucking idiot. That’s why I’m coming for you. Because you’re in the wrong. In a big way.

      2. It’s fine you called me transphobic, you PEDOPHILE!!

        Did you even watch the whole video?? The source person said that, you unhinged freak! The source person is Dillon Rice, a senior scriptwriter at MindGeek. And you know what, they wanted 12 y.o kids to be introduced to TQ+ ideology as early as they can so that’s why they pushed this narrative.

        ‘PornHub was doing as it should…turning free viewers into paid subscribers and attempting to broaden those paid subscriptions so they can make money. It’s about the cash.’ By converting straight men to gay is kind way of getting money??! LMAO..How ridiculous of you!! That’s why, I’m saying that it will lead to a resistance from both sides.

        I’m arbiter of good of gay people? Of course, I AM AND STILL until today. Because gay people didn’t do vagina!! 😬

        1. You’re a Michael Knowles supporter, any redpilled homo like you is a reject to everyone else in the community. Don’t get that twisted lol, your word means nothing to anyone but fellow fossils. Nothing in the selectively edited video, another classic right wing staple, you’re a fucking freak for defending Daily Wire…you’re a Daily Wire supporter lol. You support the very people who have the absolute worst of feeling toward our community. You hate trans people that much, huh? Stupid fa99ot.

          But with all of that said, that was selectively edited and nothing he said had anything to do with allowing 12 year olds on the website. Obviously, it isn’t allowed…more and more states have age verification requirements PornHub has adhered to. He was yet again as with this entire “controversy” talking about visibility for trans/gay creators and art and the benefit of that. It’s mundane stuff really, only controversial because people like you see trans/gay identity as inherently illicit and indecent. You’re a homophobe too.

          Who knew that you could “convert straight men to gay” via porn. I thought they just watched whatever they set their mind out to watch. Who knew? You must think sexuality is incredibly malleable. Isn’t that what our detractors have all along said…it’s a choice to be gay? After all this time fighting against that notion, it seems the homocon crowd is bringing that back to life. You’re truly all over the map. Talk about being distorted.

          1. There’s no “community”, stop spreading this bullshit.

            Also nice use of a homophobic slur, it really shows the depth of your character.

            Everyone deserves respect… except gay men, it seems.

            You’re so reluctant to denounce bi men and their contempt for their gay audience, but jump to the first opportunity to be a homophobic twat.

            How nice.

            1. Yeah, he’s a worthless human being so I will treat him as such. You get what you give. If you wanna be a POS, I’ll treat you as such. Guess you’re a redpilled freak too, huh? As if your opinion means anything to anyone gay who actually has a sliver of discernment or self-respect.

              Anyone defending Daily Wire and those who consume such is a complete, absolute, total failure of a gay person. You’re a reject and I’ll treat you accordingly. And the funny thing really is that you little boys know that most in the community hate you. That’s why you’re so vocal and turgid. You’re punching the air, and most of us that aren’t fossils hate you. We don’t identify with you just as you don’t identify with the community at large so who are you trying to convince?

              I’ve denounced bi men who need to be denounced multiple times and will continue to. Nuance. You’re lacking the intelligence and are too blinded by hatred to comprehend that but I’m capable of nuance. I reject militant, ignorant behavior. Bi guys who play the straight lane but want their rainbow cookie on the side, bi guys who target gay men for criticism while not contributing to the community at large….I have a big problem with that. But I also have a big problem with fuckheads like you invalidating bi men outright. That’s what you’re doing and it’s abhorrent.

              You wanna believe this to be the GGGG community but it isn’t. Sorry dipshit but you’re not superior to anyone and the overwhelming majority of LGBTQ people and heterosexuals identify us, the community, as one. As has been the case for decades. Because we are….gender and sexual minorities, homosexuals, individuals with non-normative sexual and gender expression. You don’t deserve respect if you’re a disrespectful gay man.

              You’re using your gayness as a shield to be a wretched wrecking ball of a delinquent. Stop being a scumbag and stop thinking your gayness gives you license to hatred. We haven’t even gotten to how terribly dudes like you so often view women too. You’re noxious, toxic waste that belongs in the sewer so you’ll be treated by me and others in kind. That’s what you deserve.

              1. This is too much! You mad?

                Yeah, I do care about what a bunch of terminally online social media users think about me, a random internet person who they never met, and probably never will.

                You denounced homophobic bi men so much that you have zero comments where you done so on this blog, on the contrary, you seem to play white knight for them quite willingly and often.

                You mocked us for “taking porn too seriously” but what are you doing here? You’re literally fuming, throwing personal accusations and meaningless banter to an internet nobody you don’t even know. You’re flailing your arms to the wind over people you judge to be inferior to you!

                You let me, a “pathetic person who takes porn too seriously” to get you all worked up!

                That sure is funny!

                1. Haven’t played white knight for em, and still not fuming about you being a grotesque disgrace of a rodent lol. You are what you are. I’m just calling it out. This website is obviously full of morally/culturally ill individuals in more ways than one. It’s something that does fascinate me and it’s impactful to our community in a lot of ways.

                  Why is the porn industry so toxic? There are a lot of reasons. Homophobia obviously is at the top of the list and all the assorted vectors of it. But we sure as hell aren’t leaving you dudes out of it. It impacts our community as a whole. Well, my community…the one you say you’re not apart of. It impacts my community. It’s informative. But unlike you, porn is nothing more than a fleeting hobby for me. I’m not judging you for it…porn is great. Too bad so many within it from the performers to studios and fans are utter dreck.

                  1. Well, rodents are cute, so thanks for the compliment. I would define myself as more of a lagomorph myself, but who cares?

                    I didn’t know I, a random internet nobody, had this much power to the point of causing damage to “our community” or any community, for that matter.

                    Words on a screen are scary, I guess.

                    If we are so evil and bigoted as you claim us to be, then what are you doing here? If gossiping about porn is so pathetic as you claim it to be, then why you continue to frequent this blog?

                    You’re not helping your case much.

                    Want a mirror? We can crowd fund one to you!

                    Quit with all of these “my community” and “or community” bullshit.

                    There’s no community. I can’t stress this enough.

                    1. There is, you’re just not part of it. So of course you wouldn’t believe there is. For you, there isn’t. You’re not family. We went through that. You’re not one of us. I’m glad you recognize that. We’re not operating on the same level. I’m sure you’ll fit in well with Matt Schlapp and CPAC. Your brand of homosexual seems to exist there.

                      There are homosexuals and then gay men. You’re the former. I care about gay people. I care about LGBTQ folks. I don’t care about you at all.

                      Your mentality is shared by more than a few depraved individuals and it causes harm to vulnerable people and it is adopted by breeders who use that as a weapon. It does tremendous damage to gay people.

                      The intersection of porn and society/politics interests me. Porn is cool. I never said it wasn’t. It’s fun and the guys are mostly hot. I just know it’s porn at the end of the day. I’m not invested in porn itself. I am invested in the impacts. Most of you on here can’t say that, presumably because real life interactions are fleeting at best. Considering the interactions on here, it’d make sense anyone sane wouldn’t want to lay down with y’all lol.

                      You’re not that intelligent and well most Americans aren’t so you’re not alone but just to wrap this up—there’s no case or cause I’m fighting here. Simply not a ghoul. It really is a low bar. But it’s always easier to point the finger outward than to do self-reflecting.

                2. BTW, if anything were gonna make me mad on here, it’d be the damage people like you have caused our community for decades. You’re a total liability. It isn’t you specifically….you’re worthless. It’s the harm you cause.

                  1. Are you really so deluded to the point considering random people in the internet your “family”? That’s sad, pretty sad.

                    It will be pretty funny to see your “family” discard you once you slip up off the queer script even a little, which may happen very soon, considering how much cancel culture is prominent in these circles.

                    You’re with “the gays”? How ironic considering how much you seen to look forward to a giant corporation selling “breeder sex” as gay porn to the point of white knighting for said giant corporation incessantly.

                    Your continuous use of homophobic slurs also doesn’t help your case much in this regard.

                    The contradictions in play here are very interesting indeed: you claim this to be all “just porn” but at the same time that there are indeed a political and sociological element to it worth of interest.

                    Make up your mind: “it’s not that deep” or it is deep. It can’t be both!

                    Lastly, it’s funny how you continue to strawman me in the way you do, even though you know nothing about me. For one: I’m not even North American nor know most of the people you’re talking about.

                    But this should be expected: ignorant North Americans love to project their shitty politics into everyone. The only country which exist in this world is the USA!

                    You know nothing about the dark places in this world, as the pampered, middle upper class American your discourse paints you to be.

                    You claimed I’m a Republican in another post even though I’m not even American! This just puts your comments about my intelligence into perspective.

                    The mirror offer is still up, its not that expensive!

                    Lastly, someone with the baton of hypocritical, selective morality so much up their ass should refrain from advising others to “self-reflect” and do it themselves. It would do you a lot of good.

  4. Damn. I loved Shane Erickson. He always brought out the best in his scene partners. And he was so young.

    Rest well, Shane 💔

  5. We talk about G4P so much….I can accept a G4P model, begrudingly, if they are up for the task and do the job, but it isn’t hot. There’s nothing hot about a guy unintersted in sex with men, unpassionate about it, engaging in it. I don’t even understand how or why anyone could find that appealing. It’s heterofetishization. Too many gay men like Adam, gay/bi men, fetishize straight men and view them with allure, in many cases view them as superior, and it’s sickening to me.

    There are hot straight men out there and of course thoughts go through your head about hooking up with them…but there are so many lovely gay/bi men out there who actually are into men and will be into you and be present and intimate and know what they’re doing. Beyond all else, it is a fruitless adventure.

    Shane Erickson seemed like a very sweet soul. So sorry to read about his loss and his sexual assault. Male sexual assault and especially/specifically within the community is something we absolutely must shine a greater light on as most men suffer in silence due to toxic masculinity and lack of resources. It didn’t occur while he was in porn but we know that sexual assault isn’t an unfamiliarity within the industry and often by the gatekeepers within it and there must be a better way to create accountability.

    I agree with Tony…he’s never said he was anything but bisexual, he performs very well with men, he clearly likes gay sex, seems to be a gay leaning bi guy, but it’s not enough for some because he’s not Gold Star. It’s frankly primitive thinking and hateful yet gay men who do this will take it as Tony being anti-gay for calling out their biphobia. He is right.

    Chris Damned calling out those straight baiters doing those “random” find a straight guy OF vids they’re promoting on twitter….we need way more of these performers to call out gaybaiters, and way less Adam’s who defend them.

    Would love to see Marc back in porn and Lane is such a cutie. Glad he’s feeling good and he’s always looked good.

    1. There is no evidence for gay4pay.
      Citing David Hume : what is more likely- that a guy who is cumming from having dick in another dude hole or his hole, sucking off and sticking tongue in multiple assholes is 100% straight or he is bisexual but dont want to date men?

      1. There’s evidence of men who are able to have sex with men but able is different from being truly attracted to the idea of it, truly turned on by it, and willing to do it outside of a paycheck.

  6. Kane Fox, Tony Genius, Boomer Banks, Aspen, Cliff Jensen, Chris Damned, Elliot Finn, Markus Kage, Johnny Rapid and especially Steve Rickz : we don’t need them in gay porn anymore!

    Daniel Evans: pure disappointment!

    Hazel: hot, horny and gay!

    Adam Awbride: You nailed it with G4Ps. Unfortunately, many who consume and support them,
    or studios like MEN/MG that hire them financially, these types of people may not know what it means to do more than just stick a cock in a hole and fuck anything for money without generating passion or chemistry and kissing, licking, stroking, sucking or rimming! Such people think gay sex is boring standard sex! But there are actually a few good G4Ps who have been doing good work in gay porn for years, but in their private lives they only like women and have children.

    Christian Wilde: one of the biggest gay porn stars who are really bisexual and never shoots bi or straight porn for gay porn studios and separates it! Hats off to him, he doesn’t sell his soul for money to studios that want to sell this “ideology” to gays!

    Liam Skye: all the best.

    Jaxter, I’m happy for you and Darron Bluu.

    Thanks to Denz for publishing all this.

    1. Did Daniel Evans do the scene on his onpy fams or for a studio? I haven’t seen it reported anywhere but here.

      The list of gay porn stars who don’t/haven’t had sex with women is sadly getting very small.

    2. Who are those “good G4Prs who in their private life only like women and have children”
      Name them and I am 99% you will be able to find few sources where either or their costars said they were bi.

  7. Funny how many bi men in this industry are so sensitive of the “gay purists” but at the same time refuse to call out the problematic contempt of their gay audience on the part of their own peers.

    When Vadim Black lashed out on social media some years ago, only the ones at Falcon gave shit about it. Every single other studio, and his bi/g4p peers didn’t give a shit. Heck, MEN.com and many other studios cashed on it.

    When Collin Simpson did the same, the radio silence was also quite disturbing. Only one performer, who was gay, called him out.

    I could go on and on, but my position stays the same: want #thegays to treat you with kiddie gloves? No problem, but do your own part first.

  8. Markus Kage ( as well as Ryan bones, William Seed, ect..) is part of a larger group of apathetic, exploitative & delusional men who have basically turned the gay village in Montreal into a ongoing dumpster fire. It’s men like this who turn a blind eye to the rampant drug use, street assaults and general malaise inorder basically just do onlyfans, dance at the local strip club, escort and contribute ZERO to the gay community that supports them.

    1. I don’t have a problem with William, because at least he’s a very good performer and seems to genuinely be bisexual and live his life within the community but you’re right overall….it’s not just that but it’s the fact Markus always has something to say about the community while not just contributing nothing but basically disassociating from entirely. It’s just a means to an end for him. Guys like him and Delgaty are the kind of G4P types that we need to cut from this industry once and for all. They don’t value us beyond the $$$ at all.

      1. William Seed is such a great performer and “REALLY” bisexual (LOL) that he only shot the exact same scenes for MEN/MG as Malik or the other G4P actors, never giving blowjobs, (french) kisses, or rimming!
        While Markus Kage even shot better gay porn scenes for other studios and did everything with men. How twisted this world is, right?
        And currently when William has returned he has only released two more boring G4P scenes on MEN and instead shot pussy scenes and trans scenes for them! It doesn’t look like he’s successful or as bisexual as you make it out to be.
        But you will definitely write one of your “counter-argument arias” again to convince people of the opposite (or fake them!).

        1. That’s because he’s marketed as G4P. He’s fully engaged with men on onlyfans. I get you wouldn’t know that because you’re blinkered and know nothing beyond your incredibly small window but he’s fully engaged with men on his own platforms. Blame MEN for that as they push harmful G4P tropes in their porn constantly with these Canadian guys leading the way.

      2. William Seed is def bi as he hooked up with Quentin Gainz during 2018 phoenix forum. Also his twitter likes are both dudes and trans and cis women.
        Markus Kage is closeted bisexual- Benjamin Bradley ass made him cum so easily.

  9. I always thought Shane was so hot and wondered if he was doing ok post-porn/ TThen I came across some, frankly strange twitter feed – abount conspiracies, aliens, spirits. And then I recognized the pictures and it was Shane. Hope he finally found some peace.

    PS – one of creeps who runs broke straight boyz claimed Shane was g4p all along and had a gf when he was in gay porn – I dont believee him…

  10. Chris Damned – Your time in porn has been over. Nice attempt to sound “urban”
    Elliot Finn – Uh Oh. Elliot has been memorizing fortune cookies again !
    Lane Colten – Get well. You are a True Porn “STAR”
    Steve Rickz and Marcus Kage – Nobody cares, nobody is listening.
    Ryan Rose – Damn, look how fast this guy has aged. “Wonder” what put all those miles on him ?
    Kane Fox – Whats BDD ?
    Boomer Banks – Part of a study? Wow. They got a true basket case to look into here.

    1. I am not.

      If you did comment on this post, it should have been posted. There are zero comments in the pending and spam folders.

      Your other comment for today was posted at Bisexual: Dillon Diaz, Kane Fox, Barron, Chris, Colby Jansen, and Michael DelRay.

      1. I commented on Dan Evans tweet, so I’m sure I added it here. I saw it after I posted it, but after refreshing the page it was no longer there, hence my question. Clearing cache and cookies did not help so I find it strange.

        1. I honestly don’t know what happened to the comment you sent about Dan.

          Your comments should be automatically posted (unless tagged as spam) since you used the same name and email, like the other two comments you sent on this post.

    2. Refresh the page or clear your browser cache.

      Sometimes comments and even posts won’t show properly if you don’t do so.

  11. Hey Loc, Hamas would toss you over a roof top, or maybe just shoot you where you stand at the first hint that you’re gay, but I guess all gays weren’t born with brains now Loc were you?

  12. MARKUS KAGE: He is the rudest person who has ever been in Gay Porn and only to pick the Pink money. The way he responds to his fans is so rude that borders on sociopathy. And making fun of a disease like cancer is a total lack of empathy. This guy is human trash.
    LANE COLTEN: Gorgeous and cute.
    TONY GENIUS: He started his career well, but is already ending it because he talks a lot of nonsense like in the tweet above.
    JAXTER and DARRON BLUU: Two beautiful, cute and humble boys. Simple people. I wish life treats both well.
    VINCE VEGA: He is not the first and will not be the last to be mistreated by Rhyheim. Personally I think Rhyheim is overrated. He is extremely arrogant.
    ASPEN: His rightful place is in jail.

  13. Lol. Ryan Rose wearing it like a badge of honor that he is the only person working out in a planet fitness $10a month gym in Coral Gables. It’s not like they closed Bergdorf Goodman for you. Loser

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