7 thoughts on “Also known as: Maxim Malotov and Jim Collins (tips @ Marius and Kopano)

  1. Who even cares about Maxim? Oh yes, the obsessed old Trash Queens or the Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid Agenda Generation
    who pay or watch Gayhoopla, See Him Fuck and praise them highly because they have such hot straight guys. And these labels produce straight videos for gays, not true?. Why do these people actually need studios like MEN, CF if they have everything a gay could actually want? LOL
    Unfortunately, Boyfun is a dead website – it used to be successful in Europe alongside BA and WH. Now they almost no longer exist.
    Himero’s TV/Trash TV? Wasn’t it this “gay site” that also started pairing gays with vaginas and showing that every gay can fuck with some kind of female substitute? There was something earlier. It was a big scandal. But there is no such thing. It’s not true that organizations that adorn themselves with the gay label show vagina sex in order to convert gays. This is all just fantasy. Doesn’t exist in gay porn at all. Not true?

    1. Boyfun is still putting out about 3 updates/week, as far as I can tell. Why do you say it ‘almost no longer exists’?

      1. They may still publish or produce scenes, but the site still won’t be able to last much longer. There is now a queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid generation that doesn’t want to see gay porn, but rather where actors (especially gays also fuck vaginas) fuck all genres. So gay porn sites are slowly dying out. You’re part of it too, is’n it? So why do you care that a gay porn site will soon no longer exist?

        1. You stuck a label on me and made all sorts of incorrect assumptions because I am willing to accept & tolerate people with broader tastes than my own. I have no interest in watching men have sex with women & don’t subscribe to solely-bi or straight sites, but I don’t care if other gay or bi men do, and I will watch a bi scene if the men are hot and have sex with each other – not my first choice, but I can fast-forward through the straight parts if necessary. And that in no way makes me any less gay.

          I have subscribed to Boyfun at times, although they’re mostly too twinkish for my tastes, but I haven’t seen signs of a coming demise, so I was curious as why you said that, and you haven’t provided any evidence to support your prediction.

          1. It’s hypocritical when supposedly “gay people” like you, keep saying you don’t subscribe to bi or straight porn, but at the same time they see men (especially “gays” like Trevor Brooks or Derek Kage and many others) who are hot watching them have sex with each other and fast forward. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you belong to this queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda and enjoy watching gay-converting movies like this. So many do that here on this blog and out there. They just don’t want to admit it and try to justify and explain themselves. But that’s enough for me. I’m not label you, you just did that yourself. And I find that so hypocritical and lying about it……..as always with people here………

  2. Man, Liam Arnolds keeps slowly putting on the muscle weight and is on his way from twunk to spec-fuckin’-tacular. Yum.

  3. Couldn’t care less about the first dude, butterface and not appealing plus straight.

    Liam is absolutely gorgeous and fun.

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