12 thoughts on “Rate the site: Beefcake Hunter

  1. I just can’t watch another one of these scenes featuring him. It’s like Military Classified 2.0 or even worse Jake Cruise. It’s not like the guys are ugly or anything, it’s just him.

  2. For me, sites like Beefcake Hunter or Millitary Classified are fetish sites with more or less credible straight/G4P types. They are mostly new to the gay porn industry (some actors may have filmed for other studios at one time or another), there are also some who have worked for the straight porn industry or say credibly that they have children or wives/girlfriends, just that They need money, and that makes them appear more honest than any other fake/gay/or fake/G4P studio that exists in the gay porn industry. As for the constant insults of people for the two owners of the studios, it’s no surprise to me since I’ve already said that many of those who insult them are old trash queens anyway or belong to the Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid agenda anyway It’s better to insult your own gays, prise vagina scenes in gay porn, and support women in gay porn rather than support men who are gay and work for the gay porn industry and ONLY shoot gay porn. Once again the TRUE face of the people is showing out here and there and why gay porn is in crisis and will soon disappear if it continues like this……..

    1. Ive listened to interviews of both site owners and theyre super nice guys who are like able. Doesnt mean I want to watch them get fucked or rim or blow a guy, i actually focus on the featured guy cuz its so hot to c them do their thing.

  3. I actually like beefcake hunter. The guys are average every day guys, which i find very hot. The host can be a bit much sometimes but I just focus on the guys being serviced.

  4. That’s one terrible & boring ass site. Watching the grass grow would be more entertaining than watching the shit there. The owner is gross and boring. If that site died this year, I would celebrate like crazy.

  5. Ngl I love this site. The guys are hot in a rough-around-the-edges straight guy way. There’s a nice mix of bodies and some nice body hair on display. I don’t look at the site owner as a model who has to live up to the physical standards of his models. Instead, he’s my avatar, doing the things to them that I’d like to do.

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