10 thoughts on “Rate the sites: Boys Halfway House and Raunchy Bastards

  1. This, along with Scetchy Sex or Fraternity X and Raunchy Bastards, are the most terrible trash porn sites that exist in the gay porn industry for old trash queens. They allegedly insult and humiliate gays, abuse them for their gratification and spit on, insult and swear at them or urinate on them while abusing them. Basically, they just make fun of gays or gay culture, insulting and abusing them for their own purposes in the gay porn industry, just like MEN/MG, CF or Gayhoopla do with their queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid scenes Is there a equality, that people here consciously reject or don’t accept it while they celebrate the other sites for “converting” gays to bi or straight guys with women! But fits what I say and repeat over and over again……

    1. If I’m correct (and I’m not 100% sure), the owner of this site (who I believe is “Clay”) is a registered Republican. In Florida. I think that’s all one pretty much needs to know.

        1. In normal times I’d agree with you, but these are not normal times (politically.) In the past I’ve voted republican, back in the days when taxation and defense were their calling cards. But today the GOP is home to straight up fascism and white supremacy.

    2. Cause, you guys do nothing but lift up the gay men you see on this site. Come on, that’s no different than what you guys do on here.

  2. Raunchy Bastards has some decent scenes and hot guys…not an A-list site but there are worse out there. Boys Halfway House for the most part has guys you’ve seen everywhere else, including on Raunchy Bastards, and while I’ve said with other sites…people have their niches, this niche is extremely problematic and predatorial in nature. It’s not cute at all.

    These two sites, a lot like Beefcake Hunter, with the owners joining in….Jake Cruise actually treated his models well. These sites feel like old, ugly men with money who use porn as a vehicle to have sex with men or watch men have sex, they’d never be able to otherwise. It is disgusting.

  3. I like some of their work. It surprises me to see some of the guys Clay pulls. I fucked the guy Malachi form the site. It can be fun at times.

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