November 2023: Dex Devall of Carnal Plus

Dex Devall, an exclusive model of Carnal Plus, won over Gus Torres, Greg Harellson, and Victor Felix as your favorite model for November.

Dex has an upcoming scene with the owner of Carnal Plus, Legrand Wolf, at Fun Size Boys.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Gus Torres, Greg Harellson, Victor Felix or Dex Devall?
497 votes
Ends on 12/31/2023

5 thoughts on “November 2023: Dex Devall of Carnal Plus

  1. As I said, I don’t believe in polls, votes and percentages of gay porn blogs, studios or actors! Or from award shows that are coming soon. They are false, manipulative and above all not honest! Who can control it or check whether everything is happening correctly? No one!
    They manipulate and influence it themselves and many Gays believe it!
    But as for Dex Devall: he’s hot, sexy and horny. Hopefully Carnal+ doesn’t burn him out with their “pussy scenes” (on the Transcest Site)!

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