X: Dakota Lovell “The biggest reason I haven’t been posting for a while is for mental health.”

20 thoughts on “X: Dakota Lovell “The biggest reason I haven’t been posting for a while is for mental health.”

  1. Love you Brandon Cody (my favorite porn star ever) and Malik Delgaty ( my current favorite porn star). Every word you say or every character you type is for me a blessing. Happy new year for you both.

  2. About Masculine Jason:

    I refuse to take advice from a man who just had cancer and is back on steroids again. It screams hypocrite proving some people just never learn.

    And if your looking for a better alternative to Jason’s porn interviews ( meaning less pandering), check out “dymistifying gay
    porn” on U tube.

    May 2024 be better than 2023 ( fingers crossed)

    Happy new year!!

  3. So, a whole lot of “WOE IS ME” ” – I am depressed at Christmas posts huh…..
    Backed up with a ton of – I am finally ready to tell the world this…
    And the usual porn star grifting posts asking for $…
    But, the big finale was a blast from the past has been named Cody Cummings, former grifter and gay imposter wanting to Teach Us All how to get rich and make friends. He even posts page clips all from a book he never read. This mental midget cannot read anything thicker than a 3 page pamphlet,
    No Thanks, I will pass.

  4. I almost forgot….
    How about Elliot Finn now becoming the new – Jake Porter – posting weekly to bait and antagonize his “haters” hoping to get people to come look at his social media. Jake did this for a few years before completely vanishing! Thank Goodness.

  5. Trent atkins, They should cancel you. In fact, you are not seen in any production because you are a boring actor and a bad person who supports the murder of Jews, the beheading of homosexuals and the kidned people by Palestinian terrorists. You are already cancelded for those of us who are against islamic terrorist in USA, Europe or Israel.

    1. Neonazis, Islamic state or Hamas terrorist supporters. Thank you for your negative votes. It is a pride for me. 😘😁

      1. Are there any neo-Nazis, Islamic state or Hamas terrorist supporters here in this blog?
        Or in other gay porn/gay blogs or in gay porn in general, among performers or studios?
        Are there also Republicans, religious fanatics, conversion therapists or homophobics out here and there?
        And are there also queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people or agendas/organisations out here and there who want to destroy gay porn and want to have more and more pussy in gay porn?
        No, there is nothing like that here or in all of gay porn! LOL
        Only if you say it and point the finger will you be immediately downvoted.
        That speaks for reality in all!

        1. Logogay “Only if you say it and point the finger will you be immediately downvoted.
          That speaks for reality in all!“
          That’s why you are one of those who receive the most negative comments on this blog. the last one – 17. and yes, there are several gay porn performers who support Islamic and domestic terrorism. In Palestine, as in other Islamic countries, homosexuals are beheaded or gay people are thrown from rooftops like HAMAS or ISIS does, or there are attacks in Europe like in the Bataclan club in Paris or in London or in Manchester at an Ariana concert. Stop being ridiculous and get lost for a while. By the way, my comment, that those who support these Islamic terrorist bands have more positives than just your negatives. Bye Felicia 😁😀🤣

  6. I’m not a fan of Malik but the pornstache looks good. He’s a hot guy. Just wish he backed that up with personality or sexual proficiency.

    Everything Trent said is right, and anyone defending the racist lunatic Michael Lucas is wrong. Unfortunately, Michael is likely uncancellable but he and his studio absolutely can be diminished. We’ll be watching. Actions speak louder than words.

    Brandon/Jeff is still good looking, not like he was 10 years ago, but he’s still nice to look at but since he’s probably never gonna hook up with dudes again, he’s just pleasureable memories for most now. That’s the nature of this industry….people move onto the next hottie. But it is nice to see focusing on things that matter in his daily life.

    Elliot is just annoying. He’s not wrong about predatory photographers but I have no idea why after 2 years being out of gay porn he continues to immerse himself within it online this way. You have no other gig? Generally with the straight guys when they move on, either transitioning to straight porn, content with girlfriends/wives, or out of porn entirely…..they move on fully. You mostly don’t see/hear from them again in the gay world. It doesn’t really make sense.

    1. Malik is perfection man. Simply, his character is doing the total top dominant and I think he does it well.

      Brandon Cody? What should I say? Man! He has been my ultimate crush and unfulfilled love since the the first day I saw him. The way he showed himself with a nervous giggling along with a perfect body, lovely face and ass to die for lured me, hypnotized me. Maybe, the persona who portrays him (jeff c***) has flaws, but Nobody is perfect.

  7. The several depressive posts on here and also those that weren’t posted/posted throughout the last month….this is a dirty business. Hell even Dallas’ post. It’s a dirty business, and can be a lonely business. So many of the guys who go into porn do so as a last resort or as a result of coercion. So many of the photographers or men who pay to have sex with these guys don’t value them as human beings. The photographers, site owners (we know who they are) who view it as an access to and opportunity to have sex with guys they never could in real life. It’s hard to wrap your head around.

    There’s a lot of ugliness in the sex industry. Hope for comfort and healing for wounded individuals in 2024.

  8. Enough with the poor me, give me money. Go get a job or work for more for yourself or one of the companies out there creating content. Also, keep in mind porn is a business and there is plenty of competition. You are not entitled to anything, it is earned!

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